Friday, February 8, 2013


I lucked out and got the BEST companion...Elder W.

"He is from Santa Clarita California. (The same town that I lost my lunch on the log flume ride at Six Flags!! Hahaha!) My comp is pretty sick!  He loves the Packers and Coke.  But for real, he's a G-unit and we get a long great."

And I was very lucky to have some of my best friends there
in the MTC too.

Elder John Taylor (Tahiti), Sister Maddie Kramer (Philippines) and ME!
Elder Hunter Murray (Edmonton,Canada)

Elder Carsen Beyer (Lyon France)

Me and W. stole a HOST sticker and went to the curb
to see Carsen. He wrote me a letter saying he was
coming in at 12:30.  I didn't really know what
I was doing but we found his room and I helped
him get settled in.
Elder Jace Olsen (Paris, France)
The DAVIS HIGH crew!
Elder Taylor, his companion, Elder W. and me

Elder Blotter, John and I
John and I just messing around (like always)

John and I always snuck in Cokes and candy to all the devotionals.
It made us feel like we were at a movie!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday, Febuary 6, 2013 - MTC

Saying good-bye...

Leaving my casa


Provo Temple

Mi Mama

Mi Papa

Arriving at the MTC

and I am off!!

"So once I left you I checked in and got my name tag and went to class.  They just speak Spanish to you the first day so you don't understand anything.  It sucks.  But Hunter came and found me and I was so nic'n happy to see him.  I saw John in the big orientation thing and me John, Kyle Green and our comps ate together.  Also, Sister Kramer came and found me, I think it really helps to know a lot of people in here.  Seeing people you know helps you to get out of the dumps.  Also, Hunter stopped by before the end of the night and said "what up"  Hunter said I have to figure it out and I will be o.k.  I have to make it till Sunday."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, Febuary 5, 2013 - SETTING APART

 After being made an official Elder, I had family and friends
stop by to say "adios".

Uncle Alan, Aunt Suzanne and Mason
Abby and I reading a card to find pesos in it!

Me, John, Syd and Kyle