Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 - A LITTLE INFECTION ..."BUTT" it's no big deal!

Hey Momma, so here is the deal.  I  went to the doctor and everything.  Found out a nurse forgot to take some gauze out after my surgery, so my cut got a little infected.  That's why it was spewing out puss before.    But the doctor looked at it and cleaned it up real good.  It felt weird while he was playing with my butt... Hahaha!  But he said that everything is super clean and good right now.  We didnt loose any ground but that nurse totally forgot to check my cut after my surgery.   The doctor said that I have to wait 2 weeks before walking and working, but President Valadez wants me to have another appointment this week to check up to see if i can work sooner.
So this week was super boring cuz the doctor said I absolutely couldn't walk or work in the street, so I have been couped up in the house and stuff.  I actually everyday I feel better and can pretty much sit normal.  I have studied a ton this week and read a butt load.  I finished 1 Nephi in Spanish right now and I'm just trying to read the rest of the Book of Mormon in Spanish.   I actually have learned a lot just because I have been studying so much here and don't have anything else to do.  I know that its all good cuz I can just study all day and learn stuff in the Book of Mormon.  It's gonna be fine.
I can walk to the internet cafĂ© (because it's not far from our house) and it's fine, I just can't walk long distances.  Sometimes the members bring food to the house because they know I had surgery.  My next doctor's appointment is hopefully on Wednesday.   The bishop's wife has been driving us to the doctor's so we don't have to pay a taxi.  She is super cool.
Elder C. and I are good.   I feel bad for him though cuz he sometimes has to stay in the house with me and do nothing, but we have exchanges every other day.   He can leave the house with Elder A. and teach our investigators.  They are teaching just 2 people that we are trying to baptize.  But they have problems because one isn't married and one doesn't have permission from his parents.  So right now we don't have really good investigators.
I got to peace out.  Tell Syd I love her and give her a big ole fat kiss for me!
All is good here Mom, don't worry it will be alright.  Love you tons and keep my in your prayers and I will do the same for you all. 
Les amo mucho (Love you all)
Hasta Luego!
Love you tons Mom...adios!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept. 16, 2013 - I HAD SURGERY...what a BUMMER!!

Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call from the Mexico City South mission home.  They said that Josh had just gone to see a doctor about a sore tail bone and they found a cyst that needed to be removed.  They were calling for permission to perform surgery the following day.  I agreed and then asked if Josh was there and if I could talk to him.  They said, "Elder Gee sends his love."  So, basically I got denied and had to wait until the next day to see how it all went.  
I received another call on Thursday saying he had just come out of surgery and the cyst was a little bigger than they thought but they got it all.  They mentioned he hadn't been released from the hospital yet.  But everything went well.
By the way...his out patient surgery took place in an American hospital in the city, so we didn't need to worry, too much!
OK,  so that surgery was so sucky and my butt hurts super bad right now.   I am just on tons of pain killers and can barely walk... Hahaha!!   But I am all good.   I feel bad cuz we can't really work that hard here cuz I cant leave the house.   But tomorrow I am going to have a check up with a doctor and stuff, hopefully everything is ok.  
They put me under ... Hahaha !!  It was so messed up waking up to people talking to me in Spanish but the surgery was like an hour long and I went home the same day.   It was a really nice hospital, not gonna lie.  It was all good though I got some free food and some pj's .... Hahaha!!  Just like at Primary Children's Hospital.  Elder C. ate at the cafeteria.  He was a good sport.  We then stayed in the house with all the assistants for awhile then we came home in a taxi.  The cyst is on the top of my tailbone from walking so much.  I don't know how big the incision is but there is a small bandage over it and I don't dare rip it off yet.  I am fine from the meds and stuff and really I am good.  
But actually Mom,  I was there when they called you.   They wouldn't let me talk to you ... but  I was there the whole time listening when Elder W. called you the first time about me going to the hospital.

Me and my comp are sucks cuz we can't work super hard...but we study everyday in the house.  To keep busy I am playing the guitar, sleeping, reading and watching doctrine and covenants videos.  It's pretty boring.  I can sit down but it hurts and  I have to sleep on my side or my stomach.
But the members are taking care of us right now though, its all good.
Good news...I baptized A., the day after surgery.  She is awesome.   I  had to baptize her 4 times cuz she wouldn't go under, her foot kept coming up. I had a good poker face there at the baptism,  you should have seen me walking around...Hahaha!
I think we are gonna peace out here pretty soon but we can't really do much today, so I think we will just go back to the house and chill.  We don't have a lunch appointment cuz I can't walk very far so we are gonna make something or eat street tacos...ya boiyaaa!! 
I got to go Momma,  love you tons I will talk to you next week.  Hasta Luego, keep me in your prayers but everything is going to be awesome!!!  Pray for new investigators for us.

Me ballin it up in the hospital before my surgery.
Ya, I am disgusting...thats' me after the operation.

The baptism the day after surgery.
me, A. and Elder C.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 9, 2013 - MY NEW COMP IS SICK (literally!!)

OK Momma, so here's the deal with me and my new companion...we are pretty tight,  he is from Draper and went to Alta High.  His name is Elder C....we get along great.  He is super nice and always wants to work so its not hard training him.  He is tall and has blond hair,  I will send you a pic of him.   Also Elder A. is trainng someone and his name is Elder C. and he is also super cool.   So right now our house is bumbin... Hahaha!!
Last night was one of the worst nights of my life ... me and my companion both got sooooo sick and stayed in bed all day.   I honestly haven't felt that sick in a long time ... I wanted to die.   I puked 2 times yesterday and had the worst diarrhea ever. I actually missed the toilet when I was puking cuz the power was out so I had not idea where the toilet was...Hahaha!!  It was super funny.   When we are sick we have to call Hermana Valdez and while I was on the phone with her I started puking... Hahaha!!  She thought it was super funny.   I am on some serious medication...I am feeling pretty good right now.  I have to eat Gerber baby food because that is what Hermana Valdez told me to do.
But this week has been crazy cuz I have had to talk the whole time in our lessons but I have been doing a good job I think.   We have had some good lessons for sure.   I am super pumped about our lessons... like not because our Spanish is good but because we are obedient.  Just goes to show that it doesn't matter how good your lesson or language is, what matters is if you have the spirit in your lessons.  I am not gonna lie, I feel way better about my Spanish.  We are working super hard in this area and we are going to have a babtism this Friday with the mom of Oscar.  Other than that we are just trying to work really hard right now.  You would  be proud.
I think I have gained close to 20 pounds out here from all the tacos, but I am sure I lost it all last night and I am back to normal...Hahaha!!
I love you tons Momma, I am doing good here...just make sure you keep me in your prayers.
Les amo mucho...aka I love you all!!

Burger King!
My roommates
What?  You don't like??


Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013 - ESTRELLA

I got called!!  Hahaha!  I am training a kid from the states named Elder Clark.  He is brand new and I have to go pick him up tomorrow. Hahaha!  I will pick him up with all the other new guys at transfers.  I get to see Elder W.  and Elder Y.,  and by the way Elder W.  is going to Rosal (aka the ward next to San Pedro).   Elder W. and Elder Y. are in the same district and Elder Y. got called to be district leader there. 
It took a while for me to get on the internet today because we had to hand wash our clothes so we could have them ready for Elder C. tomorrow when he leaves.   So Elder C is peacin out and me and Elder A. (actually he is really cool,  I love him tons) are going to train here in Estrella, 2 new missionaries.   It will be awesome . 
Oh ya,  also Elder G. went home 2 days early because of visa problems, so for the last 2 days and until tomorrow we are a threesome.
I know I am gonna work super hard with this new Elder Clark.   I just hope he is a good elder... if not I will make him one!!  I am just kinda nervous cuz  I only got 4 weeks in this area and don't know it very well.   So I am kinda nervous... keep me in your prayers big time this week.
The other day I had a cool experience. I was sitting in church feeling way bad for myself,  just kinda complaining about my Spanish and stuff and like I just had a cool feeling like the Lord telling me that I am way to hard on myself.   That I know Spanish and I just have to talk or I am never gonna learn... ever since that I have felt way better out here.  It was way cool.
We were suppose to have 2 baptisms this week and we only had 1.   I baptized Oscar, it was sooooo sick,  his mom didn't pass her interview but she will this week, so we should baptize her on Friday or Saturday.  We also baptized  a little boy named Carlos who just turned 8.  I don't know if that counts as a baptism but ya that's what happened.   But Oscar's baptism was a super big testimony builder for me.   It was the first time I have been in the water. It was just super cool I cant really explain it.
We are teaching some other people right now.  One of them is David, and he is 17 and a freakin gangsta and loves me...Hahaha!!  I gave him a gangsta tie the other day and he wore it to church.  His mom is a member but his dad isn't, but he goes to church every week with his cousins cuz they are active.  He can't get baptized cuz he doesn't have permission from his dad yet, but we are going to talk to him about that this week hopefully.
I weighed myself the other day for the first time ... I have gained 20 pounds..... no joke,  I am fat,  I weigh like 156,  no joke..... unless the scale is broke....just face it man.. you have a fat son!!
Don't worry,  I can still take Kyle don't worry... and I am  gonna try to be the best trainer I can don't worry!!

Hasta Luego,
Love you all tons!!

Today was Labor Day and Josh's cousins Hayden and Ethan were at our house when Josh's email came through.  Here are some of the questions they asked him.

"How many beans and street tacos do you eat in a day?"

"Ethan,  I eat abut 8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 beans everyday ..... that's a lot hahaha!!!"

"Do you get really gassy?"

"I did at first, but I am Mexican now, so it doesn't phase me...Hahaha!!"

"I have Coach Smith for health this year."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Rick Smith is soooo sick Hayd!   Tell him that your me and Kyle's cousin and he will give you an automatic A!!  Hahaha!!"

"P.S. this is Ethan still and I love you"

"Love you too, E!!"

This is Kyle, Ethan and Hayden emailing Josh on Labor Day...
drinking a coke in honor of him!!

We sent him this picture of the boys while they were emailing back and forth.  This was Josh's comment, 
"Holy Sick,  tell them ... provecho!!  (enjoy in Spanish)   Hahaha!!  I am so jealous,  I  wish I could have one (Coca-Cola) of those right now.  Hahaha!! tell them I  love them all so much!!
We went to the Temple again because Elder C. was sick and
there is a doctor there for the missionaries.
My roommates!!