Monday, December 19, 2016


Broddas and Sistas,

This week was super dope! Because ya on a Island!!!! Right now the weather is perfect with the temperature in the mid 80s and a slight breeze....perfect.!!! So if any of you guys send me pics of you playing in the snow, I'm not going to feel so bad hahaha. But for real this week was balling...I have a ton to write about. 
Firstly, we had a Multizone with President and all the zones in Belize, so that means it was another chance to see all the homies. I have some pics. The Multizone was very spiritual because Pres. is a spiritual giant. He knows how to invite to spirit so well. He talked a lot about "Obedience", and how it is important to always be worthy in situations where our Priesthood Power needs us to act. That applies to me a lot. We need to always be worthy because we just never know. After the meeting we had to stay over the night with the AP's and the zone leaders....SLEEP OVER!! It was super fun because it was Me, Garfield, and Rigby catching up on old times. 
The next day we had a zone conference and President was there with us and we spoke about what we can do better and some things we can change....he said, " We are doing good, but we can't do the same things we have already done...because every moment is different."  We talked about some small things that can improve on and after the meeting he bought us all pizza and coke!!!  Yeah, BEHBAY...NUTTIN BETTA!  We all had like 5 slices...I'm getting fat! 
Afterwords me and Elder Garfield went on interchanges to the island to do the Baptismal interview with R. and M...and they passed.!!! They are so excited to get baptized on the 22nd of Dec.,this Thursday. SO EXCITED. Its about time this couple got baptized hahaha...we are so excited for them. 
But interchanges with Garfield was a blast...we caught up on old times about the MTC...and our first zone together in training, ahh good times! He is my zone leader and its a fun to joke with him on the phone when we put in numbers. We sometimes try to speak in Kriol and its hilarious. 
Also Sunday was cool, we had some tourist from Idaho and Nevada, not from Utah...thats a first, hahaha! They were cool. I think Momma got the email because he sent from his phone a pic of us in front of the church. Idk. He didn't invite us to lunch or dinner so I was bummed, jk!! But other than that, that was my week pretty ballin eh?

Love you and can't wait to talk to ya on Christmas day!!!!


Elder Gee

Multizone Conference

Branch Christmas Party

Elder Roda as SANTA

I cooked the turkey and mashed potatoes. I peeled like 1,000,000 potatoes!!

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