Monday, May 19, 2014


Monday the 19th
Hey mom!  I just need to write you really quick and tell you everything is real good right now,  I am in the offices because my comp had to go to immigracion.  My companion is Elder R and he is from El Salvador.  He is super cool and a super hard worker.   He just wants to work, which is awesome. He is a convert and got baptized a 4 years ago... he really is a boss!!
Actually we have to go to the hospital soon because he is feeling kinda sick and he has a rash on his leg that looks like an infection...but its all good.
That's about it.   Lovin the work right now cuz I got a comp who wants to ball it up with me!

Thursday the 22nd
Hey mom! If your on that's awesome and write me back...if not don't worry about it.   But finally I am able to write you.   Elder R and I just barely got out of the hospital...Hahaha!!  Ya,  4 days in the hospital and 3 nights.  My companion is good,  long story short... he has a sickness or disease where he gets really bad infections on his leg and stuff.   When that happens he gets like a ball that builds up on his thigh its pretty nasty...but he is a trooper!!  The sucky thing is that we will have to stay in the house for like 10 days or so because he is still recovering. So that's what's happening.  Everything is good.   The President was way cool and came up and visited us in the hospital.   He told me that I need to do intercambios every other day so I can work in my area and help my district with theirs. The good thing is that we work in the same ward so it won't be that hard.  I am glad I get to start to work again but it kinda sucks cuz we haven't done anything with our investigatores for like 5 days, so we will see what happens with them.
I got to go mom,  I love you all so much.   Keep me in your prayers cuz I need to resurrect the area because we haven't done anything, and I have to do it solo.... keep me in your prayers, love you all so much... I have to go now.

Elder R and I at the hospital with another missionary
whose companion was there too. 
We were in a different hospital than the one I had surgery at.