Monday, October 17, 2016

Oct 7th - $2 LESSON

Yo fam,

What's up everybody? Thanks Momma for the package that you sent me...I got some nice pictures to send you with all the decorations, hahaha my companions loved them!  We especially loved the make up kit...we are going to do it on the last day of the change which is next Monday...holy crap, time flies by so fast.!! I hope to speak to all of you guys really soon.

This week with my companion was pretty good.!! We started off with family home evening with the less active family that owns the food truck.  The mom is active but the daughters aren't, so we taught about "The Love Of God".  I taught the lesson with a 2 dollar bill...I asked if they all wanted it. They said, "yes!!"  I started to crumple it and step on it with my shoes and asked again, "You guys still want it?"  They said, "yes!!"  I asked, "Why?" and they responded, "Because it's still worth money." Thats right!  We are like this 2 dollar bill...we get stepped on...torn apart...even faded away; but no matter what our Father in Heaven still loves us and accepts us.  It was a cool lesson and they all shared their thoughts and feelings about the topic.  It was spiritual. 

We taught G. yesterday, we taught that Baptism and holding the Priesthood will make him a better parent and gain a closer relationship to his kids...he loved it!  We testified that one day he could hold it and bless the lives of his own family.  I bore my testimony that I am eternally grateful for the blessing my own father has shown me of the importance of holding that priesthood and blessing me and lifting me when I mostly needed it.  Elder Burrell bore his testimony as well...the spirit was so thick it brought me to a couple of tears!  G. told us "I love how you guys are so much younger than me and you are talking to me as though you are my own dad."  We told him, "Its the Spirit what you are feeling."  He accepted a baptismal date for the 5 of November with his wife....potential there!!!!!

I love you guys and don't forget to pray daily!!!!


My new BOM socks!

I love my package and picture Abby made.

My Halloween decor!

Here are some pics of Elder Burrell and I cleaning the food truck

Thanks for the mustache, Momma!

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