Friday, June 7, 2013


It took us like two hours with bus and the tram aka micro and metro to get to the temple ... holy crap, it was crazy.  It honestly reminds me of the New York city subway and stuff but honestly MORE people and its way sweatier and stinkier!!
OK Momma, here is the dealio this week... so last week I forgot to tell you we did service twice last week for two less active families.   It was pretty ballin to get out of these church clothes and do some stuff outside.  First we painted this guys roof, kind of sucked but I had fun.  Then we helped this other guy move everything out of his office.  That was hard but we got to drive around the city a ton and move stuff back and forth.   It was fun.  Then last week at the end we found this new guy named, D.,  he is a soldier in the army and is super interested so we gave him a BOM.   But he wasn't there when we went back to visit him on Thursday.
OK,  this week has gone by super fast.   Then yesterday we had an evaluation and I got to see Elder M. and B. but not Elder W.,  It was good to seem them but I was chapped I didn't see W.  I wanna see Elder W. big time but I get to see him in like four days so whatever.  
So today we went to the temple and it was super weird  doing a session in Spanish Hahaha!  But it was way cool.  The Mexico City Temple is one of the biggest in the world and I couldn't believe how big it was has escalators and stuff.  Hahaha!   Then after we stopped at Estadio Azteca aka the stadium for Club America Soccer.   It was sick.   I took some pics and I bought a dooooooopppeeeee jersey at the flee market outside the stadium.   Now I can rep the Aguilas aka The Eagles on p-day. Then just barely,  we went and watched one of our investigators ref a soccer team play.  Hahaha!  Oh and lately we have been going to this herbalife shack around the corner of our house,  this lady we have been teaching makes protein shakes all day and sometimes she hooks us up or members take us there and buy us shakes.   Hahaha! this little shack is always bumpin with beandaddys and we always talk to people there and contact people - its pretty sick!  
My Spanish honestly feels like it gets worse every day instead of better but I can understand more and more every week.  I still pause a lot and can't think of words when I'm talking.
But I think that's all I got right now.... oh ya, tell Syd to say what up to Pete the Janitor for me and tell Kyle I will write him a letter in Spanish right now and probably dad too. But I will write you again on Monday when I find out who my nuevo compenero is!!

Mexico City Temple
Outside the temple
Estadio Azteca Stadium
"In this little nasty ravine forest thingy
we have in our area!"

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