Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hey Momma,  write back soon I don't have tons of time today.  But the news is that we don't have changes.  I am staying here again with my comp (Elder R.) for another change. I am actually pretty stoked and stuff because we could have a ton of baptisms this change.  I  loved the pics,  but holy crap I don't recognize anyone but Mason M. at Bear Lake, he is huge too.   Do we have new priests in the ward?
Make sure you keep me and my investigators in your prayers,  but mainly S, L and G. And pray so we can find new ones, love you soo much and just know that I am good and having a great time.  Its so hard at times but when we help someone to change,  there is nothing that makes me more happy. I got to go right now.  Thanks for the quote.  I am actually glad I am gonna be staying here.   There is tons of work here to do and I think the Lord wants me here cuz he knows that there are people here that need me.  Make sure to tell Kyle to write me back. 
I love you so much and make sure to read and pray everyday without fail.  That's the only way we can have the spirit with us.   

Love you tons Mom and thanks for sending me another package.   Tell everyone what's up for me and love you all so much....adios!!

All the leaders in the zone of Iztapalapa

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