Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6th - Let's talk POOP!

Ok,  so this week was pretty ballin!   We had a baptism which was sooo cool and the lady we baptized (Hermana S.)  was sooo ready.  It was awesome.  I baptized her and and Elder M. confirmed her. 
Also this week we had changes and Elder M. and I are staying here in Acoxpan.  I am stoked - this area is awesome.   We just need to work a little harder with the investigators that we have.   Right now we have been doing a lot better with our lessons and getting a lot of members to come and teach with us.  Also, the ward is helping us out more and more.  Elder M. is a champ, for real...he is gonna be a great missionary.
This week while we were walking in the street a bird crapped in my hair and it was nasty!!   But what's even more nastier is that I just left it in their all day cuz I didn't want to go home... hahaha!! Also, Elder M. got sick and so we have been eating chicken soup for every meal... I don't mind... I actually kind of like it.
The other day we were quoting Nacho Libre and we said the classic, "I have had diarrhea since Easters!"   But then I thought after and I was like wait... I really have had diarrhea since last Easter!!
It was kinda funny,  but for real I am always sick and haven't pooped normal for a while... hahaha! But that's about it for this week, everyday I just try to make myself better and better so we can have more and more success.  I love the mission and I love being a missionary.   It's hard but I finally can speak Spanish and I feel real good... YEAHBUDDY!!

P.S. that's gay the Packers lost ... I wore my Green Bay shirt to bed everyday this week for good luck.

I have to go Mom, I love you tons...Elder W. just called and told me he is in the area... I am gonna go see him...love you bye!!

Our zone picture with the President Valadez and his wife.
Our zone and the zone Churubusco at our Christmas Conference
Christmas with Elder M. and Hermana T.
Hermama S.'s baptism day

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