Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The first half of my MTC stay, Elder W. and I were district leaders. 
"But here is a little background on who's in my district and what not. One - you got W. and me (honestly the sickest kids in the whole zone aka the MTC).  Then you have a threesome because another elder left, but in it is Elder S., he is from Bountiful and knows Mitch (cousin) pretty well I guess. Then there is Elder E., and he is from Missouri, he way nice and way funny, then you have Elder W.,  he is from Scottsdale, Arizona aka "Yo that's a hardcore hood" (from R.V. Movie - Kyle will get it! Hahaha!) Then the sisters, S., R., M., M., B., and B.  All the sisters are super funny and crazy.  They make study time fun and not so boring all the time. 
If you are wondering, we study like 5 hours a day and we are in the classroom for like 7 or 8 hours. No joke.  A teacher comes in everyday to teach us Espanola but other than that it's personal time to study or learn Spanish."




Hello aka Hola Familia!
Sorry I haven't got to write you all, I don't really ever have time to do stuff for myself out here.  But I have officially been her for like a month which seems like a year.  Hahaha!  But it also seems like a week.  So here is the low down with my life right now...
My favorite game is 4 square.  Me and W. own it.  It's not even funny.  We literally never get out and everyone hates on us cuz we are going up on people.  Hahaha!  We got mad haters in 4 square. 
So anyways the Hermanas got their travel plans because they are all going to Bama so they don't need visas.  As for the Elders, no one had got theirs yet, but hopefully we get to go to the Consolate (in Salt Lake) and once we do it means they are close to getting our visas.  So most likely hat I think is going to happen is we stay an extra week in the MTC or something, but I don't know really what's gong to happen. 
Everyday I get super confused with Espanol, like seriously it is so hard to understand sometimes.  But I am getting to the point were I can pick stuff out in the scriptures.  It's Saturday right no and I am going to try to put this in the mail so you can get this on Monday or something.  But I have learned how everything goes own here in the MTC now, except now I am kind getting sick of it.  I just want to peace out of here. 
Oh so I got a root canal.  It hurt pretty bad except it was one of the best days here because we got to leave the walls and be free.  The dentist I went to first was a branch President for the Brazil Missionaries.  He was way cool and then the other doctor got everything taken care of.  They gave me some Lora tab and that was awesome.  I was feelin real happy that day!!  But I got sick the second day from Ibuprofen they gave me so I don't take anything anymore.  
Tomorrow is Sunday and they are my 2nd favorite days here besides p-day.  We have church and study, the we get to watch Joseph Smith movie and other things plus a devotional.  We always chill with Elder Taylor and some of the hoodrats that Elder W. knows cuz of BYU, so its perfect.  We just sneak in some candy, coke and watch movies.  It's like a movie theatre.  
We just got a new district and for the first 2 days all the boys thought I was deaf.  Hahaha!  I was making up these sign language things and W. was my interpreter.  Hahaha!  They totally thought I was deaf and then I told I can talk and I from Utah, not Australia. 
Also, my missionary goggles get worse and worse everyday, but for real there are some chicks in my zone that want me.  I will have to get their digits when I get home and can hit them up! 
Tell Al and Suzy thanks for the package it was perfect.  I loved it!  Also, tell the Grahams sorry for not writing them.  They are next on my list to write.

Elder W. waiting in the dentist's office for me
Waiting for the dentist to call me back!
Right before my emergency root canal.

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