Monday, October 6, 2014


Ok, so this week was pretty sweet mainly because of the conference and I got to watch it in the stake presidents office,  on way comfy seats right next to Elder W. and M. so that was sooooo awesome. I wrote down a ton of personal questions and the prophet  and his apostles answered all of them. It was crazy how much revelation I received.  They are all called of God for sure.  We watched all the sessions in the office. 
Don't know what is gonna happen this next transfer.  I kinda wish I could just finish my misison in this area. It's pretty cool and I love the district here.  I think I will stay for a little longer but I am not sure how long. But Elder W. is for sure leaving this transfer.  The changes are in 3 more weeks I think.  My companion Elder M is from Mexico and he's actually a baller.  We get along good and we are working hard together.  I can't complain.
Don't worry, we will party hard on my birthday.  I am actually thinking that we will do interchanges and I will be with W.  this Friday before my birthday.  So we can go eat that would be cool. I will make sure to eat somewhere cool.  Honestly general conference was my birthday present.  Birthdays suck in the mission.  Honestly,  I just think of the family and it ends up being a crappy day.  The mission changes everything around, but next birthday will be sick don't worry.   But I still need a sweater and garments.
I hope Kyle is doing good and paid a lot of attention in conference.  There were tons of good talks I  loved it!  Syd is hilarious and I don't like it that she has a boyfriend, but whatever.
Love you all sooo much.  Thanks for all the things you do for me.  Just know I am in good hands and loving the work.  It's hard when people don't listen but just like one of the apostles said, "If I work hard and help others I can't fail."
Hey Mom... I gotta go.  Just make sure you keep me in your prayers and pray for E. and her husband so they can accept a babtism date and everything.   This week pray for A and A so they can know that our church is true. Tell Kyle he is filthier than ever and that I love Syd soooo much . Just know that I always pray for you guys.

Love you!
Me and Elder W.

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