Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct. 13th - Pozole for my B.DAY!

Hey Momma, write back quick I got some pics to send to you of the birthday.  It was sick. I haven't gotten your package yet, but I will Wednesday I think.  Me and W. went on intercambios it was sick!
Ok, so this week was super hard at first, like tons of contacting and tons of people just flat out rejecting us.  It sucked and I was getting pretty down. I don't know why, but this area is a little bit harder.  People are like not super open to the gospel, but that's no excuse.  Anyways we were looking for a guy who we contacted and he ended up lying to us and saying he lived in this one house and he doesn't, so I just decided to start knocking on other doors trying to find people.  A lady opened it up and let us in! Hahaha!!  It was sick.  She has a huge family and she is super awesome and open.  We taught her and her 3 daughters and we are going to go with them again this Wednesday.  its gonna be sick.
Then Sunday came around (birthdays suck here) and I just went to church that was probably the best part of my birthday...Hahaha!! Oh ya,  the bishop gave me a book of the teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith,  so that was my birthday present! Elder W. also wrote me a super cool letter honestly he's got to be one of my best friends. His note made me cry and I realized that that was probably the best gift anyone could ever give me.  My birthday was good.  We also ate some pozole with a hermana who knows I how much I love pozole and she bought me a cake. I will send you a pic.
I got to go, I'm sorry.  Me and W. are going home the same day.  He is going back to California and coming back to BYU in the summer.  But I already told him that Me, Hunter and maybe Mark and John are gonna go and stay with him in Cali for a couple of days and go to the beach with him. He doesn't have tons of friends that are in California right now and everyone he knows is in Utah.
I got to go, I am sorry.  I hope I get my package this Wednesday.

Love you, bye!
My birthday dinner...Pozole!
Me, Elder W and our companions

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