Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 17th - SLOWLY...we are bringing this area back to life!!

This week we were looking for a girl named J., and her family because they disappeared and every time we pass or walk by.  One of her brothers tells us that we can't come back and threatens us.  I didn't know what to do and I was super depressed but we ended up going to their house with some of our homies to bring her and her family to church.  They came and it was awesome, we also put a baptism date with another lady.  Slowly we are bringing this area back to's awesome!

Q:  Did you see that video clip of Kyle's "Utah Lax Play of the Game?"
A: Holy fetch, I got chills when I saw that video of Kyle making that pass to Cameron, I showed all of my comps and they thought it was soooo cool Hahaha!!

Q:  Did you get the package I sent?
A:  Ya, I got your package and everyone loved the candies.  We all at the candy and everyone was saying that they loved you for sending stuff.  They even sent pics to their families.  It was so funny.  I will send you some pics too of what we did last night.

Q:  What about your new tie?
A:  Ya, I am wearing it right now.

Q:  Do they even acknowledge St. Patrick's Day in Mexico?
A:  No, they don't know what it is.

Q:  Syd was crying yesterday because she said she really misses you. Did you get her last letter?
A:  I always read my comps the letters Syd writes because they are so fetchin funny!

I saw the picture of Brock, I bet he is ballin and a stud.  It's so funny that he has an accent, I bet I will to.  Kyle looks good in the pic cept it looks like in every photo he is wearing my clothes.

I got to go Mom, make sure you keep praying for me and my investigators cuz I hope we can baptize them.  It will be super hard this week, for real.  I love you all tons and make sure you say 'hola' to everyone in Utah for me.  Love you tons and make sure to send me tons of pics of the Sadies dance and lax.  I love getting's da bomb!

Love Momma, you are always in my prayers...PEACE OUT!

Green Mustaches for St. Patty's Day
The box was awesome and we all ate tons of

candy & everyone was saying that they loved
my Momma for sending them all stuff.
They even sent picture to their families.

 I went to imagracion to sign stuff with
my visa with Elder W. and Elder M. 
It was so sick to see to see each other
& I am standing in from of a
catholic church. 


Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th - A COOL STORY...

Every thing is pretty much the same here except that J. and her family are doing so good.  They went to church yesterday and not the ward is helping us out with them.  We are gonna have a family night with them and another family tonight.
Also, a cool story last night that the the Pres called me at like 9:00 and I was like what the heck?  Then after he told me that he had someone who wanted to talk to me.  Honestly, I thought someone died in the family and you guys were trying to call me.  But it ended up being some teenager kid that I taught a ton when I was in Estrella.  He was at a reunion and mission president spoke and after the meeting the kid went and started to talk to the president.The kid told him that he just barely got baptized and he said that it all started because of Elder Gee.  I guess the president was so happy that he told the kid to call me on his phone.  Hahaha!! It was sick!!  The kid told me that he wears the tie that I gave him every week to church.  This kid is a baller and he use to be a total pot head and drink.  Now he is the only priest in the ward and wanted to serve a mission.  I was so's so sick!!
That's cool that Kyle is doubling to Prom with Hyatt...tell him he's a boss for doing that.  Charity is the pure love of Christ and without it you are NOTHING!  That is honestly so cool and motivates to be better.  Tell him that for me.
That is so cool you saw President Uchdorf (we saw him at Harmon's for a fundraiser for Syd's Special Olympic team.)  So you didn't get a pic with him?  Holy fetch!  I would give my left nut or 1,000 pesos to shake President Uchdorf's hand...Hahaha!
I got to go Momma, tell the fam I love them!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2nd - with a little lime & hot sauce it tastes like WINGERS!

This week was actually a lot better,  me and my comp started to contact more and more out here and we are starting to find more peeps!  One day when we were contacting old investigators in the area book we found the dad of one of our investigators.   I was like,  can we teach you right now and he said, ya, so we walked to his house with him and ended up teaching him and his family.  We put 2 baptism dates with his daughter J. and her mom and they came to church... it was sick!  We had 3 investigators in church yesterday which is awesome.  Lots better than before. But that's whats good in the hood... just working to find more people.
Are Beyer's stoked for Brock to get home??  It's crazy to think Brock is coming home from his mission.  I know I will show him up with Spanish cuz he speaks French Spanish...hahaha!!
Everything is good with the fam?
Love you tons...peace aka ADIOS!!

Q:  Tell me how all four of you elders are doing in your small apartment?
A:  We are doing good ... no fights yet and I get along with all of them.   They are all ballers!

That's just chicken feet we ate for the other day...
it's gross but with a little lime and hot sauce
 it tastes like wings at Wingers!
The Family.
My 2 sons and grandson...hahaha!!
(Elder C. and Elder M. in the back
Me and Elder R. in front)