Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27th - I LOVE BELIZE!!!


Alright, so this email is gonna be super crazy.  I have a lot to talk about in a short amount of time. I'm sure a couple of you know already but  ...I'M IN BELIZE CITY!!  That is my area and Elder J is my companion and he's from Arizona.  We work incredibly hard every day and have a lot of fun and Elder Hallman and Elder Cope are in my house too. ITS SO FUN!  But I'm not gonna lie the first couple of days were pretty hard because we went from teaching in Spanish to teaching in ENGLISH. Apparently my area is 90 percent black people that have creole accents....its super sick.  I love the people here, they are so and Elder J run into so many funny people with funny stories. So many times I'll be teaching in English and the words don't escape my mouth as well as they used to.  I got so used to teaching in Spanish. But its super fun...and a couple days later I got more and more used to it. 

But I had to say goodbye to a lot of cool people that I met in Puerto. Puerto was definitely one of my favorite areas so far....I remember saying goodbyes to some of my converts and members and they all cried...and I'm not gonna lie I  shed a lot of tears too! I especially remember saying goodbye to E...and he just said that, "I know its not goodbye and I know I'm gonna see you again Elder Gee . You have changed my life forever and you have blessed my family."  As I walked away from that and got home I walked into the bathroom and wept like a baby.  I can't believe I meant that much to him...and I never imagined it would be so hard.  But I got through it with the excitement of seeing some familiar faces from my group already in Belize. 

I love you guys so much.  The Lord blesses me more and more every change. I'm so glad I'm here preaching the gospel in English, even though sometimes I say it in Spanish words...hahaha!  The atonement is so real....its not just something that our parents and ward leaders say in church because its sounds true.  It is true.  I've see it happen in so many peoples lives....and its happening more and more in my life.  If sometimes we just stop and think about what HE REALLY DID FOR US.  Then we would stop sinning and start doing what he would have us do.  I know we are not perfect...but the church is.  That's why we go every week. There is so many blessings in store for all of us.  I know if I just keep working and having the right attitude then more opportunities and blessings will its just a matter of seeing them and seizing my chances.



My new roomies!

My Room
My kitchen and living room
Doesn't get much better than this!
Elder Cope and I

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