Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 30th - LA CIMA!

What´s up fam?

Yo what it iz... whats up? This week was super cool, I love my area I'm in and my companion and I have way too much fun here in ¨La Cima¨. The members love us, and feed us a ton of food!  I'm getting fat like no joke...pretty soon my pants won´t fit me.  All they give us is bread and soda, and we can´t say no...its soooo good. I love working here because the members trust us and give us a ton of referrals. We had 4 investigators in church the other day, because the members car pooled with them. We also do a lot of family home evenings, and they are super fun. It´s awesome to be in a ward where the members actually care about the missionary work. It's a little weird because its something I'm not used too...but the work is going super well. Work hard and eating well...hahaha!! My goal is to gain as much weight as I can...because Belize ruined me.

Yesterday in church, we had a ton of people show around 150. The ward is huge...every Sunday we go the house of the Montepeques...he is the 2nd counselor. We go to the temple (meaning his house is super nice) and we eat very steak and rice and beans every Sunday. I go into a food coma every time. Cool people!

Also had a super cool lesson with one of our investigators J. who came to church for the first thing is that he's a gangster and just got out of jail like 4 days ago, hahaha!  He loved church. He accepted a date for the 18 of this month. Apparently when he was in the prison he read the bible everyday and wants to make a change in is life...super cool guy.

We also had an awesome family home evening with the Perez family...the pic with a ton of people. The dad was a return missionary and is a baller about reading the Book of Mormon every night with his family...the spirit is so strong in that house. So much reminds me of the family home evenings we would do in my family. Loved it. 

Well, I hope you guys have a good day and start seeing your own miracles. There are a ton everyday we just are too prideful to see them. I love El Salvador, my ward, my comp, and my investigators. That´s why the time flies so fast...its kinda sad. I don´t want to think about much work to do.

Love you 


Elder Gee
Welcome to the Jungle!
The temple

Monday, January 23, 2017


Hola fam,

Hey what's up everybody?  So as you guys already know, I'm in El Salvador, and yes I love it!!!  My companion is Elder Harris, and yes he´s great uncle is Martin Harris, one of the 3 witnesses of the Book of Mormon....kinda cool, but then he was the one who lost the pages of Lehi.  Everyone gives him crap for it....including me and it´s super funny. He´s awesome, we have so much fun, the zone is awesome...its´called Los Heroas!  Its right in the center of the capitol.  Our area is a ward with a ton of members....everyone speaks English too...its awesome.  We get our laundry done for free...and everyday we eat lunch with a member....WOW!! It´s definitely something I'm not used to.  My area is called La Cima, aka Ontop!  We have an awesome view of the house.  But in the house it´s just me and Elder Harris, we have so much fun. We always crack jokes and have fun everyday...everyday is an adventure.  

The members love us and always want to help us and give us references...we have a couple of investigators that are doing great, and are progressing for the next month.  The first day Elder Harris took me to get Burger King....I loved it. Also in our area there is a gym, and yes we get swole and yes we drink protein.....I'm in heaven.  I think I have already gained like 3 pounds in less then a week...because Belize they don´t feed you hardly ever. 

I love my comp and my area...I swear every change gets better and better. I can´t really complain...the mission is the place to be right now.  Also Sunday I gave a talk on the First Vision...the Bishop saw us at the pupusaria and asked if we could give was Saturday night at 9 in the night when he told us this. I was a little ticked because I didn't have it prepared super well...but I was super good and the members loved it. 

The gospel is so true and I love the mission. I am honestly having the time of my life right now...I'm getting to the point in my mission where everyone says....Elder your getting close to finishing...but I don´t want to leave...EVER! I am in Heaven....doing nothing but blessing the lives of other people...I'm so at peace right´s amazing.



Saying, "Good-bye" to Elder M.

My buddy, Elder Rigby!

My trainer, it was so good to see him after 14 months.

My first meal back to San Salvador

My new companion, Elder Harris!

At the temple!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Wad di gwan fam,   (last time I can say this, hahaha!)

Hey what's up everybody? This week was super cool, kinda crazy because of all the immigration papers we had to cover for the latinos in the island. We went back and forth to Belize City like 4 times this week...(Every boat ride is about and hour and a half.) SO that was a little crazy, but I enjoyed the boat rides, hahaha! I think I hold the record for the most time as a missionary riding in the water taxi! So many priceless hours on that boat. 

But the big new is that... I'm going back to "Land of Pupusas!" Yep...El Salvador! I'm really excited because I will be in a good zone with a good companion. He's name is Elder Harris, and he's from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He's a straight up G! He was in my group that left SLC...and he was in the same room in the MTC with me. He always told me that "We are gonna be comps someday." The day has come baby. Our area is gonna be sick...its a huge ward filled with a lot of members so I'm excited to teach them. I know this change is gonna feel like 2 weeks...its gonna be balling.!! I am so grateful for the revelation Pres. Adams received for this change...I can't really complain.

This is my last official day as a missionary in Belize. I am beyond grateful for everything right now in the mission. I am a bottle of emotions right now....because Belize is an amazing place to be, let alone a missionary here. It's a great privilege to put on this plague and teach Spanish, Kriol, and English....I would feel ungrateful if I didn't mention that.  

I am super excited to go back to El Salvador with Elder Harris in Los Heroas.(name of the zone) But also I'm super sad to leave San Pedro. I have such a great love for these people out here on this beautiful island. I have learned so much so fast. I have learned more Spanish due to the translating I do here, it's kinda my calling they gave me since I'm the only one that could speak both Spanish and English.  I learned some amazing kriol from Belize city...the memories I have made here in Belize will always be sacred and special to me, I have learned to love so many people and reach out, but more importantly how to trust in Heavenly Father's plan he has for me...what he wants for me is more valuable then what I want for myself. 

I'm grateful, truly I am for all the wonderful experiences. But i know I'm on the next chapter of my missionary personal motto is now the words of Pres. Hinckley, "Don't get discouraged, things well work out". I try to live by that saying everyday of my mission, taking it day by day. I love this gospel and my companions. I would like to appreciate my time with Elder Merida, It's been amazing and we baptized an amazing family who loves the Lord. I couldn't have asked for a better time here as a missionary here in San Pedro!!!!!!!


Elder Gee

Branch President Williams
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Monday, January 9, 2017


Yo fam, 

Hey wad di gwan? Hows it going...honestly those pics I saw of the snow makes me less and less homesick...hahaha!  That looks like it sucks shoveling off the snow!!  Today is 90 with a slight breeze....eww thats cold Gee!! 
Sorry I wasn't able to get on last week, I was at some Mayan Ruins.  It was super sick.  I have a ton of pics to show you so stay tuned for those.  We took an hour boat ride out kinda reminded me of those duck boats that you go hunting on hahaha!  Anyways, that was cool and we saw a monkey and fed it a banana...I have a video on my camera it was sick!  The branch President of Orange Walk does tours here for Lamnei...that is what it is called the Ruins. He is awesome...he was explaining all the history of the Mayans and how it takes place in the  Book of Mormon.  We saw some ancient artifacts that go all the way back in the B.C thats sick!  But anyway it was way fun to be with all the homies again...we took a ton of pics and had lots of was with out a doubt the best P-day I have ever had. 
As far as working goes we found another family...they were taught by the missionaries like 2 years ago and they invited us right in. We taught them lesson one and they started to cry because the sister had been praying for the past 2 years for the missionaries to return and she got pretty emotional about it...her name is Gloria.  Her live in boyfriend,  C, are super positive!  They are not married, but they said they were willing to get married and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized!! I was like wow...really? They are super awesome and I'm just grateful I can be used as an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

I love you guys so much...not the snow tho hahaha

Elder Gee
The boat ride over.

My homie, Elder Rigby!

Nose Pickin...Mayan Style!
Back on the island, spreading the word!