Monday, August 29, 2016


Yo Fam,

Hey what's up everybody?  It's a beautiful morning here in Belize City getting on to write my favorite people.  This week was pretty good but also super slow. But we ended doing a lot of cool things this week.

This week me and my companion went to visit a less active member who runs a food truck business here in Belize City.  She was baptized 20 years ago and just loves the missionaries.  She told us that missionaries haven't been able to visit here in a long time.  So she offered to take us out to eat at a restaurant called, "The Milky Way" and it was really nice and the portions were massive.  There's pictures at the was the four elders in my house and the senior couples came as well...and she paid for ALL OF US!!  She was so nice.  She was talking to me about some deep personal how she wanted to go back to church for years but she can't get a couple of things together.  I told her not to worry about it and how we as members constantly make mistakes and we're not perfect...but we need to take the sacrament every week.  That's the only way we can renew our covenants we make with Heavenly Father at baptism.  That lesson really woke her up and she felt really inspired.  She even came to church yesterday and it was district conference, which meansPresident and Sister Adams were there.  It was so cool.  They gave great talks and encouraged the members to make their visit because home teaching here in Belize is 6%...that's awful.
She brought her two daughters and son in law (not a member) and I remember feeling so at peace like I actually accomplished something good this week.  She came up to me after the meeting talking about how great church was.  She expressed to me how much she loved talking to she feels the spirit when she speaks to me.  She told me that she thinks in 20 years I will become a General Authority...and I was just like, "uh...maybe Sister, you never know!  Thanks for the compliment."  This sister means a lot and she's got a real sweet heart.  I lover her to death and constantly make weekly visits with her.  And she's becoming more and more active in the church.  That was pretty much the highlight of the week.  As far as working goes, we don't have any progressing investigators and the work is super, super hard in our area.
Keep us in your prayers, always remember that you are in all of mine.  I pray for you guys a million times a day!  I think about you guys all the time!!

Loving Life


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