Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26th - THE LAST WEEK!

Yo fam,

Hey whats up everybody, hows it going?  Sounds like everyone is doing good because right now its summer and no one is in school!  I'm sure the weather is hot up there but not as hot as it is down here!  No, but for real how's it going up there?  I hope to hear from all of you today while I'm on!  

Well, this is the last week in the mission......thats messed up, where did the time go?  It flew by.....its crazy how that happens.  Why do you think the old timers of the church always say, "Enjoy every moment because it goes like that! " I testify that it does go like that!  This is the last week meaning, so little time and so much to do........well here it goes!

Things are going good for me and my comp, we focused a lot on progressing of our baptismal dates that we currently have right now. We have 4 right now, 2 of them are for the other missionaries that come in September.  Our investigators put a date for the 9th of September, which is the day they are gonna get MARRIED! I'm just grateful they at least have a date for us to work with even tho I WONT BE THERE!  I'm grateful to know that I worked my hardest with them and they are starting to bring forth fruit.  Our other dates are for the 7th of July.....again I won't be there, but that's not what worries me.  I think the old me would have said, "Well, that sucks because I won't be there....but its not about that.  Every Child of God has their own due time and I have to respect that. This is the Lord's work and not mine. It was a good lesson on humility for me. 

V. is doing good, she couldn't come to church yesterday because she had to wait for her papers to work to go thru...and apparently the office only works on Sundays.  But we will see her next week!  Her parents are doing good, its funny every time I visit them, I just want to cry because I know that I will miss them a lot, but its all's normal to cry I guess. 

Its funny, everyone that ever talks to me here in this country will always ask me 2 questions.  First, "How much time do you have left?"   And, the 2nd "Are you pumped to go home?"   The answer to the 2nd question is, "No.  I'm not pumped" and they would respond "Why aren't you happy? You are gonna return to your nice house, car, iphone, a better life than us, why?" The answer to that question is simple, if they would have been in the places I've served, the people I have been with, the places I have seen......then they would know that TRUE HAPPINESS DOES NOT COME FROM MATERIAL THINGS!  The world always is constantly trying to confuse us of what makes us truly happy, and trust me its not those things I have listed. President Eyring has said,  "When you walk with the Savior long enough you change.!!"And that's what happened to me....I am completely different.  I think different, talk different, act different but its not a bad different, its a necessary different.  It's a different that changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for it.!!! 

I love you guys, you already know that!  I gotta grind this thing out to the end!!! Love this work, nothing better!

Elder Gee

Giving my all for the Lord!!!!

PS...Happy Birthday Syd and Happy Father's day Dad!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Yo fam,

Hey everybody, what's going on? There is so little time and so much to do! We had some cool experiences that happened this week. I have a feeling this last two weeks are gonna be super stressful because there is so much to do! Well it goes like this.....

Well, V. is doing great. She just found a new job meaning that she's always busy and we can't visit her as much as we would like too....that's great tho. Because in El Salvador its super hard to find a good job that pays well....the economy sucks really bad. It breaks my heart to see some people starving and out of work! But we are currently working with her Mom and her dad, they are super positive but aren't going to church to really progress, so we are gonna work super hard with them!! 

L., is doing good, he is progressing for the 1st of July which is my last Saturday. We will see if we can baptize him!! It would be a perfect ending for me...we taught him the word of wisdom and he loved it...he has a problem smoking and drinking coffee....the double wammy! But he committed to stop to prepare for his baptism.!! His family is doing great and we are committing them all to church!!

Alright now for the Golden Family!!! We found a sick family that is perfect in all aspects.....they were a reference from a member in Izalco, which is another ward in the district...named Family Melgar. We started teaching them Friday and committed them to come to church Sunday....and they came!! The brother called me in the morning and said ¨Brother Gee, we are coming to church be out side waiting at 8:45!!!!  Alright sounds good! They came and they loved it...they love everything about the church. We invited them for a baptismal date for my last day in the mission and they accepted! So if all goes well......WE WILL HAVE 3 BAPTISMS TO FINISH THE MISSION! Alright, not too bad!

Did I not say the Gospel is perfect???

Elder Gee

Helping L. nail his roof together
With our new investigatores!

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12th - EAT, TEACH, SLEEP and REPEAT!!

Yo fam,

Hey, whats up y'all? This week was pretty average, I'm not gonna lie...all we do is eat, teach, sleep and repeat everyday!!! It's the best, everyday I come home more and more tired. Its cool because I come home knowing we are doing the best work possible, we are doing the Lord's work and it feels so good. 

Well, to start ya off, we had the goal to find 8 new people, we have a lot of progressing investigators but they are not all progressing like we want them to, So me and Elder Batz did a lot of ALOT!  A couple of hours everyday. We found 13 new this week, and about 5 or 6 are really positive. The rest are like.....I believe all the churches are true and teach the word of God, hahaha, sometimes you just shake your head! But its cool because there are new people to teach. 

I also went on a interchange with my zone leader Elder C., he's from Guatemala and he's a straight up G! We went ham in his area and taught like 7 or 8 lessons. Which is a lot, it was cool. He s a great Elder and will continue to make miracles in his mission. His area Sonzacate, it is super small with a lot of houses, there has been missionaries there for years and pretty much they have contacted all the houses. Kinda funny, but miracles will happen there soon. During this interchange my companion and the other zone leader Elder A., found 9 new in one day.....thats pretty sick! It was raining and a family invited them in, and they taught lesson 1 and have a return appointment with them next week. So I guess will see if they are a golden family. 

Vanessa got confirmed yesterday, it was pretty awesome. She's now a member, and now all we need to do is work with her family and baptize them as well. Probably not when I'm here but for sure for the next Elders. Planting seeds is cool. 

Also We have investigators named M., J, and L., who are not married. So we visited with them with the Elders quorum president, who is a convert as well. It was cool because he testified so strongly about his conversion and how the gospel has changed his life. The spirit was so strong we invited them to baptism again and they said, next time you come we will have a date for you guys.....dude thats sick. I hope its soon before I leave!! 

Well that's about it, the gospel is perfect and so fulfilling!!


Elder Gee

Some of my favorite peeps!

Monday, June 5, 2017


Holy crap!!!! 

I'm freaking out right now because the first thing I saw when I got on was the stupid itinerary for my flight home......THAT JUST RUINED MY DAY! hahaha. Alright enough of that, it goes like this.....

Yo fam, 

SO this week was pretty cool I'm not gonna lie, we had a lot of success finding people to teach, that never is the problem the problem is.......when they are just too freaking lazy to read, and go to church. Hahaha typical, but ya know that never takes away the happiness, hahaha, ok just a little!

The cool thing that happened this week was that we found a new investigator named L, he's 17 and his mom is already a member who has gone through the temple and everything but fell inactive due to some problems she had with some members.  L. is super positive and wants to get baptized so bad, in fact the first thing he said to us is what are the first steps to being baptized????  "BUDDY LET ME TELL YOU!!", hahaha!!   I told him he needs to come to church a certain amount of times and read the Book of Mormon to find out if what we are teaching is true or if its baloney...hahaha!  He read it and he thinks its true and he came to church as well.   Not just one hour but all 3 hours!  He loved it I gave him one of my ties so he was looking pretty Guapo!!   

The only bad news the happened this week was Vanessa didn't come to church because she fell sick with Chikygunya....a sickness you get when the mosquitos bite ya....its nasty and its painful.  Soon as we found out we ran over to her house with the 1st counselor to give her a blessing and the sacrament.  The meeting we had with her was super spiritual and she said,   "Don't worry Elders,  I will be there next Sunday!!  So everything is good there and hope is not ya bro!!

I love this gospel, its true, its a way of life, and its the only way we can return to the presence of our Heavenly Father, 
Follow the Creator, not the crowd!!!

·Livin the dream....always!

Elder GEE
Some members made homemade pizza for V. baptism

My new friend, L.

"Making pupusas with family Chavez....a family we helped reactivate!"