Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th - MERICA!!


What's up y'all... Happy Merica Day!  You all better be at the Kaysville parade throwing water balloons....hahaha, good times!  I can't believe its July already.  The mission is on cruise control, I swear.  But I hope you all enjoy the good weather and cool fireworks. The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. MAKE SOME MEMORIES!

This week was pretty fun. I love the Belizean culture, it grows on me more and more as I'm here. Teaching the gospel here in Belize is so much different than El Salvador....the people here act so different.  IT'S THE WEED MAN, hahaha!!  They seriously smoke so much here. T he missionaries that have experience always may or may not get second hand high when you teach, hahaha...its pretty ghetto.!!  

The people here are so awesome. They are so accepting to basically anything we have to say about the gospel, but having them to commit...well, that's super hard for the culture here.  But me and Elder J managed to get 2 investigators to church.  They are super positive...they really liked church.  There names are R and M.  Its kinda hard with them because they are super busy and we can only visit them ever so often. But good blessings are in store for them. 

Church is super fun here...we attend two branches.  The first one is in English at 8 :00 and the Spanish branch is at 10...its super fun. We get the best of both worlds.  I gave a talk last week about worthiness influences the was in Spanish but I thought I did a pretty good job for only having 2 nights to prepare.  The English branch is about 99% black people and then the 8 elders who are in the city...2 DLS...2 ZLS and then the APS.  We get around average 140 people attending in the English branch. But in the Spanish branch is about 50 more or less.  But its fun to see the progression through the a couple of months they told us that Belize the country will receive its first stake.  THATS HUGE.! The first stake means...stake presidents and future missionaries...Belize membership is a little less than 5 thousand members...super small. But the potential is ever so great. 

Well fam, I love you more than words can describe...this gospel is true.  This work is perfect.  Nothing is more important than preaching the gospel...and I get to do it in both languages.  It's so humbling...I'm so very blessed every where I go...I feel your prayers as that spirit makes witness to me..that I'm here and I'm here for the right reasons.  Thanks for all your prayers, emails, love and support.  It means the absolute world to me...and enjoy your Merica day.!!!!

P.S: We play scum every night...its so fun...I always win.!!!

"Sometimes the Lord brings us low, so he can lift us even higher." Joseph Smith!!!

Livin the dream
White Belizean
Bless Bless
Elder Gee
Hitting the streets with Elder J.!
Writing our emails on at a senior couple's apartment.
It's great because it's air conditioned!!
Playing "SCUM" with the boys!
Here are "fried jacks" that we eat...they are like scones 
filled with chicken, beans, cheese.
Also, fried chicken.  I miss papusas but I like the fried chicken!
Elder Cope and I sporting the Belize flag
Enjoying our new home!

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