Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2nd - with a little lime & hot sauce it tastes like WINGERS!

This week was actually a lot better,  me and my comp started to contact more and more out here and we are starting to find more peeps!  One day when we were contacting old investigators in the area book we found the dad of one of our investigators.   I was like,  can we teach you right now and he said, ya, so we walked to his house with him and ended up teaching him and his family.  We put 2 baptism dates with his daughter J. and her mom and they came to church... it was sick!  We had 3 investigators in church yesterday which is awesome.  Lots better than before. But that's whats good in the hood... just working to find more people.
Are Beyer's stoked for Brock to get home??  It's crazy to think Brock is coming home from his mission.  I know I will show him up with Spanish cuz he speaks French Spanish...hahaha!!
Everything is good with the fam?
Love you tons...peace aka ADIOS!!

Q:  Tell me how all four of you elders are doing in your small apartment?
A:  We are doing good ... no fights yet and I get along with all of them.   They are all ballers!

That's just chicken feet we ate for the other day...
it's gross but with a little lime and hot sauce
 it tastes like wings at Wingers!
The Family.
My 2 sons and grandson...hahaha!!
(Elder C. and Elder M. in the back
Me and Elder R. in front)

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