Monday, October 26, 2015


Alright! What the heck is up everybody? was your week.?  You already know I'm spitting mad game with all the Latinos hahaha!!.

Well, this week was super good...we had a baptism this week and he told us that he wanted me to baptize him...I felt so blessed to do so.  It was my first baptism and it was definitely a moment I'll never forget.  The man afterwards told us,  "Elders,  I got something to tell you"  and we were like alright what is it?  Then he said...."after I was baptized I felt something in my stomach and its hard for me in words to describe it, but it felt so good!  My family and I owe you guys a huge price, because whenever you guys visit you make us feel better then before"  Then he started to cry and hug my was such an emotional day.  I couldn't hold back some of my was such a good day.  It's hard for me in words to describe it but it truly was one of the best days of my life.  It was full of happiness....true happiness.  I hope one day we can all realize how much we mean to some people.  Everyday I realize more and more why I am a missionary...specifically here and this is a prime example of that...and its a memory that I'll never ever forget!!

te amo ustedes
verderera felcidad
westside belizedat

This is the food I eat everyday, it's the best combo meal made in heaven!!

We were taught how to cut up a sugar cane stick, apparently you
bite it and suck the sugar and spit it out...its super good!

My first baptism

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct. 19th - HOLY DICK!!

Alright y'all, whats up? Como Esta?  Well, this week was full of all sorts of stuff. I really don't know what to write because so much crap has gone on, Hahaha!  But this week we were at one of our investigators houses to eat and we ate fried the whole body of the fish was fried!! It was Elder A.'s and my first time eating my companion who knows english but not all...was soo suprised he yells "HOLY DICK" Hahhaha!!  I laughed so hard he had no idea what he said at first until I told him...he started to laugh as well.

But about our baptisms...we had two baptisms set but didnt baptise anyone this week. Because the 16 year old boy told us he didn't want to anymore and I remember me and Elder A. were so sad...we didnt talk for like an hour.  We were just quiet. And the other investigator got sick of Chickgunya (its a sickness when you get misquito bites and your whole body is full of pain its awful) Saturday was just another empty baptismal font. It's the worse feeling ever. It's worse then losing a playoff game in the 10 times worse...its just such an empty feeling. It's sad because you know that they are making the worst decision ever in their lives, but we can't force their will and their decisions... ya know?  I told President Hintze because I didn't know what to do. He said to not give up on them and told me its like a planted the seed....doesn't mean it won't grow later...and I think that's true. I think if we can plant the seed then they can come back later. 
Well, that's all this week.
Felcidad Verdadero
Te amo ustedes mucho amor de Joyas de Ceren

Elder Gee

Just another day in the missionary life!

This is some homemade pizza we made with Elder J....he's good at making food!!

We bought was like $8.  We got jerseys for the zone.
No, that's not my actual bed, there are 4 beds in our house. 
Since we are the only ones living here, we study on this mattress. 
Our place is pretty big but one bathroom and it stinks!!

My fried fish dinner

Monday, October 12, 2015


Alright,  what the heck is up everybody?  Everything good?  You already know it's hotter then nick down here... my clothes are turning the wrong color  and I'm starting to grow hair up my freaking chest!! I have no idea what's going on...Hahaha!!  What the heck...its The GEE curse!!
I finally got my package and it was sooooo good!!  Thanks for filling with candy that you never eat here or find!
My baptisms got pushed back another week which is fine but I'm starting to lose my patience, but President Hintze will be attending the service, so I'm excited for this week...I'm almost positive this time its gonna happen!
But so far I finished my first cambio and to be completely honest it felt like it went so fast, I have no idea where the time went.  This cambio I'm staying with Elder A., my trainer, for another 5 weeks. This transfer is 5 weeks and then after that he goes to Belize.  I have no idea where I'm going after but I'm truly excited to find out.
I love you all and love your emails.   It makes the mission a lot easier for sure to know I can read emails every week.  Because you already know the mission is mentally draining, its a joke...but its so fun.
I gotta go Momma,  I love you tons and pray for me...Te Amo!!
Te Amo Ustedes
Verdadero Felicidad
Mi primero cambio termindo!!

Elder Kyle Chilito Geedaddy

Yes, we are riding in the back of a pickup!!
We are usually walk in the area, but when we are outside we ride buses.

Not sure this is SpongeBob or not?

Conferencia de estaca
This pic was emailed to Momma Gee from Pres. Hintze along with this little note!!

Sister Gee,

Your son is awesome!  Please send me all of your other sons and daughters!

Presidente Kai D Hintz