Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th - NEW COMP...CLAY'S LIL BRO.

So my new companion is from Provo and went to Timpview High.   He is pretty sick... not gonna lie!!  His name is Elder M. (like Clay) hahaha!!   We get a long great so far and he wants to work and stuff!!  I can tell he will be a good missionary.  He played football and soccer in high school, so likes sports which is awesome!
This week we had our Hermana T's baptism and it was dope!  I confirmed her yesterday too in front of everyone in the ward it was scary.
So these last couple weeks haven't been too eventful.  We walked a ton.  Right now the work is kinda slow but we put up 2 baptisms dates last week I am just hoping that they wont fall through.  One is Hermana T's mom for the 4th of January.  The other one is a little old lady, who is about 70.  We will have to work super hard with them but I am super excited.
Lately I have learned a ton about the mission, just about how hard work always brings blessings. Sometimes its hard to be exactly obedient but you always have more success when you are. 
Some cool things that happened to me this week... I saw a lady peeing in the road, I saw for the first time a dead guy on the street and found some bullet shells on the street close to my house!  And yesterday there was a playoff soccer game for the US and there were about 400000000000000000000 people was nuts!  Yeah buddy...other than that its the same old thing here in Mexico City. This mission is the sickest!! 
I got your package and we put up the christmas tree yesterday.  When can I start opening the presents?  12 days before Christmas right?   The stockings are tight...hahaha!!   The tree is really sooo awesome... thanks soo much!!
I got to go, thanks so much Mom... I love you tons! I will talk to you next week.   ADIOS!!

Hermana T. and her whole family at her baptism.
Elder M. and me!
The Christmas tree and stockings my Momma
made and sent me.