Tuesday, August 11, 2015


This second week has flown by super fast! They have us teach in Spanish a lot and it's way hard the first couple of times, but it gets way easier the more times you do it.  I am starting to pick it up a little bit! I am not fluent but I understand roughly 60% if what's being said.  And today during Fast Sunday, I passed the sacrament and bore testimony in Spanish.  It was super cool because the President said to me afterwards, "We could all feel that one Elder Gee, goo job!"  IDK why, but the spirit is Spanish is stronger, it just feels like it!

I've made a lot of cool kids here, they all will be great missionaries.  We have a strong district with a bunch of cool kids.  I also got a PSG jersey from a little shop in the MTC, I know Josh will really appreciate this because its all white with a Nike sign for $15.

Where the MTC is located is pretty funny!  To your left you got the temple and on the right you have a Corona Bar that plays music all day and all night, Hahaha!  And they only play American songs like, the new hits! We try and sleep but we can hear the drunk people sometimes, Hahaha!

Also, there was a bad case of food poisoning her in the MTC.  It was so bad that kids during lessons have to crap and throw up the same time!!  We call that the "double dragon", I didn't get sick luckily.  I think it was from the chicken noodle soup.

I hope everything is going good, I pray everyday for my family.  And I thank the Lord everyday for my mission so far.  It's been awesome.

Yours truly,
Elder Kyle "El Guapo" Gee

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