Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hey Momma, its funny when you tell me that nothing goes on and then you send me a letter longer than you have ever sent me.  Wow, Kyle looks ballin.  Man, when you send me pics of lax,  I miss it so bad. Like I always think about playing when I get back.  Tell me what you think.  Moody, KG, Wiggins and T-Sess in the basement is a classic.  I wish I could hangout with them again just to see whats going on.  The whole coke thing with the name on the front is sick and its huge here too in Mexico...except they are all Mexican names like Juan or Pedro, hahaha!!
This week went good we have been working hard with the people.  We are teaching and stuff and just trying to get S. baptized and stuff.   But we don't have much support from the ward.  I wanted to tell everyone what was good in ward counsel but I thought that wouldn't be Christ-like so I didn't.  We had the bishop with us in the lesson yesterday and we talked about how she can be baptized.  We talked about her boyfriend moving out or her and him getting married.  They told us they are gonna live seperate, but we will see if they really do what they say.  We are just trying to find more people to teach now days.  It's kinda hard but we will keep working hard and being obedient so we can see miracles.  Transfers are in a week and I think I am peacin out but we will see .
Yeah...I read about Syd's letter to Troy....Hahahaha!!! Oh my gosh,  Syd is so funny!!  Classic! Everyone knows who Sydnee Gee is...I am dead serious!
One thing that everyone needs is more patience.   It's a blessing to have Syd in our lives cuz she has all helped us with that.  I love you tons Mom make sure to send me a package with some stuff aka ties, candy and my shampoo, cuz I pull tons of hair out everyday...not kidding.   Like I shouldnt worry about it but,  I do a ton.
Make sure you keep me in my prayers and so whatever happens in this next change is whats meant to be.  I got to go make some purchases at Wal-Mart  like Nutella, bread and maybe some root beer.

Love you tons,  I got to go.   Make sure Kyle writes me a letter cuz he never writes me anything.

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