Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th - 4 ELDERS IN AN APARTMENT!

Glad to hear all is good in K-Town. So here is the deal the new companions.  They are sick... so far anyways. Hahaha!!  My new comp is from Monterrey Mexico and is Elder C.  Elder M.'s new comp is Elder R. from Honduras. We are all living together and its going good,  it's a lot harder because we have had to split everything in the area like investigators etc.  But whatever,  we had like 5 investigators in church altogether and it was awesome!  We are just working hard to find new investigators.  Our goal is to put dates with them and hope we will have at least three by the end of the week. Elder M. is ballin. I really think this change is gonna be good and I m hoping we will baptize someone. That's about it...we are just trying to work really hard and I am just trying to learn more Spanish.
I have taken money out of the account because we had to take some taxis and stuff for the new guys to get their bags.   Don't worry I should be good but also I took money out because a family in the ward makes suits and they have their own machines and stuff in their house.   My suit is super nasty now and the color is fading because of the sun.  But they are making me a custom suit for like 80 bucks aka like 95 pesos but its gonna be sick!  Blue and custom fit ...BALLIN!!   Elder M. is getting the same one. 
I got to go mom.   I love you all tons and make sure you keep me in your prayers!

All the missionaries from Mexico City South. 
This was taken when Elder Oaks came and spoke to us.

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