Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th - try a REAL taco!!


Wasssup Momma ?? How is Mexico ??
Ok, so this week was kinda crappy.  We have like 6 investigators and only one of them came to church this week.   And the kid who we were gonna baptize this week can't be baptized anymore because he has bad grades and his dad won't let him if he doesn't try hard in school.   So that sucks!
Holy crap those pics of you in Mexico are so weird... its crazy to think that you are all here.   By the way that church is the nicest church I have ever seen...hahaha!!  I am glad you found the missionaries and are eating with them.   Have them take you to eat a real taco and ask them were you can eat tamales or tortas de tamal.   Make sure you find some tortas de tamal but the green tamales cuz those are the best ... its a sandwich with a tamale in it.  I eat one every morning. Or maybe they don't have them there.
We found out that Elder Oaks is coming to Mexico in a couple of weeks and gonna talk to us!! I am soo stoked!!   What's even cooler is that the zone leaders called me and asked if me and Elder M. would sing in the choir ...hahaha!!  So we are gonna tear it up ... you know dat!!
Tell the Grange's that I read there emails and loved them but I won't have time to write them back. So what's going on?  What are you gonna do in Mexico besides swim??   Make sure Kyle takes a good deep breath cuz this is his life in 2 years... Hahaha!!  Mexico is so gangster!  Make sure you eat tacos al pastor or carnitas those are like the best tacos in all of Mexico.  Take a good look at Mexico cuz that's what I have lived in for a year.  I hope you actuall see some ugly parts and not just Puerto Vallarta so you can see what i go through everyday.
Say "buenas tardes" to everyone and have Darin teach you guys the basics in Spanish and Kyle better say hello to everyone!! Love you all tons and take tons of pics this week.
Adios les amo mucho !! hasta luego!!

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