Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21 - 3 WEEKS IN ORIENTE...5 baptisms, in by 8:00 and 1 earthquake!

(April 14th)
Good week.  We have like 5 baptism dates and this week we are gonna have a baptism.  This ward is good and everything.  We are gonna go to the new visitors center with the herman this is going to get baptized.  Make sure you pray big time for her...that's about it, honestly!
I am so stoked for Kyle, he is such a stud! I can't believe he went with Hyatt to the dance.  Honestly , he is such a good kid and he looked like a bonedaddy with his new suit...Hahaha!  His hair was sicker than Bruce Wayne!

(April 21st)
Ya, so here is the deal...the earthquake was pretty crazy...Hahaha! Not the strongest one I have felt here though.  We were studying when it happened and it just felt like we are were on a cruise ship again, Hahaha!  Some people were freakin out here and stuff it was ridiculous!
But this week was crazy!  Here is was a holiday and it's called Semana Santa or Holy Week.  In Iztapalapa, they actually do a reenactment of the crucifixion and stuff.  I don't think they cruckify the guy but some one plays Jesus and he has to walk with his cross through the towns and people throw crap at him and stuff.  We actually had to go home early and bin in the house by 8:00 this week because it's super dangerous for the Mormon missionaries, but nothing happened.  In other areas, the elders had to stay in their house for 3 days and couldn't leave.  This week I had to get nasty with some members who were celebrating Christ's death.  I just set them straight with the atonement.  It's pretty sad that Mexico honestly celebrates when Christ was crucified...everyone gets drunk and parties, it's messed up!
We went to the temple this week with out investigators and it was super spiritual.  Some of them cried.  We couldn't do a session here because the temple is closed and won't open for 2 more years.  I think for maintenance or whatever...but who knows.  We are for sure gonna have a baptism this week.
And yes, I got your package, thanks so much.  It was awesome and my comp loved it.  He sent pics to his family and stuff.
Momma, I love you tons and everything is going good, can't wait to Skype again...I am stoked!!
I love you tons...Adios!!
The district

Our trip to the temple
The water we use to wash our clothes,
Hahaha...It looks like straight pee!!

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