Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013 - ON THE MOVE...AGAIN!!

I got a ton of crap to tell you... I had special changes and now I am in Estrella with a new companion, Elder C.   I am in a new area, it kind of sucks but I'm getting use to it.   I liked Elder G. but Elder C. is cool too.  He has served 13 months here.  This all happened on your birthday, so I got to celebrate it by packing and moving...it sucked...and by the way I didn't forget your birthday.  I  have no idea why they transferred me.  I think it's because an elder went home and I came here to take his place.   But whatever ... the area is super nice,  and we have a General Authority in our ward.
It's actually not very far from Tlahauc... but I am not in the same zone anymore so I wont get to see Elder W. ... but whatever.  The people here are really cool and I am just trying to get into the flow here.  The missionaries I live with right now are cool.  My companion is Elder C. is from Torreon Mexico and so far we get a long good.   Again, I live with three Latinos,  Hahaha!!  My companion who is from Mexico,  Elder A. (district leader) is from Colombia and Elder G. from Peru.
Elder C. is funny, he almost puked in our food appointment the other day because he hates eating cactus and we ate it... I laughed sooo hard... Hahaha!!  The ward is definitely bigger,  actually way bigger than San Pedro... so the biggest I have served so far.
Actually one cool thing is,  that we baptized a kid named Erick.  So now I have two baptisms.   Hahaha!  It doesn't really count but whatever.  I haven't met everyone but we have a mom and son we are teaching and they have a date for the 30th to be baptized, but other than that we don't really have a whole lot.
The food is the same pretty much in all the areas,  but I really think I am addicted to hot food now I load all of my food with salsa... Hahaha!!
Oh ya,  I forgot to tell you we have to move out and find a house soon cuz I don't think the President wants four of us living together.  I don't know why we all can't live together honestly, but we have to find a place to live ourselves.   Hahaha...that sucks!  The mission home worries about the furniture and all the stuff .  So don't worry, we have members looking and helping us too.
Love you tons Momma,  I will write you next week love you...ADIOS!!!!

Elder C. and I
My new roommates...Elder G., Elder A. and Elder C.
Erick at his baptism
They call hot girls "Pinas" here...at least the missionaries do,
so I got a picture with a "Hot Pina", Hahaha!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This week was sick, we had 4 investigators at church.  Which is the most I have ever had here in the mission, I think... Hahaha!!  And we only have had  2 weeks here in this area.  Honestly,  I can just feel the Lord helping us out a ton.  No joke, me and Elder G. work super hard.   This week was good and also I feel more in the loop with these guys.  I can joke around and talk more with them.  I love Elder G., he is sooo funny I laugh so hard at him...he's a gangster!!  But anyways,  I really am just getting into the groove of things.   I mean its still super hard and the days are tough but I really can understand about 80 percent of everything and its awesome.
Our  investigators  are 2 girls who are like 10 and 9 and they haven't got baptized yet cuz their family is less active, but they are technically investigators right now for us.  And also we have another lady who is less active and her husband.   We taught him and told us he didn't want to read or pray to find out if the church was true or not but ended up going to church the next day it was awesome. We are teaching all of those people a ton and we are still  trying to contact more people.
I get to see Elder W. today.  I  doubt if we will ever be comps again.   But for my last transfer in the mission when I'm tight with the President,  I am gonna ask if I can serve with him for my last transfer or something.   The mission president told us that a general authority is gonna come and talk to us on the 18th...I am stoked!
I needed some new shoes so I bought some new ganster penny loafers.  I think they were like 70 bucks.  Melanie wrote me and sent me some pic of trek...Hahaha!! they are sick
I got to go, I got hunnies to write...... Kyle, stop lying to yourself .. I am the best looking man in the family!!
COME ON HERB NO ONE IS QUITTIN HERE!!!  Alright, love ya, peace out and adios!!

That's my nice bum ..
 This is a members panaderia (bread shop) and we helped him
out for awhile
No joke a guy was walking his bull down the street on a leash ...
Hahaha!! (notice a saddle - only in Mexico) 
Elder G. and I
That's the Tree of Life
(in San Pedro)
LOS GUEROS  (aka the white guys)
The Beatles picture was my idea, I made the
elders take it with me before I peaced out from San Pedro
( I even don't have shoes on like Paul McCartney... Hahahaha!)