Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28th - FIRST P-DAY!!

Hey Momma,

I made it to Sunday and the mission here is freaking awesome. We waited in the LA airport for like 4 hours on layover, but that wasn't too bad because I love all the elders in my district.  Elder Hallman is my companion and I have two other companions in my room. One is Elder G. from Utah and the other one is Elder G. from Idaho. 
I'm not gonna lie that first morning waking up and going to class was the hardest 2 days of my life. I would constantly say I was going to the bathroom so I would go in and cry. But after those days I prayed so hard that it would get easier  and it sure has. I love it here! The time flies by. I can't believe I have been out a week,  Hahaha!!
Elder Eggers and Elder Freeman are in a different district and I see them at lunch everyday and its soooo fun. I  befriended a Latino kid named Elder P. he's freaking awesome and funny.  He has helped me a ton picking up the language. I'm so grateful for him because he tells all the other elders and the president that I'm his best friend, Hahaha! He's going to San Salvador Santa Ana, which is super close to my mission.
My MTC president is the coolest man ever. After he spoke the first time in orientation, we all felt like we could preach to everyone and anyone!  He tells me everyday that when I struggle with the language it will come. My teacher Elder G., talked to the missionaries the first day and he said something that I will never forget.  He said the Lord already has crappy missionaries and he doesn't need anymore. I decided right then and there what kinda missionary I wanted to be. I want to work super hard and work on my Spanish. I am not gonna lie, I am not that good at Spanish, Hahaha! There are some days were I wish I could pull my hair out... Oh wait!....I don't have hair because they made me buzz it the first day, Hahaha!! I've never had my hair this short since elementary school!
Funny story...last night I was in a push up competition with one of the natives who speaks pretty good english. He saw that I had pop tarts and he told me, "If I beat you I can have your poptarts, but if you win you can have my best looking tie!" So, I beat him, Hahaha! He was so discouraged I gave him little bit anyway!!
P-day is like Christmas here! We get to write to our families and play sports like 4 hours. But no weight room, me and Elder Rigby were depressed! The food here is pretty good (obviously not better than Momma's!) but some meals are okay and some are really good that you want seconds...but they won't let you. When we play sports, the President will play with us.  He's 62 and he knows how to play! 
I gave that package to Elder F. (for Aunt Kristen) and it just happens that he's the zone leader here.  A lot of people don't know why because he's  not the most obedient kid, Hahaha!  He is funny and we are homies!  He knows all the Davis kids and tell me how much he hates Bountiful kids, but he LOVES Ben!
We went to the Guatemala Temple this morning and it was the coolest.  Its not very big but the spirit sure is.  I love all of you and I don't want you guys to worry about me too much because I know with all my heart that if I trust in the Lord he will bless me EVERYTIME.

I love all of you and if you could sent me pictures that would be awesome too.

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