Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug 18th - DO YOU LOVE GOD?

Que pasa familia?  Well this week has absolutely flown by.  It's absolutely crazy how fast it goes when you have a ballin comp like I do, as well as fresh to death district!  Its going by way fast I cant believe I've been out a whole month.

This week was a huge gut check because the pace of the language went up as well as the intensity. I remember we had a fake investigator and he wouldn't except the church at all  and wouldn't believe in God.  He was giving my comp a hard time when we were trying to teach. I interrupted him and tried to defend my comp saying in spanish....do you love God?  And he said yeah and continued to bible bash the church...and then I replied back...then why cant I feel that love in you?  He stood there for like 10 minutes and then Elder Hallman and I began to teach more.  After the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he accepted it.  I know it was just practice teaching but it felt so real when I spoke those words...I didn't even know if it really made sense but my teacher who was the fake investigator said that it was really powerful Elder Gee.  You have a great gift of bringing the spirit.  It felt so cool...cooler then scoring the game winning goal in lax hahaha!!  I know it doesn't make sense at first but I feel so close to God and I can accomplish all things as he continues to strengthen me. When I am getting frustrated with others I just remember to myself...that every soul is great in the eyes of God and we should love them as God sees them and find the saviors lost sheep.

Thanks to all the emails of encouragement it means the absolute world to me...when I am teaching with the holy spirit or having a tough time which is like everyday, I can feel your prayers.  It's so powerful it makes me shake, Hahaha! 

I love every single one of you and know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and he indeed lives and help us out of our burdens if we are worthy.  Be patient and always strive to do what's right.

I love you so much,

Elder Gee aka El Guapo!

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