Monday, September 29, 2014


Hey Mom, so here is the deal.  This week was pretty sweet like always, we walked a ton that's for sure.... we found some more people but no one came to church.  That just means we have to teach them better.  Me and my companion are doing good, working hard and just being patient.  We went on intercambios with Elder W. and it was ballin...Hahaha!!  We did service and cut down a tree with a machete.  It was sick,  sorry I don't have any pics.  But we took some pretty funny ones I will send them to you later.
I am super stoked for general conference,  holy crap its the best day of the year for a missionary cuz we just relax and watch all the conferences with all the homies in the church aka all the English missionaries.  Me and Elder W. already have plans to bring a butt load of candy. Ii got your package and it was awesome, thanks so much for all the candy. I am stoked I gave a ton to all the comps.
Hey I need more synthroid like asap.  I don't have that much left but if you can't send me some I know how to buy it here.
Mom, I love you so much. I don't have that much to say...sorry this week was just like all the others. I love you soooooo much and thanks for all that you do for me.  Kyle looks like a baller and tell Syd that I love her tons.  I am loving the work and I shouldn't be in any other lugar aka place... this is were the Lord wants me.

Love you bye!!

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