Monday, September 26, 2016

Sept 26th - PISTOL PETE

Hey wad di gwan yall!!!  Hey what's up everybody...another week down! Just another beautiful day down here in Belize City...home of the fried chicken! Nothin betta!!  The work is definitely getting better and the time is going a lot faster.  But I hope you guys had a great week....P.S: I'm pissed I wont be there for the opening duck hunt.

So this week,  me and Elder Burrell are teaching a man named S.  He's a guy that our Branch Missionary Leader referred to us. He's super cool and super spiritual.  While we were explaining the Plan of Salvation to him he bore a 30 minute testimony of his life,  experiences and how much he appreciates us coming over to speak with him because he doesn't feel like he can't tell any one else. It was sooooo spiritual.  I remember just sitting there listening to this man pouring his heart out and expressing his love for Christ.  We have a date for him on the 15 of October.

Also we have a new Branch President. His name is President Munoz.  I love him and admire him a lot for what he is already doing so far....he loves the missionaries!  We had a meeting in the church after all the meetings and he broke down and expressed how much he loves us.  And how much the BOM has changed his life.  It was assuring to hear that because our last Branch President didn't talk to me really once.  I look forward to working with him.

I was reading this morning a talk given by Elder Bednar about "The Character of Christ." I loved it so much!!  It basically talks about when trials occur, the natural man wants us to look inward...while the Savior suffered for us, he was looking outward!!  It was incredible.  I sat and pondered about it a lot...."We are being blessed with this marvelous gift as we increasingly reach outward when the natural man or the natural woman in us would typically turn inward." I think we can all learn from this lesson. Why do we turn inward when we should actually being reaching outward.!! I love that. If we reach out than thats when our true ChristLike Character comes out...and its deep within every son and daughter of God.

Love you guys and hope you enjoy Conference this weekend...
P.S: Dad you gotta beat the Jacobs to Wingers!!!


Elder Kyle Gee

Monday, September 19, 2016


Yo fam,

Hey, whats up everyone?  How's everyone doing this week?  This week was a pretty good week in Belize City 3!!  I wanna hear how all you are doing!!  I can't believe Hayden drove the Mustang...those were some pretty cool pics.!!

Me and Elder Burrell are doing super well!!  I like that we are working a lot!  We are finding a lot of new people and are teaching a ton of less actives.  We had 2 less active people come to church yesterday that was super cool...the feeling of someone that hasn't come to church in a long time is just as thrilling as if you are getting baptisms.  To see people rekindle their faith and become active again makes me feel super good. 

Here in Belize the month of September is the month of celebrations it's known as "Carnival" and we were ordered by President not to leave the house the whole day on Saturday.  Its too dangerous in the streets.  So we cleaned the house and I read almost the entire book of Our Search for Happiness.  So that was pretty fun...hahaha, just kidding... it sucked!!  Kinda boring to stay in the house all day.

We found an awesome new investigator, his name is J., and I remember on Friday we were contacting in the streets and we passed by his house and I stopped and said to Elder Burrell, "I don't know why but I feel like we should contact this house....lets go!" So we did and the lesson we had with him was incredible...he told us he saw us passing by and was wondering if we were gonna stop or not. He was super grateful we did. 

That was a cool experience...another testimony builder that God is at the helm and He knows what people are ready. "Many are called but few are chosen".  I feel like this guy has a lot of potential so lets see how far it goes. A.  is doing super well but didn't come to Church because of the Carnival Celebrations and due to local shootings he didn't dare leave his house.  But he is still super positive. He has a ton of questions which is good because it tells us he is still interested.

I love you guys and pray for you guys always.!!!

P.S: Sorry this is the only pic we have!!

True Happiness
Elder Gee

Elder Burrell and I

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sept. 12th - CHURCH BWAII

Yo fam,

Hey, what's up everybody?  How's life??  The mission life is super dope here in Belize City!  I can't believe we made it through another week. This week seriously felt like 2 days it went by so fast. Also I have some sick pictures from last p-day on San Pedro, so get ready to receive some cool beach pics. But how was your week....good?

So this week, we found out that my companion will be going back to El Salvador tomorrow. And I will be receiving my new comp tomorrow. He will be...........................ELDER BURRELL!! He's from my group and he's from Syracuse, Utah.  Pretty cool I'm pretty stoked to see the things we can accomplish.  But yes, I will be staying a third change in Belize City 3.  I'm super felize. But yeah I will see him tomorrow at the chapel.  FRIED JACKS ON ME... hahaha!

But yeah, this week of working was super cool and a lot better.  We found a cool guy named S.  He was receiving the missionaries earlier and said he read the whole Book of Mormon before as well with the whole Teachings of George Albert Smith book.  That's pretty cool.  We will go visit him sometime this week. He accepted our invitation to be baptized so that's super cool miracle!  But as far as working goes, thats about it, sorry!  I don't have a lot to write. But I do have a funny story to brighten your day....

So we were walking down the street and this guy with a Belikin Beer stopped us and said, "You guys want a beer?"  While he was laughing and we said, "No, were good and started to laugh as well."  He then said,  "Oh, thats right, you are Mormons....Thomas S Monson wouldn't like that right?" Hahaha, just some random drunk guy in the street!  We don't know how he knows about Thomas Monson....probably a member.

Much love everyone and I hope to hear from all of you guys soon.

True Happiness
Pure Joy
Livin it up

Elder Kyle Gee

On our way to San Pedro last week 
Some beach volleyball on!

The McCoy family 

Best zone ever!