Monday, August 29, 2016


Yo Fam,

Hey what's up everybody?  It's a beautiful morning here in Belize City getting on to write my favorite people.  This week was pretty good but also super slow. But we ended doing a lot of cool things this week.

This week me and my companion went to visit a less active member who runs a food truck business here in Belize City.  She was baptized 20 years ago and just loves the missionaries.  She told us that missionaries haven't been able to visit here in a long time.  So she offered to take us out to eat at a restaurant called, "The Milky Way" and it was really nice and the portions were massive.  There's pictures at the was the four elders in my house and the senior couples came as well...and she paid for ALL OF US!!  She was so nice.  She was talking to me about some deep personal how she wanted to go back to church for years but she can't get a couple of things together.  I told her not to worry about it and how we as members constantly make mistakes and we're not perfect...but we need to take the sacrament every week.  That's the only way we can renew our covenants we make with Heavenly Father at baptism.  That lesson really woke her up and she felt really inspired.  She even came to church yesterday and it was district conference, which meansPresident and Sister Adams were there.  It was so cool.  They gave great talks and encouraged the members to make their visit because home teaching here in Belize is 6%...that's awful.
She brought her two daughters and son in law (not a member) and I remember feeling so at peace like I actually accomplished something good this week.  She came up to me after the meeting talking about how great church was.  She expressed to me how much she loved talking to she feels the spirit when she speaks to me.  She told me that she thinks in 20 years I will become a General Authority...and I was just like, "uh...maybe Sister, you never know!  Thanks for the compliment."  This sister means a lot and she's got a real sweet heart.  I lover her to death and constantly make weekly visits with her.  And she's becoming more and more active in the church.  That was pretty much the highlight of the week.  As far as working goes, we don't have any progressing investigators and the work is super, super hard in our area.
Keep us in your prayers, always remember that you are in all of mine.  I pray for you guys a million times a day!  I think about you guys all the time!!

Loving Life


Monday, August 22, 2016


YO fam!

Hey whats up everybody? How's everyone doing on the last couple week of summer?  Freaking kids going back to school...I can't believe Syd is going to be in High School.  She's definitely gonna be the coolest kid there, hahaha!!  But I hope you all are good and had a good week. 

Alright so this week was super long to be kinda of honest. Me and my companion Elder K are opening up a new area and to be completely honest our area is super hard filled with ignorant hard headed people.  Its super hard to get into their house and if we are lucky we get passed the first lesson...the struggle.  Pretty much everyone here is Catholic and Jehovah Witness so everyone in our area has got BEEF with us, Hahaha!  We walk like 12 miles everyday because our area is huge with a lot of houses.  But this week me and my comp have a bigger pool of investigators so we can pick and choose....last week we couldn't do that.  But right now, we currently we have a family who we are teaching that have come to church a couple of times...we have placed their baptism for the 3rd of September.  But as far as teaching thats all I can think of, sorry!

We confirmed A. yesterday and guess who confirmed him?? This guy.  It was my first confirmation in English so I was super scared.  But I did really well...and he was so happy.  But I have a cool story I would like to share with you guys about A for you to better understand his progress.  We have a guard in our church that stands watch over the church every night...and he goes up to us and says,

"A couple of years ago I was riding my bicycle and this gang of 5 men jumped me and beat me up and stole my bike.   After your baptism last week,  I couldn't help but notice the man you were baptizing, A., was one of those guys.  After the baptism,  A. approached and shook my hand as if we have been friends for years.  I was so shocked.  You guys changed this man completely.  
Looks like he's in the right path." 

WOW!!  I was amazed by the this story.  It was a huge testimony builder to me and it makes me feel like I'm doing good in this world and helping people change.  Seeing the change is an incredible feeling...the ATONEMENT IS REAL. This gospel really blesses the lives of other people...and the truth is we will never really understand the effect we have on certain people.  I love this story and I'll hold on to this one for the rest of my life.  I love A. and I'm so happy the man that he is becoming.  I hope you enjoyed and felt the spirit of that story like it did to me. 

I love you guys and hope all is well. I pray for you guys all the time and know that nobody can officially repent and change without the Atonement and baptism.  You'll never fully understand this gospel but all I know is that it is perfect and it changes lives...and touches hearts.  The gospel is the best cure and medicine in the whole world.  I love it!!  I'm literally just on cloud 9!  I hope to hear from you all soon.

Livin the Dream
True Happiness

Elder Kyle Gee

Monday, August 8, 2016

Aug. 8th - FREAKING EARL!!

Yo fam,

This week was was both cool and sick.!! But for the most part it sucked because my house has no power or water...hahaha!! Freaking Earl had his way with us!  I have a ton to talk about not only the storm but some funny stories....

SO we get a call saying we need to get evacuated out of Belize City because basically its the splash zone...hahaha!  We left 3 hours on a bus all the way up to Benque Viejo...a low key town where we stayed the night with the missionaries who are living was a blast staying the night was 6 gringos in a small house but we made it super fun.  SO in the end, the Hurricane didn't do a whole lot like people thought...a lot of broken trees and power lines and a couple of wooden houses...but it didn't flood the streets which is good. Not too bad. We found out our house doesn't have water so Elder and Sister Adams, the senior couple offered their apartment to us and feed was awesome their house, food and AC!!! I was so grateful for them that they could to do that for us. It was a blast. But as for offering our help nobody wanted it....we went around all day asking people if we could help...but we just ended up teaching lessons because they preferred that instead. 

Also our Church got robbed.  A couple of men broke in...stole a couple of computers and cut the water supply...and to finish it off...they went to the bathroom in chapel. Freaking jerks!  I was so mad about that...we were supposed to have a baptism but because they cut the lines it was impossible to do that...I WAS SO MAD!!  But we rescheduled Andrew's baptism for tomorrow.  All in all it was kinda in Belize a lot of people are homeless...and begging for food and money.  Its so sad...because all you can do is teach lessons and not really give them money. 

But me and my companion Elder K. are doing so well...we get along good and he's super funny.  He works super hard and we are starting to find a lot of investigators...its cool to see. At the end of the day I couldn't have asked for a better time then what I've been given.  I am so grateful at the Savior's guiding hand in all of this...he's helped me go through a lot.  He has helped me have faith and keep going...even though its super hard and we just want to give up and go home...he's always there. I look at His example and it gives me courage to press matter what happens. The Lord is looking for true followers and true followers don't quit and  give up...its what makes us more like him.  I think people now days forget that He sends us these trials.  Its the requirement to become more like Him...if we didn't have hard or crazy times....we wouldn't be able to lift others who need to be lifted. A quote by Joseph Smith...its a quote that well help guide me the rest of my life...I think I've already shared it but I can't remember.

"Sometimes the Lord brings us he can lift us even higher."

Remember that....

Love you guys....and a special Happy Birthday to Momma!!! the new 26!!!

True Happiness
Livin the Dream
Crazy times

Elder Gee

Elder K., my new comp
At Brother and Sister Adam's while our apartment is getting fixed 
Our church in Abu Dhabi.  It's in Abu Dhabi Stake and I attend the Sharjah ward.
A house after Hurricane Earl

Belize version of the Last Supper

Monday, August 1, 2016


Yo fam,

Hey ya'll whats up?  I was just looking at all the wedding pics...sounds like it its going pretty great for the newlyweds...CONGRATS Emily and John.  I couldn't help but see the cute girl that was with Josh...hahaha!  Thats sick!!  I was really excited when I heard from Mom saying that she talked to a lot of familiar faces. Send them all my love.  Well this week was kinda crazy so I'm going to just start....

So, Elder Hallman is going back to El Salvador to be General Secretary to the president...he was kinda pissed because he didn't want leave Belize because he just barely got here, but the Lord makes the calls and for that we need to be obedient.  Also Elder Cope is leaving to go to Melchor....that's sick because its a little area in Guatemala...he can now say he was in 3 different countries in his mission.  Yeah as for me,  I'm staying and getting a new comp...he will be Elder K...he's from Arizona and he has the same amount of time as me.  Elder J is moving over to the area of Cope and Hallman...with Elder R, also from our group and from Arizona.  I'm in a house of all ARIZONANS!! It will be good change for me though...I'm excited to see the things that me and Elder K. can accomplish. 

As for the work....its getting sweeter and sweeter. It's honestly picking up so fast now.  We finally have investigators that are coming to church.  Me and Elder J had 10 come.  New record for was amazing.  We have 3 Baptisms on Sunday after church....pray that they all go through.  Elder J was kinda bummed because he wanted to be apart of our baptisms that were lined up....but he will still be able to see them and for that he was super excited for me.  

Its amazing how the Atonement is changing our investigators....its changing them from being a regular person listening to another Child of God who has actually been waiting. We were teaching A the man in our last baptism pic.  He's awesome....we tell him when can we come back and visit...he responds back..."TOMMORROW!" I remember specifically what he told me that touched me a lot...He said, "Elder I'll be here waiting to hear an inspired message that the Father God has in store for me, thank you for changing my life and I'm starting to see my purpose in life."  Those small and simple words made it all worth it.  It makes me kinda emotional to talk about it...because there was a lot more of what he told us...but for the sake of time I'll make it brief. 

Well, there is not much more that needs to be said. The church is so true. If only you could be out here with me....seeing the miracles I'm seeing.  It would bring you to tears.  Or maybe I'm just getting more and more emotional...or maybe I'm becoming more and more what the Father in Heaven has had planned for me this whole time.  I'm speechless, its amazing....I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.! Its honestly just getting better and better.  Like what people say, "When you love your work you never work a day in your life." and thats whats happening to me.  Its so special.  No place I'd honestly rather be than right here.

Pure Joy
True Happiness
Livin the Dream
Eder Kyle Gee

Pics from last P.Day when we went to San Pedro Island.
We changed our clothes once we got there.