Monday, August 25, 2014


Holy crap Momma... hurry and write back soon so much crap has happened this week!!  First off, we had special changes. I don't know why but I guess there was some disobedience in a zone so they put me here in a new district. I was ticked at first, I hate special changes they suck.  So they introduce me to my knew comps, yeah, comps!! I'm in a trio...hahaha!  It's ballin!  Both of my comps are ballers and they are hilarious.   We also have 4 sisters in the district and last but not least............................ don't freak out...........................       FETCHIN ELDER W. .............HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  W. is in the district and that's not all, he's in my same ward and that means we eat together almost everyday, go to church together and see each other almost everyday...Hahaha!! It's fetchin sick!! I will send you some pics that we took.  This week I'm gonna do intercambios with him its gonna be awesome.  We also are gonna have a baptism this Saturday and Sunday so Ican't complain.
Elder W.  doesn't live far, maybe like five minutes.  Elder G and Elder M are my new comps and they are awesome they make me laugh hard.  Elder R is still in Oriente.
My new ward is sick, the nicest church I have seen in Mexico so far,  it's super pretty.  The ward is awesome and we are working hard.  We found 6 new investigators, which is awesome and put tons of babtism dates.  They didnt go to church, but it's alright.   We will just teach them good this week so they go next week. But seriously,  being in the same ward as Elder W. is so awesome,  I feel like I'm with my brother all the time now.  My comps are awesome and one of them is from Guatemala.  Tell Grandpa he is from Huehuetenango,  I don't know if he knows where that is.
But yeah everything is good.  Just trying to work harder and harder everyday.  It's hard to push myself but I never get better if I don't.  I love you all so much.  I think from now on I'm just gonna write you like this because you can never trust the internet here in Mexico cuz its so slow.  It's just better if I write you a long letter like this one. 
The work is good but we are always trying to get more.  My area is still ghetto about the same as the last one, but I don't care,  I like the ugly areas cuz the people listen to you and its easier to find poeple to teach.  Everything is good in the ghetto!
But Mom,  I just want to let you know that I love you tons and make sure you keep me in your prayers.  I'm now in charge of 9 missionarys and 4 of them are girls...hahaha!!  It's gonna be a little more tough.  Love you so much Mom, make sure you tell the fam that I love them tons.  Pray for me so I can have the strength to be a good example and find more people to teach.

Love you tons mom
peace out aka adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't gotten your package yet, but I will ask the zone leaders to get it for me.  Elder M is my zone leader so he will hook me up.

Elder W and I with ducks that we found
Yes, this is a tarantula!!

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