Sunday, January 18, 2015


This is my last email as a missionary.... I am overwhelmed with emotion right now.  We had Y's baptism and it was the perfect ending to my mission.  Not to mention the interview with Pres. I had yesterday.  Everyone had an interview for like 20 minutes and I was there for an hour just talking and crying with him.  He thanked me for all the hard work I have done and for loving every single one of my difficult comps that he has given me. I cried like a baby.  I'm so grateful for every hard day ,every hard companion that I have had cuz they have taught me so much. I am forever in debt to my Heavenly Father for giving me such a good, but hard mission.  I can't describe with words about the love I have towards the Savior and towards every single person that I have taught. I cant wait to see you all, but it's been super hard for me to hold back the tears everyday.  The church is so true and I know that Jesus is our Savior.
I will see all of you on Wednesday at 4:30. I love you all so much.  Have fun getting ready and I don't care what you make for dinner, I am good with anything.

I got to go Momma,
Love you...BYE!!
See you all soon.

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