Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm glad to hear Mexico was awesome...hahaha!!   I  loved the pics you sent.
Here is what happened this week ... honesty nothing... hahaha!!  But we are having trouble with investigators.   Most of them don't want to do anything and just like us to come by... it kinda sucks not gonna lie!
We had a zone conference and I learned a ton, like for real the Pres is a great speaker and he is a baller (even though I can't drink coke).  This whole week Elder M. and I we out tracting and have been trying to talk with everybody.   I ended up finding a family that accepted a visit and we are gonna go teach them this Wednesday or Thursday,  so that will be cool.   Also,  we were walking one day and some lady started screaming our names and ran after us...Hahaha!!  She told us that she has listened to the missionaries before and her husband died recently so she is sad and wants to start hearing the lessons again.  That should be cool, I hope we can put a baptism date with them this week.   They are a family of straight girls like 4 of them.
But that's about it.  Only had 1 investigator at church again I don't know why they don't want to go to church with us it sucks.... but its all right.   Every mountain the Lord gives us we just got to climb and after we are always stronger.   I heard something I really like this week, the strongest trees are the ones who have been through lots of storms and haven't broken down, its the same with us if we can endure we will always be stronger.

Adios talk to you later!

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