Monday, September 12, 2016

Sept. 12th - CHURCH BWAII

Yo fam,

Hey, what's up everybody?  How's life??  The mission life is super dope here in Belize City!  I can't believe we made it through another week. This week seriously felt like 2 days it went by so fast. Also I have some sick pictures from last p-day on San Pedro, so get ready to receive some cool beach pics. But how was your week....good?

So this week, we found out that my companion will be going back to El Salvador tomorrow. And I will be receiving my new comp tomorrow. He will be...........................ELDER BURRELL!! He's from my group and he's from Syracuse, Utah.  Pretty cool I'm pretty stoked to see the things we can accomplish.  But yes, I will be staying a third change in Belize City 3.  I'm super felize. But yeah I will see him tomorrow at the chapel.  FRIED JACKS ON ME... hahaha!

But yeah, this week of working was super cool and a lot better.  We found a cool guy named S.  He was receiving the missionaries earlier and said he read the whole Book of Mormon before as well with the whole Teachings of George Albert Smith book.  That's pretty cool.  We will go visit him sometime this week. He accepted our invitation to be baptized so that's super cool miracle!  But as far as working goes, thats about it, sorry!  I don't have a lot to write. But I do have a funny story to brighten your day....

So we were walking down the street and this guy with a Belikin Beer stopped us and said, "You guys want a beer?"  While he was laughing and we said, "No, were good and started to laugh as well."  He then said,  "Oh, thats right, you are Mormons....Thomas S Monson wouldn't like that right?" Hahaha, just some random drunk guy in the street!  We don't know how he knows about Thomas Monson....probably a member.

Much love everyone and I hope to hear from all of you guys soon.

True Happiness
Pure Joy
Livin it up

Elder Kyle Gee

On our way to San Pedro last week 
Some beach volleyball on!

The McCoy family 

Best zone ever!

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