Monday, December 29, 2014


So I don't have tons of time and I am probably not gonna be able to write back and forth with you today Momma.  But just know that I am all good, just loving the work and loving everyone in contact with me.  I love Y., she is so awesome.  She has made so many sacrifices and she is progressing so much.  She has a bad attitude but she is changing sooooo much it just shows that the Atonement can do miracles in the lives of others.
I'm not trying to think to much on coming home because every time I do I just get sad... im gonna cry ALOT, but whatever! 
I loved the pics.  We had a good time on Christmas.  We went to Burger King and I ate real well. We went caroling and I didnt even want to carol, I just wanted to contact peeps.  So when everyone was singing I was just giving out cards and trying to talk with everyone. It was sweet.
I think that's about it. Love you all tons and please, please continue to pray for Y. so that she can continue to change and accept change.

Love you all!

Yeah, that picture got cut off...sorry!
The computer sucks!
Metro contacting

Monday, December 22, 2014


Ok Momma, so this week was super sick!  We are actually doing way better than I thought.  We found 5 new investigators this week and we put a baptism date for the last week in the mission for me!  Her name is Y. and she honestly is the reason God put me here in my last change.  She flat out told us that she listens to us cuz she feels the spirit when I talk.  That made me feel real good.  She is so awesome and she wants to get baptized the last week I am here.  She is awesome!  Pray for her big time cuz she has a really bad attitude but wants to change.
Hey! so am I gonna speak that fast Sunday or at ward conference?  Is that super bowl Sunday?  Let me know.
(Your homecoming is February 1st, which is fast Sunday and the Super bowl.  That won't change.  Sorry, but cross your fingers that the Packers will be playing!!)

That's the Christmas card we are sending to the whole
mission...HAHAHA!!  I am gonna send one home and to
some people in Utah, but I bet I beat it back
before anyone gets them!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Ok  Momma, so here is the deal...I literally only have like 50 minutes more to write.  Everything is super good.  I am in Narvarte. It's a ward in the same stake that I was in Escuadron, so I am not too far.  My comp is a boss and his name is Elder H and he is from Idaho.  He is super tall and quiet but a nice kid.  The cool thing is that we are living with 2 other elders in the same house and its a ton of fun!  We are having a blast!  We are with Elder R and Elder B.  Elder R is from Cali and was trained by Elder Y.  He's the district leader.  I am not district leader anymore, just senior comp...hahaha!  It's sick!  Not lots of stress, just six weeks of just focusing on our investigators, pretty cool!  The apartment is cool but kinda dirty, we have to clean a ton today.  I am not in Elder W or Elder M zone. Elder M is in Acoxpan, hahaha...that was my ward. Elder W is in the mountians way far away.
The ward is hard.  We are in the richest area in the mission.... the richest!  It's crazy, we see Ferrari's, Beemer's and Mercedes all day.  The people are hard hearted here big time.  We had 10 lessons this week and walked everywhere.  But its all good, I know the Lord wants me in a hard area for my last change.  We also have some cool investigators that we just need to put a baptism date with.
Everything is good. I don't have tons of pics but I will especially tomorrow because we are going to play soccer at the zone conference. It's going to be ballin!!!  We are going to eat and hear Pres speak and then we have to present a sketch or something.  We are gonna do something super funny, like a skit or something.
I got your package and haven't even unpacked everything, but i will today.  It's just this week i didnt have that much time.  I will put everything up today, don't worry.  But I ate all the pop tarts, hahaha!! I took those down big time! Thanks a ton for the package, I love reading the letters everyday, I think that's better than the candy. I have read like 15 of them like Moody's, K.G'S, Fowers, Gee's, Grandma's and some hunnies from Tyson's homecoming.  Oh! the Grange's too.
Thanks so much for sending me that memory card.  I will take tons of pics this week, don't worry.  I'm not sure honestly if im gonna write a ton next Monday because our p-day is on Christmas next week so on Thursday.  I will let you know whats going on, don't worry I will write you guys and tell you what time for sure and everything, just send me my skype info so I can get it all set up jhere.

Love you tons,
I got to go Momma ...bye!!

Me eating a cricket...they are pretty good!!
Me and my comp Elder H.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Comment from Momma;
After waiting for almost two years, I was sick of waiting and wanted his release information.  I heard nothing from the mission home so I had to take matters into my own hands.  I called the Mission Office in SLC and asked them about his itinerary.  They said that his mission hadn't put his name in the system to receive a return flight home yet.  So, I emailed the Mexico City South Mission home and they said that they would be updating in a week. 
After one week had past, I called the offices in SL again and they emailed me this to me.  It was an emotional read...I cried and cried when I saw that he was really coming home the following month!

*** CHECKED BAGGAGE FEES MAY APPLY PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PAY - Please request your bags to be checked to your final destination.
CHURCH TRAVEL CWT                          DATE 08DECEMBER14
TELEPHONE: 801 240-5111                    GEE/JOSHUA TYLER  324913-R
FAX      : 801-240-5115
SERVICE               DATE  FROM           TO             DEPART  ARRIVE
_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______
X ECONOMY                   TERMINAL 2     TERMINAL INTL
           NON SMOKING      SNACK                         NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         3:18 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 737-700 (WINGLETS)
                            SEAT 22D NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
X ECONOMY                   TERMINAL S     TERMINAL 2
           NON SMOKING      FOOD FOR PURCHASE             NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         4:18 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 737-800
                            SEAT 28D NO SMOKING CONFIRMED

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec. 7th - PEACIN OUT!

Hey Mom, so hurry and write back if you can.  Here is the deal.  I am peacin out.... I am leaving the area. I'm super sad, almost broke down saying bye to some people last night. The worst thing is, we have for sure baptisms on the 3 of January and I won't be here any more. I am super sad.  D. tried to commit suicide this week ... crazy!  She says she doesn't know why.  But she is going to continue to listen to us and wants to progress cuz she loves it.  Our other investigator D. is the is for sure getting baptized, she is also super awesome.  But I am peacin out, the crappy thing is that I will probably go as junior comp, which is ok, but just different.  The Pres. always puts those who were leaders as junior comp to a kid who struggles to help build him up.  Its pretty cool, but I don't like moving from area to area. I like it here a lot, but its not my will, its the Lords. It's hard to accept. But I only have six weeks left so I got to go hard and give it everything.  Aunt Kristen wrote me something that I like a lot, "sprint to the finish!"  It pumped me up. I will send you some pics of what's going on here, it was a good week.
I don't know anything about my new area or companion.  They don't tell us anymore.  They just tell us who is going and who is staying. but whatever. I hope I get sent to the same zone as Elder W, but I doubt it.  I am pretty bummed about the whole leaving thing.  But's only 6 weeks.
That's cool that Wade is the next bishop.  Wade is such a stud!!
K, got to go Momma.  Make sure to pray big time for me.  I am gonna need it a lot. 
I am peacin you all so much and I will keep working hard every single day, and the Lord will keep giving us blessings.  The church is true...I know without a doubt.

Love you so much. Thanks for everything and tell the fam I said "hi" aka "hola" I love you tons aka les amo mucho. got to go bye!!!

Mora family with their Christmas tree
Rios family when I said goodbye yesterday.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov. 30th - "HE IS THE GIFT"

Hey Momma,  thanks for the pics,  hahaha!!   Mark is so ballin, that's a sick job.  I am glad he and Tyson went to the house to hang out again like old times. I didn't even know it was Thanksgiving this week...hahaha!!
Well this week was tons better actually.  We totally saw a miracle.  We were contacting a reference that the mission gave us and we ended up knocking on the door and we found a lady who told us she wants go get babtized and sealed to her husband.   The husband is a less active, but they are super cool.  She will get baptized the 3 of January.  And they came to church and are progressing super fast. D. also came to church and she is super awesome.  It will be a little harder to baptize her because she has lots of doubts and questions.  But we are gonna keep teaching and helping her out cuz she is awesome. 
Christmas is super cool here.  The church is doing tons of stuff for Christmas. There is a new       video out called, He is the Gift, watch it.  It's suppose to go all over the world via twitter, youtube, instagram and facebook. So everyone should see it.  We are handing out cards about it everyday so everyone can see the video.  Watch it as a family and tell Kyle to spread it on facebook.
Anyways, that's pretty much it!  I am doing good.  Me and Elder M are ballin...I love him so much.  I have learned so much from him.  More than any other companion. I honestly love him so much.
I told Elder MacDonald to get my package today cuz he is going to the offices, so I should get it soon.  I just saw Kyle's pics he sent me... hahahaha too funny.
I  love you tons Momma.  Keep me in your prayers and pray so that we can find more people to teach. And for the people we are teaching to progress.

Love you Momma,  I will get your package...don't worry. adios les amo mucho !!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 24 - I got NASTY in ward council!

Ok, so here is the deal.  I am writing you first cuz I don't think your gonna write back, but its all good Momma.  It's better that way cuz I should be writing other homies like Elder W., the Pres and stuff. But don't worry Momma, I know that you are there and its just the fetchin computer. I love you tons!
(Again, I DID write him and it is the Mexican Café that he emails me from!!)
This week was a little better, we found a new guy but he didn't come to church.  But its all good, we put 3 babtism dates this week, but they all fell cuz they didnt come to church.   A.  said he got his answer that the church isnt true.... pretty sad.  I know he got his answer and he is just afraid to change.  I was bummed. But the good thing is is that the other 2 dates are good they are 2 ladies and they are super awesome.  One of them (D.) came to our wards babtism and said she really liked it. So that's the good thing of the week.
Today we have interviews witht the Pres, its gonna be my last real one....pretty sad.  I am good right now just wroking hard and trying to really help the people that we teach.  I got nasty in ward council yesterday cuz no one does their visiting teaching, Hahaha!!  It was pretty funny.   It's frustrating when none of the leaders of the ward do anything and come to church and think everything is all good.  But whatever!  Me and Elder M area ballin it up.  I love him tons.
I just want to let you know that I love you tons and I am super grateful for everything you do.  I will look for the package you will sent.  Don't worry.  Just keep praying for me big time so I keep working hard and not think about home.  I don't want to think abut home and is it really that bad if I speak in ward conference?  Why can't I speak in ward conference for my homecoming?  But its whatever...I just want to speak right when I get home.  I don't want to wait a week to speak and stuff. 

Love you tons Momma!  Tell the fam and everyone that I love them.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey, so I still haven't got an email from you but whatever, but what the heck is going on with the Gee family not writing their son? I think mom needs to take a class on how to use a computer, or maybe its just because you don't want to write...who knows?  But it's all good.  I don't care.
(by the way...I did write him, I have never missed a week in the last two years.  It was the Mexican internet that was messing us all up, not my computer skills!!)
So here is the deal,  this week was pretty cool.  We got D to come to church and that was awesome. Little by little we are doing work here and having more success.   It's still hard cuz we don't have lots of people but we are working hard.
Me and Elder M are super tight. I love him so much, he's such a boss!  He has his struggles but is a good missionary.  I know that the Lord wants me to be with him and no one else.  We just walk in the street talking and I know pretty much everything about him now.
I'm glad to see that everyone is getting home but I am actually scared.  Not gonna lie because Satan has total control in the real world.  I am just trying to become the best I can now, so that I will be strong enough to overcome his fiery darts when I am not a missionary anymore. I love being a missionary. I love to work and to learn everyday. I learn something new, especially how to become better and how to help others. 
I love you all tons just know that you are all in my prayers.

Mom, I love you soooo much, I got to go ... bye!!

The district before we got split
My long lost twin brother here in Mexico...Hahahahaha!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey Momma,  loved the letter that's awesome that Mark got home and you guys got to see him.  He looks smaller...Hahaha!  Kyle's hair looks ballin as ever and I'm glad he's having fun with lax.  That's crazy that everyone is getting home now.  Make sure you to send me tons of pic of Ty's homecoming.
Like honestly Mom, just write up something for the newsletter cuz I say the same thing every time. I swear...Hahaha!!  just tell them I am good and everything is going great and I am working hard!
This week was sick. We actually found a new lady yesterday and she seems pretty cool. We are actually gonna teach her again tonight.  Also, I went on interchanges with Elder was super fun and we had a good time.  Me and my comp are homies.  I am just trying to help him out because he struggles but is awesome.  He tells me tons of stuff when we walk the streets that make me laugh.  He tells me the funniest stories of when he was a drug dealer and stuff...Hahaha!!  He is a balla!!
We are gonna go play volleyball at the church against the other district in the zone...Hahaha!! I am so stoked, it should be fun I guess we can play volleyball cuz there is no contact.
Mom, I don't know what's going on with the computer but just know that I know your trying to write me back and sometimes the computers just suck.  I love you tons, I bet this is a blessing so I can be more obedient and only write for an hour.   Just look at the bright side Momma, we will Skype soon and I will be home pronto.
Everything is the same old here in Mexico just trying to find more people to teach as always and just working as hard as I can. We are gonna work hard with this new lady that we found so she can get baptized, keep her in your prayers she is named M. 
Love you tons,  Momma.... I  hope you get this email,  if not maybe some beandaddy will and he will get converted to the gospel!!
I love you tons Momma bye!!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Mom, I got your email, thanks for keeping me posted on what's going on.  Nick the Brick is sick...Hahaha!  I'm glad he's doing good.
So this week was a tons better. Still super hard and slow but lots better. A. accepted a baptism date and has almost finished the book of mormon and came to church.  So we are doing pretty good with him.  He actually started to cry in sacrament meeting cuz he felt the spirit.  So help me out by keeping him in your prayers and that he keeps progressing and nothing happens. Pray so he can receive his answer.
Dad, thanks for the advice. I need it big time.  Actually,  what I have learned is that the Lord is just giving me one last mountain to climb so I can come home even better. I have actually come real close to my companion, Elder M.  He struggles and has a hard time on the mission.  We walk a lot but I think its because the Lord wants me to talk with him and just convert him.  He is a good missionary. Crazy story, he was a drug dealer before the mission and was less active all of his life. But I really enjoy helping him.  Right now we are only 4 in the district.... I'm ticked. I loved having the sisters in the district it was awesome. I don't really like a district of 4.  Kinda boring, but whatever.  Actually the other elders are telling me that the sisters are giving there new district leader troubles cuz he's not as "good as elder gee"...hahaha, funny!!  Right now we are just four in the district working hard and trying to find new people.
The weather here actually is pretty cold...Hahaha!!  The water is freezing in the morning and not always warm for showers, so that sucks!  hahaha!! But it's all good. I talked to Hermana Brailsford and she said she talked to you over an email.  By the way, I don't even know when I get home, so don't worry.  She told me she told you I am heading home the 21st.
Hey, I need protein can you send it to me?  It's like $50 bucks here.  I also need one of those shake bottles too, if you can.

Thanks and I love you tons.  I got to be obedient and go. 
Love you and peace out!!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey Momma, hurry and write back quick.  I got your package on Wednesday, it was great.  Thanks, I read your letter. And I love the sweater and tie.  I am wearing the sweater right now cuz its actually pretty cold here, it's been raining all week.
K, so this week was another long one. Lots of contacting but no one wants to come to church or do anything.  The thing that makes me so mad is that everyone knows what we teach is true they just like being lazy.  I guess everything works out when you are doing drugs, drinking and then going to mass on Sunday.  It's sad, but whatever.  I have learned a ton about just being diligent and working hard. Even though we don't see lots of results I know that the Lord will bless us pronto.  The mission is hard, but the best thing I have ever done.
Wow,  I can't believe all the stuff thats going on.   I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fetchin excited that Kent Brown is the new stake president...Hahaha!! That's sooooooooo awesome. I love Kent Brown.  There is no one I would rather have release me than him.  I am gonna ask him if he can give me a calling in the stake teaching mission prep.  That's my dream calling.  NOTHING would make me happier when I get home that having a good calling in the church where I can continue to teach.  I would love to do something like that, I just want a calling that lets me teach still. I love to teach.
Something cool that happened this week. We had to go get shots from the doctor at the temple.  I got to go with W. and see tons of missionarys from our mission.  Some other missions were there too.  I saw a kid from DHS and he came up to talk to me and stuff.  We started talking and after a little bit he told me, "Wow, you're not the same Josh Gee anymore.  Your not crazy like in high school and you are way calm and mellow now"...Hahaha!!  It was pertty funny.  Before the mission,  me, John and the others would always say, "WOW, DUDE YOU HAVE CHANGED!" and it was a bad thing. But it actually made me pretty happy to know that the atonement changes people.  I don't know why but that was a cool experience for me. 
Momma, I love you tons and make sure to tell the fam that I love them tons and always think about them.  Love you.  I got to go, bye.   Pray for me big time cuz changes are coming up again and I have no clue what's gonna happen.  I don't know if I'm gonna stay here or not but we will see.
I love you so much, Mom.  I got to to you next week!!
Getting shots with Elder W and Elder M

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct. 13th - Pozole for my B.DAY!

Hey Momma, write back quick I got some pics to send to you of the birthday.  It was sick. I haven't gotten your package yet, but I will Wednesday I think.  Me and W. went on intercambios it was sick!
Ok, so this week was super hard at first, like tons of contacting and tons of people just flat out rejecting us.  It sucked and I was getting pretty down. I don't know why, but this area is a little bit harder.  People are like not super open to the gospel, but that's no excuse.  Anyways we were looking for a guy who we contacted and he ended up lying to us and saying he lived in this one house and he doesn't, so I just decided to start knocking on other doors trying to find people.  A lady opened it up and let us in! Hahaha!!  It was sick.  She has a huge family and she is super awesome and open.  We taught her and her 3 daughters and we are going to go with them again this Wednesday.  its gonna be sick.
Then Sunday came around (birthdays suck here) and I just went to church that was probably the best part of my birthday...Hahaha!! Oh ya,  the bishop gave me a book of the teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith,  so that was my birthday present! Elder W. also wrote me a super cool letter honestly he's got to be one of my best friends. His note made me cry and I realized that that was probably the best gift anyone could ever give me.  My birthday was good.  We also ate some pozole with a hermana who knows I how much I love pozole and she bought me a cake. I will send you a pic.
I got to go, I'm sorry.  Me and W. are going home the same day.  He is going back to California and coming back to BYU in the summer.  But I already told him that Me, Hunter and maybe Mark and John are gonna go and stay with him in Cali for a couple of days and go to the beach with him. He doesn't have tons of friends that are in California right now and everyone he knows is in Utah.
I got to go, I am sorry.  I hope I get my package this Wednesday.

Love you, bye!
My birthday dinner...Pozole!
Me, Elder W and our companions

Monday, October 6, 2014


Ok, so this week was pretty sweet mainly because of the conference and I got to watch it in the stake presidents office,  on way comfy seats right next to Elder W. and M. so that was sooooo awesome. I wrote down a ton of personal questions and the prophet  and his apostles answered all of them. It was crazy how much revelation I received.  They are all called of God for sure.  We watched all the sessions in the office. 
Don't know what is gonna happen this next transfer.  I kinda wish I could just finish my misison in this area. It's pretty cool and I love the district here.  I think I will stay for a little longer but I am not sure how long. But Elder W. is for sure leaving this transfer.  The changes are in 3 more weeks I think.  My companion Elder M is from Mexico and he's actually a baller.  We get along good and we are working hard together.  I can't complain.
Don't worry, we will party hard on my birthday.  I am actually thinking that we will do interchanges and I will be with W.  this Friday before my birthday.  So we can go eat that would be cool. I will make sure to eat somewhere cool.  Honestly general conference was my birthday present.  Birthdays suck in the mission.  Honestly,  I just think of the family and it ends up being a crappy day.  The mission changes everything around, but next birthday will be sick don't worry.   But I still need a sweater and garments.
I hope Kyle is doing good and paid a lot of attention in conference.  There were tons of good talks I  loved it!  Syd is hilarious and I don't like it that she has a boyfriend, but whatever.
Love you all sooo much.  Thanks for all the things you do for me.  Just know I am in good hands and loving the work.  It's hard when people don't listen but just like one of the apostles said, "If I work hard and help others I can't fail."
Hey Mom... I gotta go.  Just make sure you keep me in your prayers and pray for E. and her husband so they can accept a babtism date and everything.   This week pray for A and A so they can know that our church is true. Tell Kyle he is filthier than ever and that I love Syd soooo much . Just know that I always pray for you guys.

Love you!
Me and Elder W.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Hey Mom, so here is the deal.  This week was pretty sweet like always, we walked a ton that's for sure.... we found some more people but no one came to church.  That just means we have to teach them better.  Me and my companion are doing good, working hard and just being patient.  We went on intercambios with Elder W. and it was ballin...Hahaha!!  We did service and cut down a tree with a machete.  It was sick,  sorry I don't have any pics.  But we took some pretty funny ones I will send them to you later.
I am super stoked for general conference,  holy crap its the best day of the year for a missionary cuz we just relax and watch all the conferences with all the homies in the church aka all the English missionaries.  Me and Elder W. already have plans to bring a butt load of candy. Ii got your package and it was awesome, thanks so much for all the candy. I am stoked I gave a ton to all the comps.
Hey I need more synthroid like asap.  I don't have that much left but if you can't send me some I know how to buy it here.
Mom, I love you so much. I don't have that much to say...sorry this week was just like all the others. I love you soooooo much and thanks for all that you do for me.  Kyle looks like a baller and tell Syd that I love her tons.  I am loving the work and I shouldn't be in any other lugar aka place... this is were the Lord wants me.

Love you bye!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept. 22nd - Chinese food in Mexico...only 55 PESOS!!

Ok, so I am reading your email right now I saw all the pics...hahaha!! Kyle and his friends are such sickos, man I miss DHS.
This week was good, we found tons of new investigators like 7 but the hard thing is getting them to come to church and get a testimony.  Every person that we teach ends up talking to their neighbors about us and they end up telling us that they don't want to listen anymore.  It's super hard. but its all good.  We are working hard and talking with everyone. I have learned a ton about just being brave and talking to everyone.  It's helped me out a ton.
We are going with Elder W. and his comp today to eat at a buffet of Chinese food for 55 pesos aka 5 bucks so that should be cool. His comp is Elder R and he is the bomb! He's from Cali and a total gangster.  He's got tats on his hands and is a convert.  He's a good elder and reminds me of Pepper a little...Hahaha!
I'm gonna finish reading your letter, anymore pics??  I haven't gotten your package yet but I will this Friday cuz we have a conference.
So the investigators ... there aren't tons but we are trying to get this girls mom baptize cuz she comes to church every week.  But she won't get baptized cuz she is scared of what her family will think.   she' s single but we are working with here little by little.  Her name is E. 
Mom, for real don't worry about Christmas send me some letters maybe some ties and candy, thats all.  Don't spend a lot of money cuz I don't need anything.  What I do need is a long sleeve sweater vest because its and I use the same one everyday and the other one is huge.  Send me like a medium or something.  I don't know if I have lost weight or what but the one you send me would fit dad...Hahaha!!  But other than that  I am good...letters, ties, candy and something cool, thats all.
I love you all so much but I got to go right now.  Mom,  love you tons! Make sure you keep me in your prayers and also my investigators.  Tell Kyle to write me a letter.  I got to to be obedient.

Mom, love you tons thanks for everything!
PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka adios


Hey crazy week! I will send you some pictures, they are fetchin hilarious!   Today is a huge holiday (Mexico's Independence Day) and they all eat pozole and get drunk!  We got invited to eat pozole tonight so that should be cool.  So last friday at the stake center there was a party and we got to go and take our investigators and less actives and stuff.  It was ballin! I got to wear my sick Mexican hat I bought (I will send you a pic, don't worry!).
So we found out about changes and I am staying here with just one of my comps.  I am not sure if we are gonna be in a trio still, but who knows. I am gonna be with Elder M, but the good news is that Elder W. doesn't have changes either!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beleeeeeeeeeeeedat!!   Me and him will be together for another 6 weeks... hahaha! I am so stoked I fetchin love Elder W.   The only crappy thing is that there aren't a lot of investigators in this area and we are finding that no one wants anything.  So keep our investigators in your prayers so they can read, pray and receive their answers.
I got the pics you sent.  It's  cool that Kyle got answered back and has a date to Homecoming and he won the whole tournament in Colorado Springs.  Super sick!  What about Troy though?  Holy balls... he's on tv and on kick off team!  He's famous...holy nic!  That's about it...write back.
Love you all so much.  Just know that everything is good here and I am loving the work and learning everyday.  I think about you all the time but I would rather be here right now honestly.

Love you all tons, bye!

All the missionaries at the stake was ballin!!
Me, Elder W. and Elder S.
Me, Elder Y., Elder W., and some other cats!!
The district and zone leaders
Me favorite guys...Elder M and Elder W.
(all of these elders entered the MTC on the same day
and flew down to Mexico together) 

Sept 8th - "Have FAITH and the LORD never lets you down."

Hey Momma, write back quick if you can I just barely got on and I am reading your letter right now.
I need in this next package another memory for my camera if its possible, if not I can find one here no big deal.
K, so here is the deal.  This week was hard but I learned a ton. I feel like I have to put the team on my back always, because no one else likes to make decisions or contact and they just like to complain. They are good comps but they kinda have bad attitudes . I learned a ton this week about having faith. We received some references from one family in the ward and usually when that happens some missionaries wait like a week to contact them, but I was like, "Hey, let's go right now and find them" My comps didn't really want to, but I was like saying to myself, "I hope they are home so I don't look like an idiot !" I just put my faith in the Lord and went out of our way to contact some people who didn't seem like they wanted anything.   I knocked on the door... alone... and a lady answered and right out of the get go,  I asked if we could share a message with her.  She said,  "yes" and let us right in. Hahaha!!  It was sick!!  My comps were pretty shocked, but I learned that if we do what is right and have faith, the Lord never lets us down.  That's about it!
Mom, I  love you tons.  I hope you get this email.  Pray for me cuz changes are coming and I don't know what's gonna happen this next week.  Pray so that whatever happens will be the best.  I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for what you do for me.  Put me in your prayers and pray that we will find people and help them to make the right changes in their life. I can feel your prayers.
Love you so much.  Tell Dad I really enjoyed his letter I really do love reading what goes on.  I might not be able to write back all the time but I love hearing what's going on always, so keep doing it.

Love you all....adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sept. 1st - American candy, baptism and exchanges = GOOD WEEK!

Ok, first off, yes Mom I got the package this week...thanks a ton!  Me and my comps loved the candy,  Mexicans love American candy.
This week was sick, we had a baptism...yeah buddy, it was tight!  One of the best baptisms I have had in the mission. It was awesome, super stressful...but awesome.  I will send you some pics and stuff. Her name was C and she had a ton of problems with smoking and the repentence process, but luckily everything went good and we were able to have the baptism. 
Also I went on interchanges with Elder W. this week, it was awesome!   learned a ton and it was super awesome to hang with him for a day. I would do anything to be his comp again. We taught super well together and found 2 new investigators that day.
I'm glad to hear that everything is going good in k-town.  I'm gonna write Kyle a letter in a little bit, make sure you give it to him cuz I just barely read the letter he wrote in the package and I want to respond.
Sorry I havent written you lots but just know that everything is good right now.
Mom,  I got to go.   I love you all so much here are some pics I will write you more next week but just know that i love you all so much and I'm in the place where the Lord needs me.  Tell the fam I love them.


Me and Elder W. 
My district
My two companions and Elder W. and his comp.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Holy crap Momma... hurry and write back soon so much crap has happened this week!!  First off, we had special changes. I don't know why but I guess there was some disobedience in a zone so they put me here in a new district. I was ticked at first, I hate special changes they suck.  So they introduce me to my knew comps, yeah, comps!! I'm in a trio...hahaha!  It's ballin!  Both of my comps are ballers and they are hilarious.   We also have 4 sisters in the district and last but not least............................ don't freak out...........................       FETCHIN ELDER W. .............HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  W. is in the district and that's not all, he's in my same ward and that means we eat together almost everyday, go to church together and see each other almost everyday...Hahaha!! It's fetchin sick!! I will send you some pics that we took.  This week I'm gonna do intercambios with him its gonna be awesome.  We also are gonna have a baptism this Saturday and Sunday so Ican't complain.
Elder W.  doesn't live far, maybe like five minutes.  Elder G and Elder M are my new comps and they are awesome they make me laugh hard.  Elder R is still in Oriente.
My new ward is sick, the nicest church I have seen in Mexico so far,  it's super pretty.  The ward is awesome and we are working hard.  We found 6 new investigators, which is awesome and put tons of babtism dates.  They didnt go to church, but it's alright.   We will just teach them good this week so they go next week. But seriously,  being in the same ward as Elder W. is so awesome,  I feel like I'm with my brother all the time now.  My comps are awesome and one of them is from Guatemala.  Tell Grandpa he is from Huehuetenango,  I don't know if he knows where that is.
But yeah everything is good.  Just trying to work harder and harder everyday.  It's hard to push myself but I never get better if I don't.  I love you all so much.  I think from now on I'm just gonna write you like this because you can never trust the internet here in Mexico cuz its so slow.  It's just better if I write you a long letter like this one. 
The work is good but we are always trying to get more.  My area is still ghetto about the same as the last one, but I don't care,  I like the ugly areas cuz the people listen to you and its easier to find poeple to teach.  Everything is good in the ghetto!
But Mom,  I just want to let you know that I love you tons and make sure you keep me in your prayers.  I'm now in charge of 9 missionarys and 4 of them are girls...hahaha!!  It's gonna be a little more tough.  Love you so much Mom, make sure you tell the fam that I love them tons.  Pray for me so I can have the strength to be a good example and find more people to teach.

Love you tons mom
peace out aka adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't gotten your package yet, but I will ask the zone leaders to get it for me.  Elder M is my zone leader so he will hook me up.

Elder W and I with ducks that we found
Yes, this is a tarantula!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hey Momma,  write back soon I don't have tons of time today.  But the news is that we don't have changes.  I am staying here again with my comp (Elder R.) for another change. I am actually pretty stoked and stuff because we could have a ton of baptisms this change.  I  loved the pics,  but holy crap I don't recognize anyone but Mason M. at Bear Lake, he is huge too.   Do we have new priests in the ward?
Make sure you keep me and my investigators in your prayers,  but mainly S, L and G. And pray so we can find new ones, love you soo much and just know that I am good and having a great time.  Its so hard at times but when we help someone to change,  there is nothing that makes me more happy. I got to go right now.  Thanks for the quote.  I am actually glad I am gonna be staying here.   There is tons of work here to do and I think the Lord wants me here cuz he knows that there are people here that need me.  Make sure to tell Kyle to write me back. 
I love you so much and make sure to read and pray everyday without fail.  That's the only way we can have the spirit with us.   

Love you tons Mom and thanks for sending me another package.   Tell everyone what's up for me and love you all so much....adios!!

All the leaders in the zone of Iztapalapa

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hey Momma, its funny when you tell me that nothing goes on and then you send me a letter longer than you have ever sent me.  Wow, Kyle looks ballin.  Man, when you send me pics of lax,  I miss it so bad. Like I always think about playing when I get back.  Tell me what you think.  Moody, KG, Wiggins and T-Sess in the basement is a classic.  I wish I could hangout with them again just to see whats going on.  The whole coke thing with the name on the front is sick and its huge here too in Mexico...except they are all Mexican names like Juan or Pedro, hahaha!!
This week went good we have been working hard with the people.  We are teaching and stuff and just trying to get S. baptized and stuff.   But we don't have much support from the ward.  I wanted to tell everyone what was good in ward counsel but I thought that wouldn't be Christ-like so I didn't.  We had the bishop with us in the lesson yesterday and we talked about how she can be baptized.  We talked about her boyfriend moving out or her and him getting married.  They told us they are gonna live seperate, but we will see if they really do what they say.  We are just trying to find more people to teach now days.  It's kinda hard but we will keep working hard and being obedient so we can see miracles.  Transfers are in a week and I think I am peacin out but we will see .
Yeah...I read about Syd's letter to Troy....Hahahaha!!! Oh my gosh,  Syd is so funny!!  Classic! Everyone knows who Sydnee Gee is...I am dead serious!
One thing that everyone needs is more patience.   It's a blessing to have Syd in our lives cuz she has all helped us with that.  I love you tons Mom make sure to send me a package with some stuff aka ties, candy and my shampoo, cuz I pull tons of hair out everyday...not kidding.   Like I shouldnt worry about it but,  I do a ton.
Make sure you keep me in my prayers and so whatever happens in this next change is whats meant to be.  I got to go make some purchases at Wal-Mart  like Nutella, bread and maybe some root beer.

Love you tons,  I got to go.   Make sure Kyle writes me a letter cuz he never writes me anything.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I got the pics...and I can't believe how big Kyle is getting.  He is gonna be able to take me easy when I get home!!
So we had the baptism this week and it was super sweet.  One of the coolest that I have had here in the mission. I will send you pics.  We could have another this week but the lady has to tell her boyfriend to leave so she can live the law of chastity. But its awesome here.  Working hard and just trying to find more people to teach.  Me and my comp are having fun too and we get along good.  I think I'm gonna be leaving next transfer. I have no idea where I am gonna go but whatever.  What else is going on in K-Town??
Cool story with this week's baptism.  I forgot to tell you that a day before M.'s interview she wasnt going to get baptized cuz she didnt feel ready and stuff.  So me and my comp were freakin out and praying like crazy and the next day we went with to see her and she was super calm and she was like I have thought hard about the babtism and I'm gonna go trhough with it. It was awesome because prayers do get answered when you ask with faith.  And I know that you guys pray a ton for the people I teach and it helps a ton.
Hey, in your next package send me some shampoo.  You sent me just conditioner.  If  you could do that that would be awesome!  Some candy, ties and yeah thats all... I love letters too, I think that's the best part.
Love you all sooo much thanks for all the prayrers and stuff and keep praying for S., J., J., and L.  Put them in your prayers.  I got to go Mom, I love you tons and thanks for everything...peace!
Love you tons!

SYD:  Hi  Josh,  Syd  here.     Did   you   know   Troy  is  back?  I  wish  you  and   John   are  back.  Can  you  take  me  to  another   Big  Time  Rush  concert?

JOSH:  Tell Syd that I love her tons and that she needs to keep praying for me and my investigators so I can  baptize them. 

SYD:  Will  you  Josh   please   take  me  to  another   Big  Time  Rush   concert  with   John?

JOSH:  Hahahahahaha....yeah sure Syd,  if Mom buys tickets!

M.'s baptism with me and Elder R.


Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th - We have baptisms this week...BELEEEEDAT!!

Ya... holy crap tons of stuff went down this week.  I am glad to hear that everything is good.  Moody looks sick as ever and I am glad you got to go to the razor crusade.   I am bummed I didn't get to go. I am glad Kyle is working and rollin in the dough and I'm even more pumped that you got to see all the old cats again and they were all chillin in the Gee house again...Hahaha!!  Are Taylor and Leslie married yet?  That is so sick that Kyle is shooting the tube...I'm jealous!
So the good news is that we are gonna have a baptism this week beleeeedat !!  But it was a close one, M. is just going thru the classic temptation phase before her baptism.  She almost went home during church for some reason but me and my comp prayed super hard and talked her into staying.   At the end she told us that she was glad she stayed.  It was weird but she was like super sad for some reason so we just busted out tons of scrips and talked her into staying...100 percent the spirit!! 
Also last week was sooo sick we found tons of new people and have 5 baptism dates and stuff and we could have 7 by the end of this week. I am super stoked about it. We have been working super hard and I have learned so much these last transfers.  My comp is awesome sometimes I get bugged but he is super awesome we work super good together.
Good story...we were super lucky when we were trying to contact another investigator that has been listening to us and stuff.  This little girl came up to us and asked where the church was.  We ended up talking to her and her mom and the mom is a member but the daughters are 11 and 9 years old so they are our baptisms yeah buddy!! I'm stoked about that!
Everything is awesome. We are receiving tons of blessing from the Lord and I am loving the mission big time right now!
Well,  I got to go Mom.  I  love you tons and I hope that you just know that all is good and keep M. and the others in your prayers so they can continue progressing.

Love you tons bye!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Hey Mom!   I loved seeing those pics.   Holy crap,  that's soo crazy that Moody is home now.   He emailed me and stuff and said he thought Kyle was me.   He said that he looks just like me in high school.  That's soo sick that they (Razor Crusaders) were in the parade.   Once again I don't get the chance to make the crusade, that sucks but whatever.
This week was pretty cool, but then again it kinda sucked.   We had a baptism planned this week but the lady didn't show up at church.  That's like the most frustrating thing of all time for sure.   We are gonna talk to her today and everything so we can get it all settled out. 
We had interchanges with the zone leaders and I went with Elder T., from Arizona.  He's a baller like one of the only kids I would actually hangout with if I wasn't on the mission.   We stayed up just telling stories all night of stuff we did in high school and I haven't laughed hard like that in a long time... Hahaha!   We probably should have gone to bed on time but it was pretty funny just laughing about American stuff again. But that's honestly all that happened I thought that we were gonna have a baptism this week but no, not till next week.  I'm sure she will still get baptized this week.
I loved the ties,  thanks so much,  I can't do anything for the newsletter sorry mom, but next week I can for sure.  Thanks for the pic of Dusty, he is a boss...hahaha!

Mom, I love you tons for real... thanks for everything!  I got to gooooo. love you adios

I love you soo much....adios!!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Ok so here is the deal...everything is all good here in the ward.  We are working hard and stuff and we are having more success.  We had tons of lessons with members this week but we have to find more investigators.  That's like the biggest trial right now for us. We were gonna have a baptism this week but not anymore.  We are gonna have to wait another week because M. didn't come to church this week. She had to pick up her daughter because she is divorced.  So the on the 12th we will have a baptism.  Everything is good in the hood, loving the work and just learning a ton. The good thing is that I am always learning something, every change I learn something new that helps me to be better.
Ya, I am glad both packages arrived,  I will probably get the packages tomorrow cuz I have interchanges with the zone leaders. 
Momma, I got to go,  love you tons but I got to go to Walmart to get some food and stuff.  Make sure to say "what up" to Moody for me and send more pics.  Tell him he needs to do something with GeeTV to save all of our memories.  I think he will put them on his computer or something.  I loved seeing the pic of K.G. and Wiggins...Hahaha!!! I am glad they went and hung out with Syd for her bday. 

I love you tons Mom

The old district
I still hate mayo...but that's the legit stuff right there
Hermana N. and her corn stand with me and Elder R.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Dad, Father's get no respect around here ...boiyo, sorry.  I tried to call you on a pay phone to say whatup but those things suck too.
The work is going good,  we have dropped a lot of people that we were teaching before because they don't want anything.   But the good thing is, that we are gonna have a baptism on the 28th... I think and the 5th of July,  so that is gonna be tight.   I just hope I stay here in the area and not leave so I can be here for them. But whatever, all is good.
We just figured out that we waste a lot of time with people who don't want to change.   Elder Johnson talked about that a lot this week in the conference.  We shouldn't wait around the garden for tomatoes that aren't ready to be picked,  better look for those tomatoes who are hidden but ready and ripe.  We are gonna have a baptism in 2 weeks make sure you keep M and L in your prayers so that their baptism dates don't fall and they stay strong.
Holy crap... the world cup is fetchin crazy here.  We can't even get into houses when there are games on and the streets are dead cuz everyone is in their houses watching it ...Hahaha!!   And forget it when Mexico is playing the members refuse to turn the game off  and they flat out say "NO".   It's soo funny everyone loves futbol here.  But you know that I hecka wear my Chicharito jersey everynight because they won 2 days ago...beleeeeeeeeeedat!! Everyone was going crazy Hahaha!!.   I am glad you saw a glimpse of Mexico outside the stadium aka the Acoxpan Ward ... just know thats where I was 2 months ago and walked that walkway everyday...Hahaha!! Small world.   I  got like millions of homies up there in Acoxpan.
No,  I didnt really try to call Dad...Hahaha!!  It was a joke!!   Mom,  make sure that the family prays and reads the scrips together.  Seriously, if you want blessings ... you will do it.  We always see tons of blessings in the families who read the scriptures and pray together.  It's something that everyone has to do if you constantly want to gain more faith.
Love you tons Mom.  

Our conference with Elder Johnson