Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 18th, 2013 - SICK AGAIN!!

Ok,  so this week was kinda sucky.    We didn't do that much.  I was super sick on Monday and Tuesday we went to the doctor.   They told me my throat was infected,  but I am good now and I 'm taking antibiotics and stuff.
We  had a zone conference and I had to teach everyone for ten minutes by myself...Hahaha!   It was good though.  It has beeen soooo fetchin cold here this week.   One day it was so bad that when we were walking past the stadium I bought a scarf at a flee shop.   It's a soccer team scarf, it's sick!   It's blue and yellow and says America on it (the name of the team here).   Also the country of Mexico was playing in the stadium last Wednesday.  Holy Crap!  You should have seen how many people were here in this area partying in the streets.  Mexico won 5 to 1.   It was cool because we ate at a little kitchen thingy and they had a TV in there so we watched a little of the game.  Man, it was sick!
I miss sports so much.
By the way in zone conference, we talked a lot about stress management.   The President said he was going to change some rules here in a little to help with that.  So who knows,  maybe he will let us play sports and do excercise on p-days.   I am still waiting for the rule changes.
Also, this week also we had exchanges and I went with the new kid in our area.   It was so cool.  He was telling me tons of new stuff about the world that I didnt know.   It feels like I have been out for so long.   He told me all the new movies and songs it was soo weird... Hahaha!  But the coolest part of that day was we were teaching our last lesson and we were teaching the restoration and he doesn't speak Spanish very well.  So I did pretty much everything, but after it was so cool.   He was like,  "Dude, that lesson was perfect!"   Hahaha!   "How did you do that?"   It was so good to hear because I am super hard on myself and sometimes I don't realize how good I am at teaching (especially in another language).   But after that he thought I was so cool.  Not to sound like a tool, but it was cool just trying to help this new kid out because I know exactly how hard it is your first couple months here.
This week was also black friday here, so we didn't have any of our investigatores at church cuz they were all shopping.   There are deals all week and tons on Sunday, so that sucked.  It's frustrating because none of our investigatores really want to do anything.   They like it when we are there but hey dont ever read or pray.   But some do and we are gonna have one babtism on the 30 with a girl who is super ready... thats about it!
OK... peace out! I got to go love you all tons !!! Mom, don't worry about me, I am fine... Hahaha!!
I love you so much and tell the family I love them too.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October 28, 2013 - THEY LOVE ME!

Actually this week has been really good, we had intercambios and I went with Elder C. (from Ogden) and worked hard ... it was cool.  We had 30 lessons this week which is awesome because that's the missionaries goal every week. 
We are still teaching this one super cool family.  The daughter is super awesome,  her name is T. and she is going to get baptized on 30th.   I think her mom also has a date for the 30th.   Her other sister and her boyfriend are awesome too but just kinda difficult to teach.   But they are awesome and took us to the Aztec Stadium today.
This week I have grown a ton.   I have learned a lot about myself.   I can just tell that every family that we teach really likes me and I can just really connect with them.   I  can always make them laugh.  This one family we taught, asked me to give a blessing to the mom because she is loosing her eye sight.   She is completely blind in her right eye and can hardly see out of her other.   She is pretty much blind and can't walk or do anything by herself.   It's really sad.   I was super nervous but I did it and felt good.  People were crying in the blessing.  That just helped me out big time because usually the people ask the missionary who is stronger and has the spirit.   It's a big testimony builder of obedience for me.  I get out of bed every morning and try to be obedient in everything I do and my companion doesn't really.   But it just shows me that if you are obedient your gonna have the spirit lots stronger and the members and investigators can tell.
Also,  I spoke in sacrament yesterday.   The bishop got bailed on so he called me 5 minutes before sacrament started and I talked for 10 minutes of faith ... Hahaha!!
Tell the fam I say what up!   And keep me in your prayers, 
Love you tons, HASTA LUEGO!!!

Inside the stadium
Outside the Aztec Stadium
With the family that took us
Me with the famous fan statue...
Elder J and I at a baptism