Monday, April 8, 2013


General Conference here was g-unit, also I loved the talks and took notes on all of them.  I  liked President Monson's and I really like Elder Holland's on Sunday about faith.  That was probably my favorite.  I got to watch it in English wit a ton of kids from Utah.  Elder R. (from Syracuse), Elder E. (Spanish Fork) and Elder P and Elder G from Orem.  Elder L. watched it in Spanish with all the ward and stake members.  The church was packed.  But yes, this conference was way better than others. On Saturday, some members brought food to the church and yesterday we went and ate at a member's house.  Ita was actually kind of good except arroz con leche aka rice with milk.  Tell Alan, he will think thats hilarious.
Elder L. is way cool and sometimes I don't understand him but he is super funny and he works hard except these last couple days he hasn't much i think he is ready to go home.  He has 7 more weeks left. Hahaha!
We don't cook but I wish sometimes we did. We have a meal with a member everyday . I wish we could eat tacos on the street every day.  Hahaha!  Our laundry is done by a member also, I'm pretty lucky.  Sometimes we eat at a little shack on the street or we buy food.  We have only had to buy food like 3 times.  We usually have to buy bead for the mornings and stuff.  We eat one meal at like 2:30 and that's all.  If I am hungry I usually buy chips or something.  I have some mean diarrhea right now, so far I haven't got that sick.  I am usually always full cuz we eat so much at 2:30 I always want to barf after. Hahaha!  I haven't had a coke sucks!
I have tried mole and it's nasty (It's black stuff with weeds in it).  Tacos here are good, soup is usually good but really spicy and there is no such thing as mild salsa. 
Everyday we wake up at 6:30 and leave the apartment around 10 or eleven.  Then we come home at 9:00 p.m.  I usually go to sleep early cuz I am so tired. 
This week we taught lots of people but no baptisms.  We have one man named H. who wants go get baptized soon, so maybe in a week or two we will have a baptism with him.   I love him a lot.  He went to priesthood session and conference on Sunday and said he received an answer.   We had 3 or 4 investigators come to conference.
Oh! this week we taught these cute little girls they reminded me of Syd so much.  They love One Direction, BTR and Justin Bieber.   They had me translate some of there songs for them.   Hahaha!  It's  so sad that they love these artists but don't know what any of the songs mean.  I felt bad these girls are like 8 and 11.  They are so cute and we taught them to pray.  There dad I think is a member,  I'm not sure.
Some lady we taught thought I was 28 years old.  Hahaha!  And I ran away from a drunk guy 2 days ago cuz he would leave us alone Hahaha!  He was nice though,  he was just walking and saying weird stuff.  He gave us each a 2 minute long hug and then we ran. Hahaha!
I love you,  remember that and don't miss me cuz I am
trying not to miss you in the nicest way possible,  hopefully that doesn't sound mean.
Oh! P.S.  I  had to get a hair cut so I cut my hair with some scissors I stole from the nursery at church.  Like the crayola ones. Hahaha!  And Elder L. gave me a number 2 on the sides Hahaha! it was sooo funny!!

The Great Clips of Mexico City!
Me and Elder L. on p-day

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