Monday, September 29, 2014


Hey Mom, so here is the deal.  This week was pretty sweet like always, we walked a ton that's for sure.... we found some more people but no one came to church.  That just means we have to teach them better.  Me and my companion are doing good, working hard and just being patient.  We went on intercambios with Elder W. and it was ballin...Hahaha!!  We did service and cut down a tree with a machete.  It was sick,  sorry I don't have any pics.  But we took some pretty funny ones I will send them to you later.
I am super stoked for general conference,  holy crap its the best day of the year for a missionary cuz we just relax and watch all the conferences with all the homies in the church aka all the English missionaries.  Me and Elder W. already have plans to bring a butt load of candy. Ii got your package and it was awesome, thanks so much for all the candy. I am stoked I gave a ton to all the comps.
Hey I need more synthroid like asap.  I don't have that much left but if you can't send me some I know how to buy it here.
Mom, I love you so much. I don't have that much to say...sorry this week was just like all the others. I love you soooooo much and thanks for all that you do for me.  Kyle looks like a baller and tell Syd that I love her tons.  I am loving the work and I shouldn't be in any other lugar aka place... this is were the Lord wants me.

Love you bye!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept. 22nd - Chinese food in Mexico...only 55 PESOS!!

Ok, so I am reading your email right now I saw all the pics...hahaha!! Kyle and his friends are such sickos, man I miss DHS.
This week was good, we found tons of new investigators like 7 but the hard thing is getting them to come to church and get a testimony.  Every person that we teach ends up talking to their neighbors about us and they end up telling us that they don't want to listen anymore.  It's super hard. but its all good.  We are working hard and talking with everyone. I have learned a ton about just being brave and talking to everyone.  It's helped me out a ton.
We are going with Elder W. and his comp today to eat at a buffet of Chinese food for 55 pesos aka 5 bucks so that should be cool. His comp is Elder R and he is the bomb! He's from Cali and a total gangster.  He's got tats on his hands and is a convert.  He's a good elder and reminds me of Pepper a little...Hahaha!
I'm gonna finish reading your letter, anymore pics??  I haven't gotten your package yet but I will this Friday cuz we have a conference.
So the investigators ... there aren't tons but we are trying to get this girls mom baptize cuz she comes to church every week.  But she won't get baptized cuz she is scared of what her family will think.   she' s single but we are working with here little by little.  Her name is E. 
Mom, for real don't worry about Christmas send me some letters maybe some ties and candy, thats all.  Don't spend a lot of money cuz I don't need anything.  What I do need is a long sleeve sweater vest because its and I use the same one everyday and the other one is huge.  Send me like a medium or something.  I don't know if I have lost weight or what but the one you send me would fit dad...Hahaha!!  But other than that  I am good...letters, ties, candy and something cool, thats all.
I love you all so much but I got to go right now.  Mom,  love you tons! Make sure you keep me in your prayers and also my investigators.  Tell Kyle to write me a letter.  I got to to be obedient.

Mom, love you tons thanks for everything!
PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka adios


Hey crazy week! I will send you some pictures, they are fetchin hilarious!   Today is a huge holiday (Mexico's Independence Day) and they all eat pozole and get drunk!  We got invited to eat pozole tonight so that should be cool.  So last friday at the stake center there was a party and we got to go and take our investigators and less actives and stuff.  It was ballin! I got to wear my sick Mexican hat I bought (I will send you a pic, don't worry!).
So we found out about changes and I am staying here with just one of my comps.  I am not sure if we are gonna be in a trio still, but who knows. I am gonna be with Elder M, but the good news is that Elder W. doesn't have changes either!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beleeeeeeeeeeeedat!!   Me and him will be together for another 6 weeks... hahaha! I am so stoked I fetchin love Elder W.   The only crappy thing is that there aren't a lot of investigators in this area and we are finding that no one wants anything.  So keep our investigators in your prayers so they can read, pray and receive their answers.
I got the pics you sent.  It's  cool that Kyle got answered back and has a date to Homecoming and he won the whole tournament in Colorado Springs.  Super sick!  What about Troy though?  Holy balls... he's on tv and on kick off team!  He's famous...holy nic!  That's about it...write back.
Love you all so much.  Just know that everything is good here and I am loving the work and learning everyday.  I think about you all the time but I would rather be here right now honestly.

Love you all tons, bye!

All the missionaries at the stake was ballin!!
Me, Elder W. and Elder S.
Me, Elder Y., Elder W., and some other cats!!
The district and zone leaders
Me favorite guys...Elder M and Elder W.
(all of these elders entered the MTC on the same day
and flew down to Mexico together) 

Sept 8th - "Have FAITH and the LORD never lets you down."

Hey Momma, write back quick if you can I just barely got on and I am reading your letter right now.
I need in this next package another memory for my camera if its possible, if not I can find one here no big deal.
K, so here is the deal.  This week was hard but I learned a ton. I feel like I have to put the team on my back always, because no one else likes to make decisions or contact and they just like to complain. They are good comps but they kinda have bad attitudes . I learned a ton this week about having faith. We received some references from one family in the ward and usually when that happens some missionaries wait like a week to contact them, but I was like, "Hey, let's go right now and find them" My comps didn't really want to, but I was like saying to myself, "I hope they are home so I don't look like an idiot !" I just put my faith in the Lord and went out of our way to contact some people who didn't seem like they wanted anything.   I knocked on the door... alone... and a lady answered and right out of the get go,  I asked if we could share a message with her.  She said,  "yes" and let us right in. Hahaha!!  It was sick!!  My comps were pretty shocked, but I learned that if we do what is right and have faith, the Lord never lets us down.  That's about it!
Mom, I  love you tons.  I hope you get this email.  Pray for me cuz changes are coming and I don't know what's gonna happen this next week.  Pray so that whatever happens will be the best.  I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for what you do for me.  Put me in your prayers and pray that we will find people and help them to make the right changes in their life. I can feel your prayers.
Love you so much.  Tell Dad I really enjoyed his letter I really do love reading what goes on.  I might not be able to write back all the time but I love hearing what's going on always, so keep doing it.

Love you all....adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sept. 1st - American candy, baptism and exchanges = GOOD WEEK!

Ok, first off, yes Mom I got the package this week...thanks a ton!  Me and my comps loved the candy,  Mexicans love American candy.
This week was sick, we had a baptism...yeah buddy, it was tight!  One of the best baptisms I have had in the mission. It was awesome, super stressful...but awesome.  I will send you some pics and stuff. Her name was C and she had a ton of problems with smoking and the repentence process, but luckily everything went good and we were able to have the baptism. 
Also I went on interchanges with Elder W. this week, it was awesome!   learned a ton and it was super awesome to hang with him for a day. I would do anything to be his comp again. We taught super well together and found 2 new investigators that day.
I'm glad to hear that everything is going good in k-town.  I'm gonna write Kyle a letter in a little bit, make sure you give it to him cuz I just barely read the letter he wrote in the package and I want to respond.
Sorry I havent written you lots but just know that everything is good right now.
Mom,  I got to go.   I love you all so much here are some pics I will write you more next week but just know that i love you all so much and I'm in the place where the Lord needs me.  Tell the fam I love them.


Me and Elder W. 
My district
My two companions and Elder W. and his comp.