Monday, January 12, 2015


So Y. passed her baptism interview and she is getting baptized this Saturday.  No better way to end the mission.  She asked me to baptize her.  I am so happy.  We are working super hard and I'm just trying to give it my all this last week. It hasn't really hit me that I'm going home yet. I hope it doesn't cuz then I wont work hard.  I know I still have a week left and I need to do lots still
We have some other investigators and stuff, but they don't want to come to church.  But we are working super hard and just trying to love them. Everything is going super good, lots of work to do.
And yeah, you can get me set up for school if you want in Feb?  Is that kinda soon...naaaa just kidding!  Whatever you think is best.  That would be cool to get me in all the same classes as Hunter, so we can go together.  I couldn't be more happy if I could speak at other wards and help out with the mission prep class.  That would be cool.
When are we going to come back to Mexico?  oh yeah I got my suit done today.... Hahaha! its sick, its shiny Hahaha!!
I got to go Momma, make sure you keep me in your prayers.   Pray big time for Y. so she can get baptized.  I couldn't send any pics but I will have a ton when I get home, don't worry.
I will talk to you again this next Monday for the last time...
Love you tons Momma.
peace out!

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