Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 16th - YEAH!! I AM STAYIN WITH ELDER M.

The good news is that Elder M. and I  are staying here for transfers and we are both gonna train new guys... I think they are both Mexicans... Hahaha! It's crazy!!  This all happens Tuesday aka tomorrow. All 4 of us are going to stay in the same house still.  It's gonna be crazy cuz our house is sooooo small.  I don't know how we are gonna do it,  but I really do love Elder M. and he is probably  a close tie with Elder W... like for real I love them so much.
Mom, thanks a ton for the Valentine package.
We found a new lady this week in the street and she ended up coming to church with us.   It was awesome except she won't except a visit from us... I don't know why.  I think she is embarrassed of her house or something.  But honestly I am just super nervous because we hardly have anyone who wants to do anything and now we have 4 missionaries in the same ward.   I don't know what I am gonna do. Just keep us in your prayers cuz we need a miracle to start getting more people who want to progress. I feel bad just trying to find people and no one want to commit. That's honestly what has happened. We have had super bad luck with references cuz all of them are out of the area or like a street out of the area so we cant teach them.  We have worked so hard lately and I hope eventually it pays off.  If this is a mountain ... it's the biggest and steepest I have had in the mission.  But its ok we just have to keep pushing forward.  That's really about it.  We only found one new investigator this week and we worked super hard.  But I am not worried I trust in the Lord .
Love you all so much and thanks for all the support that you always give me.   Thanks Dad for the comments,  they always help and motivate me to be better.  I will work super hard like always and we will see what happens this week.  Love you all tons and know that your always in my prayers.

Adios aka hasta luego!

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