Monday, December 26, 2016


Belize Navidad!!!
What's up everybody? I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, to me Christmas has always been the best season. Don't take this time of year for granted because a lot of times we lose track of what it truly means, or just slow to remember. 
Well, Elder M and I had a very white Christmas meaning we were dressed in white!!!  Oh yeah Belize dat!!...R and M got baptized. (check the pics below) I know they may look ticked,  but trust me they were all smiles after. They just don't like taking pics..idk why? 
I baptized R and Elder M baptized was SICK! They were confirmed yesterday as well, so it's official they are MEMBERS! They are awesome and they have goals to be sealed in the temple. That's awesome. I wish you guys were there to see...they are the best! 
Well, yesterday as you know we all Skyped the family and it just so happens my family is in CANCUN Mexico and they showed me the view of the beach from their hotel.  I was jealous but not too bad because I'm on my own island and own world doing the Lord's work, so the jealousy thought didn't last long!  
My family is the same as alway...same sense of humor always! It was good to talk to's good to laugh, but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. hahaha. They are  great. I loved their Mexico pics. 
Well, yesterday we went on splits with a return missionary who was here 2 years was cool to go with him to visit some people he had visited.  They loved seeing him come's something I want to do after the mission...come back and visit. The island is amazing as always.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas (ya filthy animals) and a happy new year!! 2K17 is gonna be lit...I can't wait to see what happens. I have grown so much in 2K16...I can't believe we are starting a new year the time flies. Take care and remember the Savior who lives and blesses us daily. 

Elder Gee

Christmas Day!

Monday, December 19, 2016


Broddas and Sistas,

This week was super dope! Because ya on a Island!!!! Right now the weather is perfect with the temperature in the mid 80s and a slight breeze....perfect.!!! So if any of you guys send me pics of you playing in the snow, I'm not going to feel so bad hahaha. But for real this week was balling...I have a ton to write about. 
Firstly, we had a Multizone with President and all the zones in Belize, so that means it was another chance to see all the homies. I have some pics. The Multizone was very spiritual because Pres. is a spiritual giant. He knows how to invite to spirit so well. He talked a lot about "Obedience", and how it is important to always be worthy in situations where our Priesthood Power needs us to act. That applies to me a lot. We need to always be worthy because we just never know. After the meeting we had to stay over the night with the AP's and the zone leaders....SLEEP OVER!! It was super fun because it was Me, Garfield, and Rigby catching up on old times. 
The next day we had a zone conference and President was there with us and we spoke about what we can do better and some things we can change....he said, " We are doing good, but we can't do the same things we have already done...because every moment is different."  We talked about some small things that can improve on and after the meeting he bought us all pizza and coke!!!  Yeah, BEHBAY...NUTTIN BETTA!  We all had like 5 slices...I'm getting fat! 
Afterwords me and Elder Garfield went on interchanges to the island to do the Baptismal interview with R. and M...and they passed.!!! They are so excited to get baptized on the 22nd of Dec.,this Thursday. SO EXCITED. Its about time this couple got baptized hahaha...we are so excited for them. 
But interchanges with Garfield was a blast...we caught up on old times about the MTC...and our first zone together in training, ahh good times! He is my zone leader and its a fun to joke with him on the phone when we put in numbers. We sometimes try to speak in Kriol and its hilarious. 
Also Sunday was cool, we had some tourist from Idaho and Nevada, not from Utah...thats a first, hahaha! They were cool. I think Momma got the email because he sent from his phone a pic of us in front of the church. Idk. He didn't invite us to lunch or dinner so I was bummed, jk!! But other than that, that was my week pretty ballin eh?

Love you and can't wait to talk to ya on Christmas day!!!!


Elder Gee

Multizone Conference

Branch Christmas Party

Elder Roda as SANTA

I cooked the turkey and mashed potatoes. I peeled like 1,000,000 potatoes!!

Monday, December 5, 2016



What's up everybody... how's the snow??  Or is there even snow that has fallen yet?  All I know is that its a fresh mid 80's here in San Pedro....nice!  Not a cloud in the sky and a little breeze to cool ya off.....perfect! (Sorry for all you beach lovers out there...I had too) But how's it going? 
I know i have already written you guys on Wednesday but this week was super good.  We found out changes last night and I found out that I will be staying here with Elder Merida for another change here in San Pedro 2, BALLIN!  I was pretty stoked to know that I will be staying with my comp...we are gonna work extra hard this change because that means the Lord wants us to find someone to bring in. And plus R. and M. can be baptized!  Their date is on the 18TH of this month. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas baby'! R. is doing awesome...he hasn't been drinking for about a week which has been great.  He and his wife M. came to church and the Christmas Devotional last night...they loved it. Not so much the talks but the choir... R. hates sitting in a chair for more than 10 mins hahaha! 
Yesterday in church we had 2 investigators in church and 6 tourists from Utah! One of them actually is the 1st counselor in the Tijuana Temple in Mexico and he is here on vacation....super cool people.  In the 2nd hour of church I taught about The Second Coming Of was super good.  We talked about how we need to prepare the best we can so we don't get destroyed!  In the 3rd hour, Elder Richards and I taught the young men on serving missions.  At first, they said, "no".  But after Elder Richards and I shared stories and how its blessed us... they want to.  But they want to serve in L.A, or Vegas....ehhh!  Well thats a start hahaha!  But they are awesome...the branch is tiny but humble in every way. I love it here and I can' t wait to accomplish more and more things here in this part of the Lord's kingdom.!!

Love you guys more than you know!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov. 28th - SAN PEDRONAS!

Brothas and Sistas,

All you need to know is that this week was sick!!!!  You know how it goes here in San makes you fall in love!  Also Happy Thanksgiving from the Elders on the Island.  I bet the turkey was good...I wouldn't know or would I?  Yes, I had turkey for Thanksgiving and yes..........MASHED POTATOES!  I sent you all pics, I was SOOOOO HAPPY.  It was from a Sis. who lives in Oregon and she has a house here and she invited us to was awesome. I thanked here greatly because a couple hours later I slept the best I have ever had in my mission, hahaha!!  #FoodComa! 

We also had our Area President come down for a Multizone, President Duncan and his wife.  He's a straight G!  He blew our minds of how we need to change our visions completely and pray for the spirit to direct you at all times.  He asked, "What could you be doing now, that you are not already doing?"  A good question.  We took a ton of his advice and took it to our areas. We saw a tremendous difference in everything.  We changed the time in lessons and the way we taught, every 20 seconds Elder Merida and I switched in teaching, thats a great way to teach so the investigators don't get bored in lessons. It was awesome.  Their attitudes were so much different from before and it was all around a better way to be this type of missionary than the one before.  I now, have so much excitement when I go out everyday to preach its awesome....(If you want more details on what the changes were, email me more)! 

R. and M. are doing great, didn't come to church the other day but are doing good. I personally think that their conversion is just much slower than other people...and thats just the reality we all have to accept.  They are awesome people...but won't be baptized with Me and Elder Merida together...because changes are soon. But it's all good. We love them and so does God.

Love you all,


Elder Gee

A little rain after the 7.2 earthquake in El Salvador!
Interchanges with Elder Osiek.  We were talking about life because he went to Layton, high school RIVALS!!

On the top of apartment complex
Watching the sunset

Monday, November 21, 2016


Brothas and Sistas

Hey everyone, what's is it going? This week was super good filled with some cool things...we went to the zoo and that was super sick. Hahaha, round 2 for me. The second time was cool, I guess...but it was cool to be with the crew again. I hope you enjoyed the zoo took me a thousand tries to get the owl to look at the same time I was. P-day was successful.

Last Wednesday we went to Belize City for a DL meeting...and when me and Elder Merida were coming back on the boat we experienced something that I hope you all get a good laugh at! We were sitting there normally, not even 20 minutes into the voyage. When all of the sudden a Belizean man walks up to the window and we all think that he's got sea sickness or something like he's gonna throw up...NO! He unbuckles his belt and drops his pants to go pee out the window of the boat and the boat is moving...hahahahahhahaha!! People in the boat were laughing their heads off. Some people were taking pics...I fell on the ground laughing so hard and I had a serious case of the hick-ups for a couple of hours!!! So there is a cool story for ya. 

As far as working goes we have R. and M. who are the most positive. Melanie could have been baptized 3 weeks ago...but she doesn't want to do it without her husband.  R. officially stopped drinking..that's why in the pics he looks high. Its because this whole week he was throwing up because he drank so much...and when you stop an addiction like that it makes you sick. But we prayed with him and he is stopping. We put his date for sometime in December when he can come to church regularly...he showed up yesterday with M. which was awesome. Yesterday was the Primary Program...he loved it. He said, "I learned that it's important to be reverent in church."  Because the kids were so loud. But all in all it was a good program as far as Belize will perform hahaha. 

Have a great week.!! I pray for you guys 24/7!

Elder Gee



Heading to the zoo!

Zoo with Elder Osiek


Elder M. and I with R.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Buiti binafin numadagu!! Meaning Good Morning my friends in Garifuna. Hows everyone doing? Things here in the island are sick. Things this past week have been off and on...usually off because everyone here is to lazy to leave their houses to tell us. A normal street contact goes like this..."Hey brother we are missionaries of the Church and we want to share a message about Jesus Christ." no answer..."Brother I can see you in your house." Closes the door, hahahaha!! Everyday man. Its all good tho...but literally nothing is more deflating than that. But of course they will tell ya the classic phrase..."that's the mission man." 

This Sunday was sick. We had the most members come then the island branch has ever had in the past year and a half. A whopping 54 people...yeah buddy! Elder and Sister Studebaker spoke at the meeting.(Senior Couples). Elder Studebaker is a tough nose member man...he doesn't mess around. He spoke about the importance of accepting callings and paying tithings. He said and I quote, "If you pay your tithing that means you give a crap for what the Savior did for you but if you don't you obviously don't care." hahaha! Me and Elder R. started busting up because that was a direct machete to the heart of the members who struggle with that. Anyways we had 5 investigators come and they loved it. We have 2 baptisms for the 25 of this month...R, & M. They are awesome couple who got married because the last missionaries hooked them up and now we have to baptize and finish nourishing the seed. They are awesome....R. has an addiction to drinking...but he stopped and is making some good changes. M. is an awesome supporter. 

Anyways thats the good news here in San PedroNOV. I love you guys and hope you strive to be steadfast in this perfect work. Always reach out to people in never know the impression you make on someone till you meet them.


Elder Gee

Eating the best calzone on the island!

Beautiful sunset on the island.
Me and Elder M.

This is an octopus...and yes we did eat was delicious!!

Monday, November 7, 2016


Yo fam,

Hey whats up everybody!! 

My week was pretty sick...the island is awesome. I think you all can tell from my pics hahaha. (I don't mean to rub anything in..I'm just saying the Blessings are good). Not every missionary can say they got to work on the island and for that I am enjoying every minute I have. But I hope everything is going good. I hope life is treating ya well.

This week was pretty good, it had its ups and downs. We went to a zone conference and that was pretty fun to see everyone again. I even passed by Sis Donna's food truck and she was happy to see for the first time in a week....hahaha not very long i've been gone. But it was fun to see her again. But as for the zone meeting it was super good. We learned about how we can better teach the Book of Mormon and but more emphasis on it, and to teach why it's important. The next day I went on interchanges with Elder R. (another Latino in the house) it was fun because he wasn't too familiar with the area and neither was I so guess what we!!  It was fun and we found a lot of potential investigators. 

Elder M. and I, are working with a couple named Roberto and Melanie. The past missionaries got them married and now its up to us to get them in the water.  They are awesome...but Roberto struggles with drinking.  He knows he shouldn't be doing it but its an addiction and he expressed to us that its hard. We reassured him by sharing a couple of scriptures and telling him that God loves him and he wants him to keep trying. He loved it and told us he is willing to keep trying.  But they didn't come on Sunday...kinda sucked we have to go follow up with them.

This Sunday tho.....what for it.... 24 tourist!!!  And guess where they are from.....yep Utah! It was cool to see. We talked to them for a little bit and they were just amazed that San Pedro has missionaries. I taught the 2nd hour with all of them and it was super cool...because they know the doctrine so it was more like a discussion...nice!! I taught Temple work and Family Sealing...with is funny because i didn't have a great knowledge of the topic hahaha....but I didn't tell them that hahaha!

I hope you all of a good hard and see the blessings that come.!!



"I know Momma's gonna hate me for this pic!"
It was raining super hard and the members made us homemade 
rain panchos outta garbage bags.....NICE!! 

This pic was taken by a tourist who was from New Mexico.
I had just arrived to the island.  The tourist was a member and gave us $100.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oct 31st - ISLA BONITA!

Yo fam wa di gwan!! 

How's everyone doing?? The "Isla Bonita" is freaking sick!! I love San Pedro. This place is freaking cool and the culture is super laid back and funny. Everyday we pass by people riding in Golf carts and they always give us rides...."Mormons lets go!" Hahaha, I love it. My area is super cool. Its super poor and humble which I love because my last area was full of ignorant Belezeans who think they are all that! But its way fun.  Me and Elder M. work way hard. Right now I am teaching him how to speak English...I feel like I am training again hahaha! He's awesome, he can speak a lot, just in the 6 weeks before I got here. He studies like no ones business and is learning really fast. Cool comp.

So here its a branch of 40 first sunday is one for the record books hahaha....(Passing sacrament, translating from spanish to english...gave a talk...and taught the 2nd hour about ....what for it....CHASITY...NICE GEE!!) I need a treat or something It was awesome of how I was so involved. The branch here is awesome the members are great people. Every Saturday in the morning we have to cut the can see in the pics...I'm looking good.!! 

We saw a bunch of Mormons who stopped us on Tuesday night...the day I got there. They were from New Mexico. One guy gave us a 100 dollar bill to eat lunch and dinner the next day....we were like WOW!! First time I have seen a crisp Benjamin in a while. We thanked him and said thank you for sending the pics to our parents...I knew momma would have appreciated that.

The work here is awesome...a little slow but the people here are great. I know that in time we will progress. I know that Pres. Adams recieves revelation for our mission to put me here with a great area, to be a DL here...and with a great comp. I love how the Savior is always looking out for me in my mission. He knows the great things I can accomplish. He knows who I am and who I can become. This gospel is awesome here in San Pedro. I feel super happy to be here. 

Mucho amor


Elder Gee
My comp and I

Me and my Benjamin!!
My meal with the Benjamin!!
My new apartment

Mowing the church's lawn on Saturday


Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct 24th - PEACIN OUT!

Yo fam!

Hey wad di gwan brothas and sistas!!  How is everyone doing?  Before I say anymore, I just want to give a shout out to Hayden Grange for beating Layton in OT!!  Me and my Zone Leader,  Elder Osiek who is from Layton made a bet that whoever wins has to buy the winner a soft serve ice cream...heck yeah Hayden!! Looking out for me here man...muchas gracias!  Tanks mi bwaii!!  

Okay now we got that outta the way.  This is the end of the transfer which means....changes! And guess what....IM GOING TO SAN PEDRO!!  Elder Merida, from Guatemala will be my comp. He's a super cool latino.  He is Elder Hallman's son!  I can't wait to get out there and serve with him tomorrow "D.Y.C 4 is about to be in full effect" hahaha! I  will send you guys pics with him for sure next Pday. time here in Belize City is over.  I am actually super sad to say good-bye to all the members and people I taught, but Elder Burrell is going to do work here and carry on the great Belize City tradition.  I set him up with 4 positive people to he's happy, lol!  I took a ton of pics with all the people I served.  I don't want to talk about leaving too much because that will take too much time. But all in all I am sad to leave but excited to go to the "Isla Bonita" so they call it.

Well, this week was super good. We taught a lot of cool lessons, and we cleaned the food truck again. This time it only took us 45 minutes because me and my comp have a system.  After she bought us pizza...meat lovers mind you!! So good!!  We taught and visited with her and talked about life and church...ya know the norm.  She showed us a clip of a movie called "The Miracle of Cokeville" it is soo good. It's about how a man holds kids in a elementary school hostage, and the bomb goes off, but in the end the only 2 people who died were the was a miracle. It talks about how they saw angels and how an inactive father finds his family again thru this experience. It was super strong...the Spirit. I loved it. 

We also had 2 investigators come to church, so me and Burrell were pumped.  F. and C. our investigators will be baptized sometime in November.  I look forward to hearing about their progress. 

I love you guys so much...I honestly wonder to myself I am soooo lucky to be a missionary and advocate of the truth.  I love Belize City but I know I am going to love San Pedro. I know that the Lord has so many special people in store for me and my next comp.!!


Elder Kyle Gee 

My Belize City Roomies!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Oct 7th - $2 LESSON

Yo fam,

What's up everybody? Thanks Momma for the package that you sent me...I got some nice pictures to send you with all the decorations, hahaha my companions loved them!  We especially loved the make up kit...we are going to do it on the last day of the change which is next Monday...holy crap, time flies by so fast.!! I hope to speak to all of you guys really soon.

This week with my companion was pretty good.!! We started off with family home evening with the less active family that owns the food truck.  The mom is active but the daughters aren't, so we taught about "The Love Of God".  I taught the lesson with a 2 dollar bill...I asked if they all wanted it. They said, "yes!!"  I started to crumple it and step on it with my shoes and asked again, "You guys still want it?"  They said, "yes!!"  I asked, "Why?" and they responded, "Because it's still worth money." Thats right!  We are like this 2 dollar bill...we get stepped on...torn apart...even faded away; but no matter what our Father in Heaven still loves us and accepts us.  It was a cool lesson and they all shared their thoughts and feelings about the topic.  It was spiritual. 

We taught G. yesterday, we taught that Baptism and holding the Priesthood will make him a better parent and gain a closer relationship to his kids...he loved it!  We testified that one day he could hold it and bless the lives of his own family.  I bore my testimony that I am eternally grateful for the blessing my own father has shown me of the importance of holding that priesthood and blessing me and lifting me when I mostly needed it.  Elder Burrell bore his testimony as well...the spirit was so thick it brought me to a couple of tears!  G. told us "I love how you guys are so much younger than me and you are talking to me as though you are my own dad."  We told him, "Its the Spirit what you are feeling."  He accepted a baptismal date for the 5 of November with his wife....potential there!!!!!

I love you guys and don't forget to pray daily!!!!


My new BOM socks!

I love my package and picture Abby made.

My Halloween decor!

Here are some pics of Elder Burrell and I cleaning the food truck

Thanks for the mustache, Momma!