Monday, November 9, 2015


What's up y'all?  This week was pretty ballin...we are just teaching the beandaddies how to dougie...Hahaha!!  

But for real,  we had a baptism and it was so ballin.  It was that 16 year old kid that told us no from before.  He told us he would pray about his baptism, so he got an answer and it was yessss!!  So we baptized him yesterday and it was soooo sick. He loves us and I think that made a huge impact on his decision to be baptized which is cool that he looks up to us sooo much.

Well other then that, I have a week left with my trainer which
sucks because he's like my best friend and we work so well together.
But I also know that my next one will teach me something good...and I can learn from him too.

Well other then that not really much really happened. But we are currently trying to teach J's family which is super hard because they are catholic but I believe if we have faith we can help them come to church.

Well, I love y'all and pray for you guys constantly and think about you.

te amo ustedes
un santo es un pecador que sique inteniendo
ferdadero felicidad

The baptism this week.
Eating in J.'s backyard
Getting ready for the holidays.  Elder A's brother gave us Santa hats.
Studying and eating more papusas with Coke!!

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