Monday, December 21, 2015


Hey what's up?  How's Christmas with snow?  Hahaha....yeah snow doesn't exist down here.  Sometimes I show the members pictures that Mom sent me and they are shocked that we get sooo much snow...some people have never seen snow. Hahaha....I'm not gonna lie.  Everytime I hear the Christmas bells in the street or at the mall I get a little homesick because I don't know what Christmas is like without my family, but its all good. Me and Elder M. are eating peliguay aka cow balls for Christmas Eve.  They actually really good if you cook them right, hahaha!!

But this week was super fun.  We had a multizona meeting with all the zones and it was super fun seeing a lot of familiar faces.   We played games with all the homies it was so fun. I have a lot of pics sooo bare with me. I can only send two at a time.

But you guys already KNOW that me and ELDER M. KILL IT OUT HERE!!!   We are serioulsy the only white guys in like 50 miles.  Some people laugh soo hard because not only are we white but we can speak super well.   It throws them off!  But we have a baptism on the 27 of December with my boiii M....he is so ballin!  I'm super excited for it and I'm gonna let Elder M. baptize him because it will be his first.

Other than that not much...but me and Elder M. balled at basketball the other day...he's sooo good at basketball.  I'm so and so!  But for real, we are like the SPLASH BROTHERS FROM GOLDEN STATE!!  I hear hey are unreal this year.

well I don't know what else to write but I love all you all and hope you guys have a great NAVIDAD!!

Espero ustedes saben tengo mucho amor para ustedes y este evangelio.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue intentando.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Quote Master Gee

Multizone Conference

One of my favs...Elder Rigby!

Me and Elder M.

Temple with the A.P's

The Christmas tree my Momma sent me!

Amo me Coca!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec. 14th - IT'S THE BEST!!

Hey, what's up everyone!  You ask, how's the life in El Salvador....IT'S THE BEST!!  El Salvador life is the only, just kidding!  Everyone here is lazy and never wants to commit but its all good because we are here to prepare them...but let me tell ya about my week.

Last Monday,  Me and Elder M. bought a ton of groceres to stock up for our house, because honestly there is nothing in Joyas de Ceren, Hahaha!....the nearest store is about 20 miles away.  But every p-day we buy a ton of food and hot and ready pizzas for the night....IT'S THE BEST!

The other days were super boring, just teaching and trying to progress our investigadores and invite them to the church. One of them comes every week and its boii M.  He's awesome because he basically knows everything and is progressing super fast. I'm just trying to enjoy the moments we have with them...because their not all like M. But ya know...its all good.

Friday and Saturday were super fun days....I went on intercambios with Elder R.(that one elder in one of my pics.)  It was super fun and we managed to get a lot of teaching done.  And then Saturday we went to the temple again with the investigadores because we had an activity for them.  We took them to visit the temple and we invited Hermano J. and D. and they all went and loved it. It was an awesome day filled with the spirit.

Well I'm sorry I don't have a lot to talk about, but it was just one of those weeks!  I don't have a lot to say...but i hope for some stories next week.

Well I love you guys and know with all the surety of my heart that this church is true.  As missionaries we have a big responsibility but at the same time we are soooo BLESSED!!

Love all you guys and pray for you as you pray for me and my son,  hahaha!

I love and pray for you guys.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Quote Master Gee

Temple Day


Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey! What the heck is up everybody?  It's almost Christmas and yes I got Mom's packages and we loved them and we literally ate all the chocolate in one freaking night, Hahaha!  Well this week was pretty eventful and I 'm just gonna get right in it.

Monday we balled it out in futbol with the whole zone and me and Elder M. actually scored, it was sick because all the Latinos in our zone are freaking good.  Then we left to buy lots of food to stock up our house....were are starting to get comfortable with house but more importantly the work....the mission is going so moment its breakfast the next we are planning for the next day...crazy fast!

Tuesday, was just a basic day of teaching and trying to catch the attention of people on the street, its the best!  So really nothing really exciting that day other then the fact that the pupusas are still great.

Wednesday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad the freaking ole man! Have a good one!  We are currently trying to get a baptism in your honor.  But we went to the temple and went through a session it was so sick...but it was in Spanish...which made it EVEN sicker!  

Afterwards we went to Wendy's with Elder Rigby and his son, it was fun!  And then I opened the packages that Mom sent and they were so sick!  Me and my comp loved them.

Thursday, was literally the same as Tuesday just teaching and visiting members its pretty fun we have the best members ever!

Friday, was a super fun day, we went with one of the APs to teach in our area and we got a lot of baptismal dates but the real question is, will they read or go to church? ....WE WILL FIND OUT.  And also we got invited to play basketball with some cholos in the neighborhood and we were like the splash brothers.  We almost hit every three and they praised us after and we just laughed and taught them the first lesson. It's cool they were pretty interested.  Cool how the spirit works in certain

Saturday, was like Thursday and Tuesday and we played soccer with the
locals and of course we BALLED...AND WE SCORED...hahaha!!.

Sunday, was super cool...Elder M. and Hermano J.  passed the sacrament and I lead the music.  We make a great team.  And also, we had a referral from a member in the ward and she said I have someone you need to work on...and we laughed and said boyfriend we taught him the second hour and he was great and receptive.  We have a baptismal date for the 27 of December for him.  But really all missionaries are just tools in the hands of God.  It's amazing everyday, I grow in ways I never would have thought I would.  And Elder M. loves to work and it
pushes me to be a better trainer.

Well lastly, I love you guys but most importantly this gospel...its Christmas and you all know what that means....PRESENTS!!  Hahaha!  No it's really about the Savior and what he has done for us....or what he can do for you.  Go to him daily because if you will have the spirit...and if you have the spirit...your crazy happy and don't know what to do with yourself, it's the best feeling I've ever

I love all of you and I'm grateful for my all know its the best.  But really in words I honestly can't describe it...words will never do it justice.  All I can do is tell the funny stories
but they will never sum up my spiritual growth.  I want to be the
best I can be.

Love all you guys and pray for you as you pray for me and my son,  hahaha!  I miss you guys and think about you ...if not more, except JENNIFER GEE that lady just loves me!

I love and pray for you guys.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Quote Master Gee

San Salvador Temple

The Christmas packages from my Momma!

Nov. 30th - 1 WEEK WITH MY SON!

Hey, what the heck is up everybody?  Well you already know me and my son are just having a blast up in Joyas de Ceren aka the ghetto jungle, Hahaha!  It's so gross filled with the grossest smells ever
hahaha, but its our home and for that we are grateful for.  Also, Elder M. is a freakin g...we are practically best friends.  He even told me I could date his sister after the mission, she's almost 18, Hahaha!! But for real...he's the best!

So for the next couple of weeks I can't sent pictures because I accidently dropped my camera at the temple, so were looking to get that bare with me the next couple of weeks...I told my comp to tell his mom to email you so you can get pictures.

So yeah, this week was pretty good...we have 2 baptismal dates for the 12 of December. We are pumped for that.

We were teaching Hermano J.'s wife and daughter and invited them to pray, read and to be baptized and they literally just rolled their eyes and laughed.  My comp said...we didn't come from the United States if we didn't know in our heart that this message is true.  But they just rejected us super hard...but I just told him this happens...and we just have to drop them.  We can still visit J. but definitely not them.

This Saturday night me and Elder M....balled it up in soccer!  we both scored couple of times and they were shocked because we are so white trash,  Hahaha!

Well that's my update for the week...I hope you find happiness in your work because that's what life's about...being happy...even when life is super hard.  Always smile and's so much easier that way, Hahaha!

I love and pray for you guys.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Gee

My comp, Elder M!


President Kai D. Hintze
El Salvador, San Salvador West/Belize Mission
November 25, 2015
Dear family of Elder Gee
It is with love that we inform you that Elder Gee has been called to serve as a Trainer in the Mission. This is a tremendous responsibility to supervise the development of a new missionary.
The mission president´s manual says, “One of the greatest expressions of trust that you can give a missionary is to assign him or her as a trainer of a new missionary. Choose only outstanding missionaries to serve as trainers”. That is the confidence that I have in Elder Gee
We appreciate Elder Gee for the commitment that he has demonstrated to the Lords work. We thank you for your prayers and support.
Yours faithfully,
Kai D. Hintze
Mission President

Nov. 23rd - I HAVE A SON!

Hey, what's up everybody? How's it going? So this week was probably the craziest week not only in the mission...but my entire life. So as you all know, I had to say goodbye to my sick trainer Elder A. He
left for Belize and I almost cried and so did he...hahaha!  It was
soooo hard and I stayed for 2 days with the zone leaders in a 3-some and this is the part where it gets crazy.....I got a call that said I'm training....I have a freaking son, Hahaha!! I remember I was so nervous because I just got out of my own training and I know Spanish but not well enough to train...but the Lord will help me and I know that.  So I am staying here in Joyas, where I was for my training and in the same apartment. So I guess I will be here training him for another 3 months.
My new companion is a kid from Tooele, his name is Elder M.  His dad is from Guatemala but he was the only gringo in the new missionary group...he's sooo ballin!!  He is one of those kids that knows
exactly why he's here...and works soooo hard...I can already tell we
are gonna have some massive success here.  He's what I've always wanted in a compaion...great kid. Every time we teach a lesson...he leaves with the biggest smile on his face and says, "I love the mission man!"....and my face hurts cuz I'm smiling so much...Hahaha! I don't know what to do with him, he is so dope!
So today for p-day we are eating and playing futbol so sick.
I love and pray for you guys.
Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.
mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Gee

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hey!  What's up everybody?  How's life?  You know its hotter then nick here ....and drunk people yell at us "Long Live Jose Smith!"...hahaha, it's the best...its the life of the mission.  The mission is super hard but I love it...the language is even harder but I keep trying my best because its what the Lord wants for me.  Serving the Lord in words is hard for me describe, but its the best.  I remember when a kid in my district in the MTC told me...I know you guys are thinking about home and wishing you could be doing the same stuff you were doing...but never let good memories take away what you got in the moment right now.  We are where and who needs to be out here.   I was reading in the Book of Mormon on my personal study and I was reading about the 2000 Stripling Warriors and to think of it that it's us as missionaries fighting the Lamanites. It's cool.  But then at the same time you don't need a missionary badge to share the gospel.  Prophet David O. Mckay said, ..."every member a missionary." I think that's true...its up to us members of the church to preach or share...or serve others...not
just missionaries.

Well this Sunday D. received the priesthood and another man. J. blessed the sacrament it was super cool to see. and the other cool part is J's daughter came to sacrament meeting and she said she loved it.  So we are working with her...and hoping she stays positive in the future.

Well, this week wasn't too eventful but I do have a couple of funny stories.  When we were street contacting....we were teaching a man who was 108 years old. He was hilarious!  When he prayed at the end of our lesson he said, "Dear God, bless the missionaries, bless the gospel...and please take me soon because I don't want to go to hell...and then he stops looks at my comp and says,  "yeah"  Then my comp says finish your prayer...hahaha!! He then finishes the prayer...he's a gangster.

Also, in the other pic are members in our ward.  They made bananas in chocolate for was sooo goood.  I forgot how good chocolate is because I never eat it here, Hahaha!

We also played soccer last Saturday night it was balling...I freakin suck but my team always wins because there is kids on my team who is a straight baller,  its a joke to play with them.

Well that's my update for the week...I hope you find happiness in your work because that's what life's about..being happy...even when life is super hard.  Always smile and's soo much easier that way, hahaha!  I

I love and pray for you guys.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Gee
My new 108 year old friend

The chocolate and bananas
Here is my boy D... he got the priesthood the other day.


Monday, November 9, 2015


What's up y'all?  This week was pretty ballin...we are just teaching the beandaddies how to dougie...Hahaha!!  

But for real,  we had a baptism and it was so ballin.  It was that 16 year old kid that told us no from before.  He told us he would pray about his baptism, so he got an answer and it was yessss!!  So we baptized him yesterday and it was soooo sick. He loves us and I think that made a huge impact on his decision to be baptized which is cool that he looks up to us sooo much.

Well other then that, I have a week left with my trainer which
sucks because he's like my best friend and we work so well together.
But I also know that my next one will teach me something good...and I can learn from him too.

Well other then that not really much really happened. But we are currently trying to teach J's family which is super hard because they are catholic but I believe if we have faith we can help them come to church.

Well, I love y'all and pray for you guys constantly and think about you.

te amo ustedes
un santo es un pecador que sique inteniendo
ferdadero felicidad

The baptism this week.
Eating in J.'s backyard
Getting ready for the holidays.  Elder A's brother gave us Santa hats.
Studying and eating more papusas with Coke!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov. 2nd - PACKERS vs. BRONCOS

Que Pedo?  Como Estan Kaysville!  Well,  what's up?  Everybody I'm on,  I know its a little earlier then usual but and my companion and I have to go to San Salvador.  At 11:00, we get to meet his brother who is passing from Guatemala to get to Honduras.  His brother served a mission there and I guess he's visiting. Then afterwards were playing some serious futbol... Hahaha!!  It's gonna be fun.

Well, this week was pretty cool. We had interviews with the president and that was super fun. We talked about the mission and sports pretty much the whole time, he's such a boss!  He told me,  
"I'm sorry Elder Gee, but your Packer's undefeated streak is gonna come to a end!"  I' m like what the heck why?  "Because they are playing my Broncos and their gonna lose!!  We shared a good laugh about that.  So you gotta telll me who won that game so I can shove it in his face!! Hahaha!!
Well,  one of our investigadores J. received the aaronic priesthood and that was pretty cool.  He is so awesome because he understands everything were teaching him...and he always asks for Liahonas (aka Ensigns) to read because he loves to read.

Alright soooo I gotta a funny story from this week and last week.  So last week me and Elder A. received a package from the hermanas from our district and they said deliver this to Elder O. in
Opico...and so we opened the package to see what was in it....and to our great suprise it was a gay guy telling Elder O.,  Happy
Birthday...Hahaha!!  I couldn't believe it, was sooo gross.  
Because he had like 10 letters for him and there was a 7 page note about his feelings towards him.  So we told President Hintze about it and he told us to send it back...soo we did.  Then last night we get a call from a random number and my companion answers it.  It was that guy saying Elder A. your screwing me over man!!   I'm gonna have problems with you man!!  And then my companion said..."No you're not, you aren't gonna do a single thing!"  and then he hung up the phone...Hahaha!  

Well,  that pretty much sums up the events for this week...a lot of teaching and progressing investigadores that need our help.  I know the mission is hard but I choose to keep going and enduring to the end because with the hardest of times...the greatest blessings follow!  

I love you guys and pray for you guys on a daily basis.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

te amo ustedes
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Gee

Mom: How often do the members feed you?

Kyle: 1 or 2 times a day. Lunch for sure, but dinner is iffy! For breakfast, we have cereal in the house that we buy from the super market.  And dinner we usually eat papusas with members or local pupsarias!

Mom:  Are you getting sick of pupusas?

Kyle: NO, I still love them!  And I haven't gained weight eating them.  I definitely have lost about 10 pounds.  I'm getting skinny.
I gotta go Momma...I love you more than anything.  I am off to San Salvador, but I can't wait for next week.  It's good talking to you.  I love you sooooo much!!


My boys...
I bet you can't even recognize us with our facial hair!!

Monday, October 26, 2015


Alright! What the heck is up everybody? was your week.?  You already know I'm spitting mad game with all the Latinos hahaha!!.

Well, this week was super good...we had a baptism this week and he told us that he wanted me to baptize him...I felt so blessed to do so.  It was my first baptism and it was definitely a moment I'll never forget.  The man afterwards told us,  "Elders,  I got something to tell you"  and we were like alright what is it?  Then he said...."after I was baptized I felt something in my stomach and its hard for me in words to describe it, but it felt so good!  My family and I owe you guys a huge price, because whenever you guys visit you make us feel better then before"  Then he started to cry and hug my was such an emotional day.  I couldn't hold back some of my was such a good day.  It's hard for me in words to describe it but it truly was one of the best days of my life.  It was full of happiness....true happiness.  I hope one day we can all realize how much we mean to some people.  Everyday I realize more and more why I am a missionary...specifically here and this is a prime example of that...and its a memory that I'll never ever forget!!

te amo ustedes
verderera felcidad
westside belizedat

This is the food I eat everyday, it's the best combo meal made in heaven!!

We were taught how to cut up a sugar cane stick, apparently you
bite it and suck the sugar and spit it out...its super good!

My first baptism

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct. 19th - HOLY DICK!!

Alright y'all, whats up? Como Esta?  Well, this week was full of all sorts of stuff. I really don't know what to write because so much crap has gone on, Hahaha!  But this week we were at one of our investigators houses to eat and we ate fried the whole body of the fish was fried!! It was Elder A.'s and my first time eating my companion who knows english but not all...was soo suprised he yells "HOLY DICK" Hahhaha!!  I laughed so hard he had no idea what he said at first until I told him...he started to laugh as well.

But about our baptisms...we had two baptisms set but didnt baptise anyone this week. Because the 16 year old boy told us he didn't want to anymore and I remember me and Elder A. were so sad...we didnt talk for like an hour.  We were just quiet. And the other investigator got sick of Chickgunya (its a sickness when you get misquito bites and your whole body is full of pain its awful) Saturday was just another empty baptismal font. It's the worse feeling ever. It's worse then losing a playoff game in the 10 times worse...its just such an empty feeling. It's sad because you know that they are making the worst decision ever in their lives, but we can't force their will and their decisions... ya know?  I told President Hintze because I didn't know what to do. He said to not give up on them and told me its like a planted the seed....doesn't mean it won't grow later...and I think that's true. I think if we can plant the seed then they can come back later. 
Well, that's all this week.
Felcidad Verdadero
Te amo ustedes mucho amor de Joyas de Ceren

Elder Gee

Just another day in the missionary life!

This is some homemade pizza we made with Elder J....he's good at making food!!

We bought was like $8.  We got jerseys for the zone.
No, that's not my actual bed, there are 4 beds in our house. 
Since we are the only ones living here, we study on this mattress. 
Our place is pretty big but one bathroom and it stinks!!

My fried fish dinner

Monday, October 12, 2015


Alright,  what the heck is up everybody?  Everything good?  You already know it's hotter then nick down here... my clothes are turning the wrong color  and I'm starting to grow hair up my freaking chest!! I have no idea what's going on...Hahaha!!  What the heck...its The GEE curse!!
I finally got my package and it was sooooo good!!  Thanks for filling with candy that you never eat here or find!
My baptisms got pushed back another week which is fine but I'm starting to lose my patience, but President Hintze will be attending the service, so I'm excited for this week...I'm almost positive this time its gonna happen!
But so far I finished my first cambio and to be completely honest it felt like it went so fast, I have no idea where the time went.  This cambio I'm staying with Elder A., my trainer, for another 5 weeks. This transfer is 5 weeks and then after that he goes to Belize.  I have no idea where I'm going after but I'm truly excited to find out.
I love you all and love your emails.   It makes the mission a lot easier for sure to know I can read emails every week.  Because you already know the mission is mentally draining, its a joke...but its so fun.
I gotta go Momma,  I love you tons and pray for me...Te Amo!!
Te Amo Ustedes
Verdadero Felicidad
Mi primero cambio termindo!!

Elder Kyle Chilito Geedaddy

Yes, we are riding in the back of a pickup!!
We are usually walk in the area, but when we are outside we ride buses.

Not sure this is SpongeBob or not?

Conferencia de estaca
This pic was emailed to Momma Gee from Pres. Hintze along with this little note!!

Sister Gee,

Your son is awesome!  Please send me all of your other sons and daughters!

Presidente Kai D Hintz

Monday, September 28, 2015


COMO ESTA FAMILIA?  It's really good to hear that you all are doing really good in Utah. Not gonna lie this week was pretty ballin it picked up a lot. We had a lot more success this week than I think of any other. On Wednesday I saw all the guys from my first district, it was pretty cool at a trainers meeting.  I have pics. We also have 2 baptisms this week. We pray that they won't fall through, but I feel like they won't because the people are super positive and have came to church.  So that's good news! 
Also, me and my companion were making pupusas with some less active members but they absolutely love the missionaries.  It was hilarious!  They were telling us why they weren't coming to church. They said it's because they don't want to pay their tithing.  But we told them you can still come to church though and they said I don't know. 
I've said this once before but I'll say it again...I think I'm the only white guy in this town, Hahaha!! So when me and my trainer pass by all the drunk people they come up to me and and say...."Hey chili tiene mucho dinero."  Which means you have a lot of money.  My trainer is a champ because he yells at them and says leave us alone, we don't have money and you wouldn't steal from God would you?  They said no....and then he replyed then you definitely wouldn't steal from His children then, would you? Hahaha!!  He's so balling and he is such a good teacher.  When we teach, he helps me a ton with Spanish and when ever I stumble on a word.  I picked up a ton of Spanish this week.  I can understand it a lot better... more then ever and its so freaking sick to know that you can speak the language.
Anyways,  I pray that the baptisms don't fall through this pray for that.  I love you guys and pray for you always.

Oh! we are going to watch general conference at Santa  Techla, it's the area near the beach,

Te Amo Ustedes!
Elder Gee

The women walk around with the buckets on their heads.
Making Papusa dough with some members.


Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey! What's up?  So this week was freaking crazy. We transferred to another area in our zone, Hoyas de Ceren, and I'm staying with my trainer at least until the next transfer so that's really good.  We are cherros aka homies!   We had to come down here because some elders weren't getting along and they switched areas.  Since they were the only missionaries in that area we had to fill in that spot.  It's only me and Elder A. so it's not so bad.  Were the only missionaries in the ward,  Hahaha! 
So,  yeah I got to talk to Jergensen and I was so excited... President Hintze came up to me and said, "Hey,  Elder Gee, I got someone who wants to talk to you" that was freaking awesome! He sounds like he's doing really good.  I love Kevin!
The next 3 days weren't very exciting, just teaching and walking up freaking mountains, Hahaha!  This new area has mountain sides and we have to walk up them all the time.  I remember one time we were walking up the mountain and it was about 3 miles up hill, when we got to the top we were soaked with sweat.  The lady that lives up there felt so bad she gave us towel to wipe our faces.  So joked with us saying..."did you walk or did you swim up here?"  I will send you pics.
Also, we are teaching this family of 12.  We have a baptismal date with one of them...he's the oldest and he's about 16.  The rest are younger then 8. 
Friday night we had to go to San Salvador for my immigration papers and I passed,  Hahaha!!. We had to go back the next day because Elder A. needed more medicine for his eye so we went back AGAIN!!  Afterwards, we went to McDonald's and I was watching some of the highlights of the Chiefs-Broncos game on T.V... it was so freaking cool to see actual football again.  Afterwards, we were going back and it was pouring rain.  So the taxi cab driver who works for the church said,  "Hey, if you don't want to wait 30 minutes in the rain for the bus you can come with me to drop off some things in a another area." So we did...and it turns out went to Santa Techla, which is a area on the beach Hahaha!!  So we stopped and took a picture of the beach and we bought something called a Mahombre, which is a slushie but with bananas coconuts and pineapples with lots of syrup and it was AMAZING!!
Love you momma a ton and I pray for you always. I love seeing your letters...they are great! It's p-day so I gotta go eat and play soccer after...I love you!

Te Amo!!
Elder Gee



Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 14th - I'M OUTTA HERE!

What's up?  So I've got some pretty bad news. Today I have an emergency transfer...meaning me and Elder A. are no longer companions.  I'm not quiet sure why and the other 2 elders stay.  We find out more after lunch today.  We just barely found out this morning and to be completely honest,  I'm a little nervous because I'm not sure what's going to happen.  I don't know who's going to be my companion.  Me and Elder A. had like 5 baptismal dates for this month and the next and I'm not sure if we get to do them now.  I am pretty nervous where my new area is going to be because I love my area, my companion and the people here in Opico.
But other than that,  this week has been pretty good and I've learned a ton on how to teach in Spanish. I can teach fine.  I just can't express myself like the Latinos.  I only speak in simple sentences. The goal in the mission is to teach 25 lessons a week, 25 to 30 people. I was freaking awesome like usual. We taught a lot of new investigators, all in which were positive.  So it just sucks to leave them.

I am just a little devastated because I really like where I am right now and now I have to change for whatever reason. but I know the Lord is looking out for me and knows what I should do, what I can do and where I should be.  So pray that its a good area with a good companion. 

The pupusas are amazing! We eat like a thousand a day with a coke.  Coke goes down like freakin water here...and they are like 50 cents for 2 liters...Hahaha!!

I love all your guys updates, they bring the biggest smile to my face.  I love all of you and pray for all you guys daily and remember who I am representing out here.
I gotta go Momma,  I love you so much and pray for you always.  Love you tons.

Te Amo
Elder Gee


Later on that day I received a text that had a picture of Kyle and a man with sunglasses.  I wasn't even sure who had sent me the pic.  I later found out it was a friend from the ward who happens to know President Hintze very well.  He sent the pic to our friend, Kevin and he forwarded it to me.  Also, President Hintze called Kevin that afternoon and let him talk to Kyle.  Kyle told Kevin that his companion was still Elder A. and that they were moving to a different area which was still in their district.  Kevin came over that night to tell us and it was such a tender mercy...I was going to be a wreck all week not knowing where and who he was going to be with. So, so grateful!!
This is President Hintze escorting Kyle and his companion to his  new area!

Monday, September 7, 2015


Que Pasa?
How's everyone doing?  How's boring old k-town?  Well,  I know you all have lots of questions so I'm just going to get straight to it. When I found out who my companion was,  Elder A.....he got so excited he picked me up and gave me a hug and President Hinzte and everybody in the mission laughed!  Hahaha!  My area is a little town called San Juan Opico and its about an hour west by bus of San Salvador.  Theres a lot of poverty so theres a lot of people who love to hear the gospel. But there is like 5 different churches here and it's messed up.  I remember one said....The Church of the Gods.
Well there is me, Elder A.,  Elder J. who is from Arizona (he has been out a month longer then me) and its funny because he went to Provo MTC and the natives always make fun of him because my Spanish is way better then his. But he talks it like a champ and likes to have fun as well.  And there is another elder from Honduras. He's freaking funny and way good at soccer.
This week has been full of adventure and I can't even write it all down,  Hahaha!   Me and Elder A. have 2 baptismal dates this month and I'm super excited about that.  Hermana R. and Hermano U.  They're both super good people and their families are not members so we are working with them.
Every Friday night it's about 1 dollar to play a pick up basketball games with the locals its sooooo fun.  Elder A. balls.  He was in the Guatemala draft for professional basketball but he decided to go on a mission.  He had like 7 blocks last Friday,  Hahaha!  We killed them like 56 to 20,  Hahaha!!  It's all fun here tho...everybody has a good spirit. and I love my mission and everybody in it.
se que la iglesia es verdadera. se que e espiritu santo es muy muy fuerta agui. yo entiendo el evangelio en ingles. pero el senor respuesta oraciones en espanol. es e broma aqui. se que jose smith fue a profeta de dios y thomas s monson es e profeta ahora. se que el libro de mormon es la palabra de dios.
Te Amo,
Elder Gee
Me and my comp Elder A.
Elder Shirley heading back home the day I arrive!
He is the son of a good friend of my mom and dad.
Church with my room mates

Stabbed him with a El Salvador flag pole!