Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Hola familia! Como estan?  It's never a bad week up here in the CCM it's so much fun!  So today is our p-day and we were supposed to see Elder Russell M Nelson speak in a devotional.  But we couldnt because apparently there are riots in Guatemala because the president of the country is super bad at running the government.  They are rioting because they want him to step down.  In the night a teacher who leaves in the city said he heard gun shots shooting and everyone wants the president's head.  Pretty crazy stuff...so, Elder Nelson couldn't come down because it wasn't safe.

This is my last p-day in the CCM and I'm super pumped to get the heck outa here!!  I just want to be out in El Salvador with my papusas everyday,  Hahaha!!  But for the most part this week hasn´t been too exciting, just study and teach in spanish all day...everyday.  It's so fun tho because I love my comp and my district.  Long Live Distrito Pedro!!!
But last sunday we met another guy in the area presidency in Guatemala and he is awesome.  He told us about how you should set your goals to thousands of baptisms because if you have enough faith...God will provide the people who are ready to recieve it...you just have to open your mouth. 

I love you guys so much and I want you guys to know that I feel your prayers all the time.  When I'm struggling with spanish...teaching...and just trying to have a good attitude the spirit is always there for me.
yo se que el evangelio de jesucristo es verdadero. yo se que jesucristo es mi redentor y vive. estoy agradicido por mi compenero todos los dias tambien mi distrito. mas importantmente yo se que mi familia es el meyor y son eternos!!!!

Muchas Amor,
Elder Gee

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