Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct 24th - PEACIN OUT!

Yo fam!

Hey wad di gwan brothas and sistas!!  How is everyone doing?  Before I say anymore, I just want to give a shout out to Hayden Grange for beating Layton in OT!!  Me and my Zone Leader,  Elder Osiek who is from Layton made a bet that whoever wins has to buy the winner a soft serve ice cream...heck yeah Hayden!! Looking out for me here man...muchas gracias!  Tanks mi bwaii!!  

Okay now we got that outta the way.  This is the end of the transfer which means....changes! And guess what....IM GOING TO SAN PEDRO!!  Elder Merida, from Guatemala will be my comp. He's a super cool latino.  He is Elder Hallman's son!  I can't wait to get out there and serve with him tomorrow "D.Y.C 4 is about to be in full effect" hahaha! I  will send you guys pics with him for sure next Pday. time here in Belize City is over.  I am actually super sad to say good-bye to all the members and people I taught, but Elder Burrell is going to do work here and carry on the great Belize City tradition.  I set him up with 4 positive people to he's happy, lol!  I took a ton of pics with all the people I served.  I don't want to talk about leaving too much because that will take too much time. But all in all I am sad to leave but excited to go to the "Isla Bonita" so they call it.

Well, this week was super good. We taught a lot of cool lessons, and we cleaned the food truck again. This time it only took us 45 minutes because me and my comp have a system.  After she bought us pizza...meat lovers mind you!! So good!!  We taught and visited with her and talked about life and church...ya know the norm.  She showed us a clip of a movie called "The Miracle of Cokeville" it is soo good. It's about how a man holds kids in a elementary school hostage, and the bomb goes off, but in the end the only 2 people who died were the was a miracle. It talks about how they saw angels and how an inactive father finds his family again thru this experience. It was super strong...the Spirit. I loved it. 

We also had 2 investigators come to church, so me and Burrell were pumped.  F. and C. our investigators will be baptized sometime in November.  I look forward to hearing about their progress. 

I love you guys so much...I honestly wonder to myself I am soooo lucky to be a missionary and advocate of the truth.  I love Belize City but I know I am going to love San Pedro. I know that the Lord has so many special people in store for me and my next comp.!!


Elder Kyle Gee 

My Belize City Roomies!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Oct 7th - $2 LESSON

Yo fam,

What's up everybody? Thanks Momma for the package that you sent me...I got some nice pictures to send you with all the decorations, hahaha my companions loved them!  We especially loved the make up kit...we are going to do it on the last day of the change which is next Monday...holy crap, time flies by so fast.!! I hope to speak to all of you guys really soon.

This week with my companion was pretty good.!! We started off with family home evening with the less active family that owns the food truck.  The mom is active but the daughters aren't, so we taught about "The Love Of God".  I taught the lesson with a 2 dollar bill...I asked if they all wanted it. They said, "yes!!"  I started to crumple it and step on it with my shoes and asked again, "You guys still want it?"  They said, "yes!!"  I asked, "Why?" and they responded, "Because it's still worth money." Thats right!  We are like this 2 dollar bill...we get stepped on...torn apart...even faded away; but no matter what our Father in Heaven still loves us and accepts us.  It was a cool lesson and they all shared their thoughts and feelings about the topic.  It was spiritual. 

We taught G. yesterday, we taught that Baptism and holding the Priesthood will make him a better parent and gain a closer relationship to his kids...he loved it!  We testified that one day he could hold it and bless the lives of his own family.  I bore my testimony that I am eternally grateful for the blessing my own father has shown me of the importance of holding that priesthood and blessing me and lifting me when I mostly needed it.  Elder Burrell bore his testimony as well...the spirit was so thick it brought me to a couple of tears!  G. told us "I love how you guys are so much younger than me and you are talking to me as though you are my own dad."  We told him, "Its the Spirit what you are feeling."  He accepted a baptismal date for the 5 of November with his wife....potential there!!!!!

I love you guys and don't forget to pray daily!!!!


My new BOM socks!

I love my package and picture Abby made.

My Halloween decor!

Here are some pics of Elder Burrell and I cleaning the food truck

Thanks for the mustache, Momma!

Monday, October 3, 2016


Yo fam!

Hey, what's up everybody? How's everyone doing? Also, how was conference?  Pretty good huh? I wish I would have had gotten the full effect because I was trying to fight all the crazy noise in the chapel. All the crazy babies and stupid little side conversations, that are of no importance...."THIS IS THE PROPHET SPEAKING...SHUT UP!! hahaha!  No, I loved always helps me mentally with everything.  It soothes me in ways I can't even explain.  Words inspired for sure! 

This week was super awesome. We taught and taught and taught!!  Just trying to prepare the people for conference and telling them that church doesn't start till 10...they said "Awesome, Elders we can now sleep in..." Hahaha, my gosh these people are always looking for excuses to sleep always. I loved the conference.  We ended up having like 150 people in the chapel there both English and Spanish branches and ended up having like 4 investigators.  One couple came, named G and G...we are teaching.  They loved it...they just couldn't concentrate because of the crazy noise.  I told them about and how you can watch them over and over again.  They were excited about that.  Also this less active guy named Bro. K. who hasn't come to church in over 10 years or so...finally came because I gave him a pair of my shoes.  I told him, "it's more important to me that you go than just shoes!"  I gave me a huge hug and he told me "You will see me there my Brotha" So cool and I'm grateful I can help in anyway that I can. 

My favorite talk was Elder Rasband...I loved how he talked about "Remembering your Spiritual Experiences."  I loved that and it touched my heart big time.  It relates to us all because we all have them.  And in the end its those experiences that are going to lift us and carry us home to our Heavenly Father.  I loved Eyring's talk and Uctdorf's as well....I loved how Uchtdorf said, "We are all sons and daughters of the most high God...isn't that amazing?"  That touched me big time too.  I love this gospel and love that we have men that are literally called of God and give us inspired instructions.  I noticed that my favorite scripture was mentioned like 10 times. Mosiah 3:19!!  We need to put off the natural man and become as a little saint thru the enticings of the Holy Spirit...then and only then will we experience true joy.

I love you guys and Pray always!!!

Elder Gee

My roomies!
Elder Rigby and I with our BOM socks!