Wednesday, July 15, 2015


There wasn't much time to waste.  Kyle finished his lacrosse season(Varsity All-Conference), prom, graduation from seminary and Davis High.  He went on a senior trip to Newport Beach and then had one month left to get ready. 
He went thru the Bountiful Temple on July 1st.  Grandma Gee, Grandpa Don, the Fower's and the Mike and Alan's family came.  Grandpa J., Mel, Grahams, Baskin's, McCleary's and Tyson Denney
came as well.
Two weeks before he left, we met up with some boys and their parents who were leaving and serving in the same mission.  We met at City Creek at the Blue Lemon.  It was so comforting to met these boys and parents.  They immediately bonded and even attended a temple session the next day.

Hallman, Cope, Freeman, KYLE, Eggers and Rigby


Next on the list...the Farewell.  Sacrament Meeting was packed and I got the opportunity to speak with my close friend Carter (who was leaving for Cape Verde Mission).  The best part of the meeting was our youth speaker, Sydnee.  She shared her testimony about Alma the younger and missionary work.  She brought the spirit into the meeting.  When Kyle got up to speak, he shared his feelings about his little sister and that she gave the best hugs.  Immediately, Syd stood up and walked to the podium (while Kyle was still speaking) and gave him the biggest hug!  It was a great moment.
Apparently, Mom was too busy decorating, cooking, cleaning, eating and socializing to take any pics! It was a great day in the backyard with sandwiches, fruit, the ice cream maker & slushie maker and tons of desserts

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