Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013 - 5 DE MAYO!

We had changes and transfers this week so we got to meet up with other missionaries.  I saw W. and the other hood rats.... it was sick.  Then Thursday we got to go to immigration again I didn't see W. but I got to be Elder B's companion all day.   He is sick!   We got a new elder in our district,  he is super cool he's from Oregon and super nice.   He helped me out with Spanish.  Yesterday we had church,  normal day except some a little kid interviewed me for their school English project. Hahaha!
They needed someeone who was fluent in English so they asked me all these questions.
P.S. I didn't even know it was 5 de mayo yesterday.  Hahaha!  Shows how big it is here! Oh ya,  when do you want me to call you on Saturday (for Mother's Day) or would Friday be better.   I want the whole family there.

Elder B. and I
The soccer field right by my apartment
"No this isn't sweat, one day it rained all day long
and I was drenched"
"That's at the top of our area." 
Mother's Day Skype - Saturday, May 11th
"That dirt hill is massive, it took us forever to climb but it's up
the mountains.  Like this is the prettiest thing I have
seen in 3 months!"