Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 29th - JARDIN, BABY!!

Hey what's up, what's up? How's everyone doing?  So this week was pretty good, and I'm loving my new area more and more. Being a DL and trainer here is way fun. Your always busy, not only with your investigators but your district's investigators. We go on a lot of interchanges, so it's a lot of fun to see everyone and their teaching methods and styles. I learn from all of them and see maybe what I can do to teach better. Right now I'm just trying to be the best I can be. Trying to train my second son all I know, but in reality he trains me because he already knows how to do everything. And he always helps me in speaking Spanish. My Spanish has gotten way good in the past 2 weeks. I learned a lot of new words and a lot of things I can to better when I'm talking. My comps super good and super funny. He loves to joke like I do, so we get a long great. We work super hard to be the best. He's super competitive but in the best way. He likes to out work everybody so its way fun to do the work. We have a lot fun together.
We just had a baptism on Friday from our investigator E.  He's 14 years old and is super shy but a cool kid. He got invited by his girlfriend who is a member. And has been coming to church for the past month now. We invited his parents who aren't members and the mom has a baptismal date for the 20th of March. Other than that, that's about it as far as the investigators go. We have a ton...but a lot of them haven't been coming to church so we have to go visit them this week.
Other than that, the house is pretty fun. Me and Elders A. and T. have a lot of fun. They both are way good at the guitar. And they always play Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aerosmith before we go to bed. So it's pretty fun and we work hard all day. What else could I honestly ask for.

I know the Lord has been with me thick and thin through the hard times. Because my first 6 months were kind of hard. But I know he loves me and has a plan for me in this area to baptize and teach all people. I love this work and this gospel.

One quote I want to share with all of you is a question a young man asked Joseph Smith, "How come bad things happen to good people? and Joseph replied, "we can't be worried or too caught up about the mind of Satan but what our Heavenly Father thinks...He has a plan for all of learn and grow from our problems."  Super straight, forward and easy.  Our bishop at the baptism shared that and it hit me so hard. Like when I'm discouraged I can pick my head up and keep going.

I love you so much!

un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo
les amo
verderdera felicidad
Elder Gee

Me and Elder A.!
My new kitchen...pretty nice, huh?
E's baptism
This is me in my hammock. I always have personal study in it.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb. 22nd - NEW AREA, NEW COMP

Hey what's up y├íll? What's going on? So right now I changed areas. For the first time in 6 months, Hahaha! I am so excited to just move on and see more of the country. But I got changed to be a District Leader and a trainer to a part called Jardin in Cuscatlan. I live with the Zone Leaders as well. Elder T. who is from San Francisco, California, and Elder P. who doesn't talk a whole lot but he likes to work, so that's a plus for the area. So my companions name is Elder A. and he's from Guatemala. He's halfway done with training so I'm finishing up his training and leading a district here.

Our area is super nice. It's a gated area and filled with guards all the time, Hahaha! It's pretty cool. Its a big area near the city. So basically you can say it's way nicer and more advanced then my last area. This area is way BIG with a lot of big buildings. aka 2 story buildings are considered mansions here Hahaha! Also my area here baptizes like crazy and being the D.L., I have to give a lot of baptismal interviews. so I'm always busy with that and our own investigators.

So my first day here in Jardin my comp told me, "We have a baptism at 5:00 bro., so hurry up and unpack!"  So,I was like, "Freak, they weren't kidding when they said they baptized a lot!"  The ward is super cool and we get a lot of referrals here which is why we get a lot of investigators.

Well right now that's all I got but I'm sure next week I'll have some more stories for you guys.  I love all you guys and pray for you guys on a daily basis. Always pray and rely on the Lord and he will bless you

Mucho amor 
Verdedero Felicidad
ELder Gee

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


El Salvador, San Salvador Oeste/Belize

President Kai D. Hintze
El Salvador, San Salvador West/Belize Mission
February 17, 2016
Dear family of Elder Gee,
It is with love that we inform you that Elder Gee, has been called to serve as a District Leader in the Mission. This is a responsibility and opportunity to lead missionaries by example.
As a District Leader, Elder Gee will be required to hold a weekly training meaning and assist in the mission training program as directed by the mission president. He is expected to be an example to all of the missionaries in his district. We know that he will fulfill this responsibility with honor.
We thank Elder Gee for his desire to serve the Lord and represent Him as a missionary in this great mission.
Kai D. Hintze
Mission President

Monday, February 15, 2016


Hey Como le va? What the heck is up. Holy crap we´re here again writing another week email. I could have sworn I was writing my last weeks email yesterday....time PICKS UP in the mission. This week was a breeze. I think Ive gotten to the point in my mission where instead of counting the days you're counting the weeks...its super fast. But right now im still in my area for now and Elder M. is still my comp. I didn't receive a call saying I was going to Belize or changing quite yet. Transfers are this Wednesday so we will see what happens till then.
I got the news that Sadie Wells died on her mission. IM SHOCKED. I can´t believe it especially to such a cool girl like her. It ruined my whole morning. I want to let her family know that they are in my prayers. But I just want to say that she was one of "thee coolest girls" I've ever met...and if I could tell any girl in this world to be would BE LIKE SADIE. She´s a real role model to all those girls out there. ESPECIALLY to the one´s that are preparing to serve missions. But I know she´s in a better place with our Heavenly Father. I LOVE YOU, WELLS FAMILY!
But how´s everyone doing today? You know that my comp and me are just trying to slay those Laminates aka those El Salvadorians like it says in the Book of Mormon. My mission president sent me a cool quote that I wanna share, “Life is made up of a few moments all strung together like pearls. Each moment is a pearl, and it is up to us to pick the ones with the highest luster. If we do not have time to do great things, take a few gentle moments and do small things in a great way.” I really like that quote because I think a lot of times including myself, we all are waiting to achieve something BIG. But words from Ray Lewis, ´Greatness is the small things done well.´´ And I think that if we just try and do the small things in life, everyday like read the scriptures for just 5 mins and pray for guidance in our daily prayers were are gonna have something special and little by little we will achieve success.
Okay so this week was full of dinner appointments and hanging out with members, eating pupusas and drinking down that coke...SO GOOD. But we did manage to find one family that loves us and wants to attend church soon. We invited all of them to be baptized and they all accepted. But the hard thing is that they work all the time and its sometimes hard to teach them the times we want. But like I said, ¨Little by Little.¨ But I just want to let you all know that you are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers and YOU GUYS are my strength, my ROCK. I love you guys and pray always.

I love you so much!

un santo es un pecador que sigue inteniendo
les amo
verderdera felicidad
Elder Gee

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Monday, February 8, 2016


Hey y'all, what's up?  Freaking missionary work...that's what's up!  Alright, so this week was ten times better then last week, because this time people actually act like they care. I think it's because Elder M. is telling everyone that I'm leaving in a week so they have like pity and listen.   They tell me how much they love me and are gonna miss me.  It's whatever, but at times it's kind of annoying because I don't want to leave.  I have such a love for my area and my companion,  I've been in my area for about 6 months.  My whole training and I trained here as well...4 transfers.  I'm not gonna that I think I'm leaving it feels super weird. I love my area so much now. I know at times I complain because its super slow and nobody seems to care...but at the same time I'm just so GRATEFUL to be here because I know without a shadow of doubt that what I'm teaching is true.   I was a part of 3 baptisms here, I taught members, reactivated less active members and served the people with the goofy personality I have, hahaha!!  I know they think I'm the goofiest gringo but I don't care I love them!!  Maybe they don't love me as much...but it doesn't matter!  I made some GREAT memories here...with my trainer and training my son.  It's gonna be hard leaving my companion...because he makes the work so easy for me...we laugh...we joke...we get frustrated...but we are more then friends...he's one of my best friends...and he will be missed.  The memories we made run deep and will never be forgotten.
I love this work. I love this gospel.  If the foundation of Jesus Christ is not in our hearts...with the hardest of times...we will crumble.  Everyday I have faith that what I'm doing is right and at the end of the day I know He is proud of me.  I can honestly say I'm giving this mission ALL I HAVE...because I owe it all to him.  I love him and He loves me.  I think that's why I'm so happy all the time, because when I'm walking to appointments I have 2 is my son....the other is Christ.  I feel His presence more and more now.  I'm sorry I just felt like I had to share this because the work is so slow sometimes...but HE always hooks it up!

verdadero felicidad

mucho amor
Elder Gee
I went on changes with the zone leader, Elder C.

Last night we ate papusas with our convert M.,  he is so awesome!
I finished 5 planners...I am getting old in the mission, Hahaha!!