Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hey!  What's up everybody?  How's life?  You know its hotter then nick here ....and drunk people yell at us "Long Live Jose Smith!"...hahaha, it's the best...its the life of the mission.  The mission is super hard but I love it...the language is even harder but I keep trying my best because its what the Lord wants for me.  Serving the Lord in words is hard for me describe, but its the best.  I remember when a kid in my district in the MTC told me...I know you guys are thinking about home and wishing you could be doing the same stuff you were doing...but never let good memories take away what you got in the moment right now.  We are where and who needs to be out here.   I was reading in the Book of Mormon on my personal study and I was reading about the 2000 Stripling Warriors and to think of it that it's us as missionaries fighting the Lamanites. It's cool.  But then at the same time you don't need a missionary badge to share the gospel.  Prophet David O. Mckay said, ..."every member a missionary." I think that's true...its up to us members of the church to preach or share...or serve others...not
just missionaries.

Well this Sunday D. received the priesthood and another man. J. blessed the sacrament it was super cool to see. and the other cool part is J's daughter came to sacrament meeting and she said she loved it.  So we are working with her...and hoping she stays positive in the future.

Well, this week wasn't too eventful but I do have a couple of funny stories.  When we were street contacting....we were teaching a man who was 108 years old. He was hilarious!  When he prayed at the end of our lesson he said, "Dear God, bless the missionaries, bless the gospel...and please take me soon because I don't want to go to hell...and then he stops looks at my comp and says,  "yeah"  Then my comp says finish your prayer...hahaha!! He then finishes the prayer...he's a gangster.

Also, in the other pic are members in our ward.  They made bananas in chocolate for us...it was sooo goood.  I forgot how good chocolate is because I never eat it here, Hahaha!

We also played soccer last Saturday night it was balling...I freakin suck but my team always wins because there is kids on my team who is a straight baller,  its a joke to play with them.

Well that's my update for the week...I hope you find happiness in your work because that's what life's about..being happy...even when life is super hard.  Always smile and laugh...it's soo much easier that way, hahaha!  I

I love and pray for you guys.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

mucho amor.
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Gee
My new 108 year old friend

The chocolate and bananas
Here is my boy D... he got the priesthood the other day.


Monday, November 9, 2015


What's up y'all?  This week was pretty ballin...we are just teaching the beandaddies how to dougie...Hahaha!!  

But for real,  we had a baptism and it was so ballin.  It was that 16 year old kid that told us no from before.  He told us he would pray about his baptism, so he got an answer and it was yessss!!  So we baptized him yesterday and it was soooo sick. He loves us and I think that made a huge impact on his decision to be baptized which is cool that he looks up to us sooo much.

Well other then that, I have a week left with my trainer which
sucks because he's like my best friend and we work so well together.
But I also know that my next one will teach me something good...and I can learn from him too.

Well other then that not really much really happened. But we are currently trying to teach J's family which is super hard because they are catholic but I believe if we have faith we can help them come to church.

Well, I love y'all and pray for you guys constantly and think about you.

te amo ustedes
un santo es un pecador que sique inteniendo
ferdadero felicidad

The baptism this week.
Eating in J.'s backyard
Getting ready for the holidays.  Elder A's brother gave us Santa hats.
Studying and eating more papusas with Coke!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov. 2nd - PACKERS vs. BRONCOS

Que Pedo?  Como Estan Kaysville!  Well,  what's up?  Everybody I'm on,  I know its a little earlier then usual but and my companion and I have to go to San Salvador.  At 11:00, we get to meet his brother who is passing from Guatemala to get to Honduras.  His brother served a mission there and I guess he's visiting. Then afterwards were playing some serious futbol... Hahaha!!  It's gonna be fun.

Well, this week was pretty cool. We had interviews with the president and that was super fun. We talked about the mission and sports pretty much the whole time, he's such a boss!  He told me,  
"I'm sorry Elder Gee, but your Packer's undefeated streak is gonna come to a end!"  I' m like what the heck why?  "Because they are playing my Broncos and their gonna lose!!  We shared a good laugh about that.  So you gotta telll me who won that game so I can shove it in his face!! Hahaha!!
Well,  one of our investigadores J. received the aaronic priesthood and that was pretty cool.  He is so awesome because he understands everything were teaching him...and he always asks for Liahonas (aka Ensigns) to read because he loves to read.

Alright soooo I gotta a funny story from this week and last week.  So last week me and Elder A. received a package from the hermanas from our district and they said deliver this to Elder O. in
Opico...and so we opened the package to see what was in it....and to our great suprise it was a gay guy telling Elder O.,  Happy
Birthday...Hahaha!!  I couldn't believe it, was sooo gross.  
Because he had like 10 letters for him and there was a 7 page note about his feelings towards him.  So we told President Hintze about it and he told us to send it back...soo we did.  Then last night we get a call from a random number and my companion answers it.  It was that guy saying Elder A. your screwing me over man!!   I'm gonna have problems with you man!!  And then my companion said..."No you're not, you aren't gonna do a single thing!"  and then he hung up the phone...Hahaha!  

Well,  that pretty much sums up the events for this week...a lot of teaching and progressing investigadores that need our help.  I know the mission is hard but I choose to keep going and enduring to the end because with the hardest of times...the greatest blessings follow!  

I love you guys and pray for you guys on a daily basis.

Un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo.
A saint is a sinner that keeps trying.

te amo ustedes
verdedero felicidad
westside belizedat
Elder Kyle Gee

Mom: How often do the members feed you?

Kyle: 1 or 2 times a day. Lunch for sure, but dinner is iffy! For breakfast, we have cereal in the house that we buy from the super market.  And dinner we usually eat papusas with members or local pupsarias!

Mom:  Are you getting sick of pupusas?

Kyle: NO, I still love them!  And I haven't gained weight eating them.  I definitely have lost weight...like about 10 pounds.  I'm getting skinny.
I gotta go Momma...I love you more than anything.  I am off to San Salvador, but I can't wait for next week.  It's good talking to you.  I love you sooooo much!!


My boys...
I bet you can't even recognize us with our facial hair!!